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FOI Online Liturgy
Booklet: Athena, Arcadian Awakening
By: Olivia Robertson

Printable PDF File

Chapter 3: Hawaii



AIDEN: We are grateful to you, Uri, for inviting Elaine, Deidre and myself to this lovely spiritual centre in this island of Kauai.  Elaine, Deirdre, and I feel a strange premonition of great events here.  It is no ordinary place.

URI:  You have divined well my predicament.  This island is the birthplace of us all, born of the Goddess Marama of Dark Space.  She is the Mother of the Goddess Haumea, “the Warm Pillar of Fire” within the earth:  Mother of the dark oceans of space.  It is here that the present human race burst forth from the darkness through a cleft in the Mountain of Birth, Anahola.

DEIRDRE:  Indeed, you did show it to us as we drove by.  I received a mysterious vision of the future, and would like to return there.  I asked in my mind as we drove by: “When will it happen?”  And the reply was:  “Sooner than you expect!”  Yet I don’t know what “it” is, or what I expect!  I therefore would like to receive the Oracle of the Goddess Haumea.  I know that in her “Big Island” is the Tree of Life, with each of us one of Her divine leaves.

URI:  Let us pray for Her Oracle.  It may help me in my misfortunes.


AIDEN (INVOKES)Come to us, Haumea.


My body is the stem of the Tree of Life growing through this holy earth;  my arms are the branches animating sacred centres in each land;  my roots are within the womb of Our Mother Marama, and She rejoices to see Her children reach out to the encircling stars in the void of Space.  Dearest child Uri, to attain Heaven, the floating Isles of Kano, you need to pass three voids where your Lower, Middle and Higher Selves are.  You need to reconcile all three Selves, so that the sap of my Tree of Life, Mana, may arise through the tree within your body.  Otherwise you will be as a withered branch, bringing your sorrows to all you meet.

ELAINE:  We give thanks to the Goddess Haumea for Her Oracle.

DEIRDRE:  Her presence was very strong.  Allow me to lie down and recover.

AIDEN:  Uri, She speaks of your sorrows, your longing for the Hidden Islands of Kano, and your failure.  Will you tell us about it?  We shall listen but not burden you with advice!


URI:   I was born on the Big Island of volcanoes.  My mother said that my twin brother Eri and I came as lava flowed near our home.

No twins could have been more unlike!  My brother Eri was a smiling baby, loved by all!  He had a cheerful disposition and enjoyed being cuddled even by strangers – whereas I would scream if anyone touched me.  They said I was a plain child, but hoped I would grow out of it  . . . I didn’t.  My mother would look at me and say that my looks were not on her side of the family.  If I complained, she would pinch me or slap me hard.  She never hit my brother.

My father was proud to have a son, and taught him to sail in our canoe before he could walk.  He left me to be cared for by my mother.  Once when I complained that she hit me, he replied:  “You should obey your mother given to you by the Gods.  You will learn to be a true, loving and obedient woman, despite your lack of beauty, which is not your fault.”

So I grew up hating my mother beyond any words.  I used to day-dream of a kind old woman in our village coming to me one morning to wake me up.  “Little Uri,” she would say:  “I have very sad news for you.  Your mother and father were both drowned in their canoe hit by a giant wave.  Only your little brother is still alive.  You are an orphan.”  In these day-dreams I never killed Eri.  He was always nice to me.  He would tell me not to mind what people said or did.  He didn’t.  But then they only did nice things to him and nasty things to me.

However, things suddenly changed when I became a woman.  I wore lovely garlands for my hair, which was long and wavy, and I dyed my robes in beautiful sea colours.  And a fine young man courted me, and I was very happy.

But one terrible day I heard him making fun of me to a pretty but poor girl of our village.  “All this finery,” he said, “is like a black bird in borrowed plumage.  But her father has wealth so I shall marry her.  But I’ll never desert you, and I’ll give you beautiful presents.”  And they both laughed.

I was enraged.  My mother’s devilish temper broke out and I cursed them both.  But because of that I had a frightful punishment from the Gods.

I had not realised that the young man was a sorcerer who worshipped a God who had killed his wife.  He came to me one nightfall with a cruel smile. He held a package wrapped up in brown cloth.

“Open it, Uri,” he said.  “It is my farewell gift to you, in gratitude for all you have done for me.”

I opened the package.  Inside was a curious necklace.  It was made of large black nuts or roots.  “This, dear Uri,” he said, “is the Necklace of Death.  While it lasts it will bring about your lingering death.  I see what is in your mind.  If you dare to cut it, you will die at once.  So this is truly a farewell gift.”  And with this he darted away like a black shadow.

