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Fellowship of Isis key
This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Castle Temple Photo Gallery

Olivia, Pamela and Lawrence
photo © FOI Homepage

"I am absolutely delighted with our Homepage! The graphics, the substance and above all the sunny romantic photos are beautiful. I like not having the front-the-camera phoney grins of religious characters that put one off. Derry and I look so pleasantly afar in the Land of Heart's Desire - which this place is in a way. Happiness NOW." (Olivia Robertson, 29th of June, 1999)

Welcome to our Photo Gallery!

Below are 33 sections with hundreds of photos of the Foundation Center of the Fellowship of Isis, its Temple and grounds. The photos on this website have been generously donated by Olivia, the Durdin-Robertson family, FOI friends, and are credited by name when possible. Many of the older photos have been cropped and digitally enhanced to provide the best quality possible. All are copyright protected, so please do not reproduce - thank you. If you would like to have your FOI photos included, please contact us.

After exploring this gallery, even more photos may be found on these pages:

Temple Tour: A virtual tour through the Fellowship of Isis Temple.

Historical Photo Gallery: Historic FOI photos, many of the FOI founders and their family.

Castle Brochure     -and-     Olivia's DVD Photos

YouTube Audio LinkInvitation to the Castle - YouTube


Changing Faces of the Temple 2011-2013
(photos by Minette, commentary by Olivia)


Olivia, Lawrence & Pamela Durdin-Robertson

Member photos of Olivia Robertson

Castle - Outer:

Castle - Part 1

Castle - Part 2

The Changing Seasons of the Castle
Spring      Summer      Autumn      Winter      Misc.

Castle Grounds - Part 1

Castle Grounds - Part 2 - Yew Walk

Castle Grounds - Part 3

Castle Animals

Castle - Interior:

Inside the Castle

Olivia's Drawing Room

Temple of Isis:

Temple of Isis Portico

Temple Sanctuary

The High Altar

Earth: Chapel of the Mothers

Air: The Healing Chapel

Fire: The Lakshmi Chapel

Water: Chapel of Brighid / Druid Well

Aether/Spirit: Chapel of Ishtar

Other Shrines & Altars - Part 1

Other Shrines & Altars - Part 2

Shrines of the Zodiac - Index
Aries      Taurus      Gemini      Cancer
Leo         Virgo         Libra         Scorpio
Sagittarius   Capricorn   Aquarius   Pisces

Temple Themes:

Batiks & Tapestries

Temple Paintings

Mirrors & Windows - Part 1

Mirrors & Windows - Part 2

Passageways & Doors - Part 1

Passageways & Doors - Part 2


The Town & Rivers of Enniscorthy

The Isis Theatre Company

Copyright Notice: The photos on this website have been generously donated by the Durdin-Robertson family and FOI friends. They are always credited by name when we know who took the photo, otherwise they are noted as "copyright Olivia Robertson". Many have been cropped and digitally enhanced by this website. Please do not reproduce. All copyrights reserved. Thank you.

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