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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Email & Address Information

Please scroll down for answers to the questions, if the below links do not work with your browser. There is also a site map where you may find more information.

The Fellowship of Isis:
What is the Fellowship of Isis?

Castle - Visits to Ireland:
How can I attend the seasonal festivals at Clonegal Castle?
Are there tours given at Clonegal Castle?

Are the materials in the Fellowship of Isis copyrighted?

How can I join the Fellowship of Isis?
What can I do once I am a member?
How do I update my membership information?
How do I resign from the FOI?

Personal Information:
Removing Personal Information

How can I list my FOI center on your site?
Can you recommend courses/centers in my area?
What if there aren't any centers where I live - are there home-study schools?
Where can I found out about Priesthood training?
Can I be a solitary member in the FOI?

Where and how are FOI centers/titles registered?

Research Questions:
Can you help me with my school paper, trivia game, etc.?

Complaints & Concerns:
Where do I issue a complaint?

Other inquiries

What is the FOI?

The FOI is a multi-faithed, multi-cultural, multi-religious fellowship that peacefully honors the Goddess in all her forms. You may read more about it here:

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Castle Seasonal Festivals

Members who wish to visit the Castle are asked to do so during one of the eight seasonal festivals. Written invitations are required and these are not advertised online. Please see this page for details: Clonegal Castle Festivals

Visits to Huntington Castle for Guided Tours of the Castle and Grounds, and non-FOI events such as concerts etc., should be addressed to http://www.huntingtoncastle.com. The Castle is not open to the public except for advertised events.

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Copyright Questions

The Fellowship of Isis and its Manifesto are internationally copyrighted 1976-2016 by the Durdin-Robertson family. The name of the Fellowship of Isis, as well as the Aset Shemsu hieroglyphics are unregistered international service/trademarks, owned by the Durdin-Robertson family.

Please know that the full contents of this website are not considered public domain and are not to be duplicated/resold without written permission. All text, artwork, photos, sound recordings (mp3 files), and graphics are internationally copyright protected. Some text and artwork are from private correspondence with Olivia Robertson and are also copyright reserved.

FOI members may print individual rites solely for their personal and group ritual use. Publishing the work of Olivia or Lawrence Durdin-Robertson online or in printed form in any other manner without written permission from the current copyright owners, is prohibited. The Liturgy and other materials on this site carry an ongoing co-copyright with Olivia Robertson's heirs and are not in the public domain. Copyright Page

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How to Join the FOI

Please see this page for information on FOI Enrollment.

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Personal Information

You may remove any personal information submitted to this site by contacting us at any time: Contact Info

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Once You Are a Member

See this page for information for solitaries and new members: Learn about the FOI

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Updating Your Membership Information

Once you join the Fellowship of Isis, you are considered a lifetime member unless you resign in writing (see the section below). If you have enrolled once, it is not necessary to re-enroll.

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Resigning from the FOI

Please contact the center/website where you obtained your initial membership either by mail or email and inform them that you wish to resign. Include the details of when you first enrolled (name, date, address, etc.) so they may look up your enrollment more easily.

If you joined the FOI through this website, you may resign by contacting us at any time: Contact Info

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Please see this section for our directory lists of active centers: Centers Directory

There you will find listings of centers in specific geographic regions, as well as those who offer training via home-study.

Center founders are responsible for sending their listings to the Homepage and for keeping them current. Please know that we do not have information in addition to what is already included in this directory. Also, all FOI centers are autonomous and legally responsible for their own transactions and it is up to members to research each one accordingly.

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Priesthood Training

Please see this page for information on the: FOI Priesthood

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FOI Center Registration

Registrations are recorded with the Foundation Center. For the most recent information about registration policy, see this page: Central Register

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Questions for school papers, games, etc.

We're sorry, but as volunteers, we simply do not have the time to answer these types of questions. We recommend that you consult your favorite search engine for the information that you need.

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Complaints & Concerns

If you have a concern, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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Other Inquiries

For areas not addressed on this website or in this FAQ, please see this page: Contact

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