From then on my life changed.  I became religious, hoping to break the spell.  Eri suggested I just cut the necklace and chuck it into the sea.  He would.  The man was just angry because he thought I led him on, to hope for a rich marriage.  He was too stupid to know that I had fallen in love with him.

So, on another island, I joined a spiritual group.  The teachers taught enlightenment through soul saving.  They welcomed me, and the Holy High Priest said he would deal with the necklace of death.  By saving my soul, I would be free from all evil.  So he brought a beautiful alabaster jar, and said I was to breathe into it.  So I was giving my soul into his safe keeping.  When my soul was cleansed he would release it into their Sacred Pool, to join the rest of the redeemed.  Ardently I breathed my soul into the jar and the Priest sealed it with a magical secret sign.

So I joined the Brotherhood, with the permission of my father, a trustee of the Order.  I wondered where his soul was in the rows of jars in the Sanctuary, but the High Priest said my father was not ready for Initiation, being too much immersed in material affairs.

The auspicious day dawned when we all assembled round the Sacred Pool.  There were four successful candidates before me, who gave testimony of their spiritual experiences.  Their jars were opened and the new Initiates had the privilege of passing through a Moon doorway to receive further enlightenment.

Oh my dear friends, how fastly my heart beat, my eyes filled with tears as the seal on my jar was broken.  I had left my heartless home, I had given up my lover and now I would receive my reward.

Nothing happened.  The jar was held upside down, and the High Priest declared my soul was now purified and luminous and ready for further Initiation.  All applauded.  I was now to give my Testimony.

But I burst into tears.  I could not tell lies and tell them all I had attained Illumination like the others.  I cried out:  “I am unworthy.  I am not blessed.  I am not enlightened.”  And I ran away.  I took shelter with the kind old woman in our village and I did washing to pay for my keep.  I had disgraced my father and my family.  I was a failed candidate, a spoiled Novice, so I was fit for nothing.  I’ve lost my soul . . .

Then I heard of your Society, and you brought me hope as I followed your ideas on the World Wide Web in our village library.  You are my only hope.  Can you find my soul and bring me to the floating isles of Kano?

AIDEN:  Your story has deeply moved us.  We will try. . .



DEIRDRE:  You are welcome to our trance session, Uri.  Your aura is filled with turquoise blue, the colour of hope.  Are you willing to enter into trance?
URI:  I am filled with longing.  It is my last chance to rescue my lost soul.  I agree.

AIDENPlease lie down upon this couch, and close your eyes so that you may see the other land. * * *  If you feel you need help, call upon Elaine. This is your time to trust in the Goddess Haumea who honoured you with Her Oracle. * * *  You find yourself in the Land of the Rainbow that lies in an arch about the three Voids.  Each void has hidden the Zones of Lower, Middle and Higher Selves.  Only in harmonizing these three can you obtain the flow of immortal Life, Mana, that feeds your soul. * * * Where are you?  Tell us what befalls you.


URI: How strange this place is - there are shadows of many-coloured islands floating on clouds.  I am drawn to one land which reminds me of somewhere . . . it enfolds me in a garment of red and brown colours. . .

Oh no!  I am back in my home that I abandoned so long ago.  I wonder why?  My brother Eri appears in the doorway and he says to me that it is where our mother lies in pain, dying.  I say “But Eri, this is not her grand house.  It is a small hut, shabby and poor!”  Eri tells me that my father divorced her some years ago for violent behaviour.  He has taken another wife. “The only person who dares come near her in her fits of rage is a good old woman, once a friend of yours.  She looks after her but cannot get anyone else for my mother flares up like a dormant volcano!”

Like a flash I become her child suffering again her harsh treatment.  I remember her preference for my brother, her contempt for my looks, my words.  Now she is properly punished! The Gods are just.  But it is strange – I get no happiness from this revenge.  Instead, I feel over-whelming pity, not because my mother does not deserve her misfortune, but because she does!

I visit her couch and bend over her.  She gazes at me malevolently, her old dislike the same as ever.  But I take no notice.  I make her room cheerful with flowers and cook her favourite dish, beyond the skill of the old woman.  I arrange for proper care for her as I get money from my father.
It is extraordinary – but I feel completely happy!  All the thoughts of hatred have vanished.  Please explain this Elaine!

ELAINE:  Uri, listen if you can to the words of a Dream-worker, one who helps those in confusion.

URI: Yes . . . I hear words in a very gentle boy’s voice.  “Uri, it is not for you to force your mother to improve!  This is for her and only her. All you can do is to offer help.  But by doing the reverse of her cruel deeds, by caring for her with love, you have redressed the Balance of Divine Energy!  So golden Mana is flowing through your heart. Therefore your mother has helped you despite herself!  You have learnt to use your Lower Self, transforming your anger (so like your mother’s) into loving energy.  You have attained the Initiation of Huna of the Lower Zone.”

Now I understand!  You can only transform evil into good by balancing it with its opposite. For good is real, and evil is only a passing shadow that vanishes when the truth is seen.  I am so happy I could stay here!  This is an Island of Kano warmed by the heart’s love of Haumea. * * *

But even as I feel this heavenly rapture – there is a frightening change.  I am once more in the evil presence of the sorcerer who gave me the Necklace of Death.

“Uri, you have not escaped me!” He says.  “You rejected my offer of marriage simply because I laughed at you!  I was pleasing a girl I liked, and I wished to keep her.  All men do this.  But you cursed me and the curse remains.”  He is holding the terrifying necklace.  Now it all comes back to me.  I was incensed with rage when I heard him mock me to the girl.  So I cursed them with the bite of a shark that leaves blood on the surface of the waters.  I fall on my knees.

“Forgive me,” I call.  “I withdraw the curse of the shark.  I will accept your gift of the Necklace of Death as retribution.  Only then can I be happy in Spirit realm!”

But suddenly he burst out laughing!  He is a God!  He says:  “Know me for the God Lono.  We both have hot tempers.  Because you have renounced your curse, see that the Necklace of Death is truly the Rainbow Necklace of the Middle Island of Kano! You have redeemed your Middle Self.  Accept this gift!”  He offers me the Necklace, not now of Death but of Rainbow Jewels.

This floating Blue Isle of Kano is indescribably beautiful with a thousand many-coloured birds singing in fruit-laden trees.  I would stay here for ever – but there is a sudden storm * * * and a tsunami.

To my horror I see my brother Eri’s canoe in danger from a giant wave.  I rush to his rescue.  He puts his arms round my neck as I carry him swiftly to high ground beyond the waves.  I intend to take him with me to a fisherman’s cottage, but he says “No, no, Uri.  They are waiting for you at the Temple high upon this hill.  I shall sail far away to the Western Ocean.”

My heart sinks. I wish to stay with Eri and not again to face the High White Elders.  But I must face them and my father once again.  So with slow steps I mount the platform and enter the Temple.

It is exactly the same as before, but the successful candidates are absent, I suppose learning the Mysteries.  My father is present beside the High Priest.

To my astonishment the High Priest says:  “Uri, you are the only successful candidate at our previous ceremony!  The others failed and have returned to junior school.”  “How can this be?”  I ask.  “I was unworthy . . .”

The High Priestess smiles.  “My dear daughter, you were the only candidate who told the truth!”

The High Priest explains.  “All of you thought that you had given your souls as breaths into jars in this Temple.  Here was your ignorance.  You should have known that your essence – your souls, come from the Great Mother, and so only belong to each one of you.  We teach you to discover your true selves within you!”

The High Priestess says:  “We, whom you call the Gods, enlighten humanity through Dream Zones.  All that you experience on earth is part of dramas you weave yourselves, inspired by our Dream-Walkers, the Aumakuas. We awaken Mana, the sap from Haumea’s Tree of Life.  It is the will of the Mothers that you should grow strong and true and bring love and joy to all . . .”

I can see the Aumakuas.  They are shining and kindly Spirits.  One places a robe, a blue robe about me, and another places a shining gold crown upon my head. As she does this, I feel a shower of stars descending upon me. I feel Divine Spirits are drawing me to dance with the stars whirling around me in the sacred void of space.  I am spreading forth wonder and inspiration to all!  I see my Father as a dignified Professor, and my Mother as a Protectress of sea birds, which she always loved.  Eri sails far away among the Northern stars.  I shall teach Huna, our own path.  Yet, we are all together in Spirit.  For our own earth is a hidden Isle of Kano.  It is there all the time.

End of Rite.



SOURCES: “Oceanic Mythology, The Myths of Polynesia, Micronesia, Melanesia, Australia,” and “Myths and Legends of the South Seas”, Roslyn Poignant, Hamlyn Pub. “Children of the Rainbow, The Religions, Legends, and Gods of Pre-Christian Hawaii”, Leinani Melville, Quest Books. “Mark Twain in Hawaii: Roughing It in the Sandwich Islands, Hawaii in the 1860's,” Mutual Publishing, Honolulu.

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