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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

FOI Online Liturgy
Booklet: Brigid of the Rainbow Planets
Adventures of the Alchemical Twins
Written by: Olivia Robertson

Printable PDF File

8. Realm of the Earth
Inheritors of the Earth

"To do evil that good may come is to destroy the very good you seek"


PRIESTESS ALCHEMIST: (TO TWIN APPRENTICES): Aiden and Elaine, you have reached the culminating ritual in your adventures to learn the Alchemy of the Sacred Planets.  Earth is our home, our starting point and our goal.  This is to bring the stars to earth.  Let us invoke the earth our Mother.

PRIESTESS ALCHEMIST:  I invoke Alma Mater, The Earth Goddess amongst the Mothers of All That Is.


ORACLE: I am nearer than heart and thought, closer than those you love, and every breath you draw is My breath.  Yet I am unseen, unfelt, ignored by the very children I have reared to bring the cosmos my rich gifts.  Our family of planets encircle the sovereign sun of both Goddess and God, Mother and Father.  We need all that evolving humanity has to offer.

Know that you form a bridge of mind between yourselves and the rest of your evolution, animals, birds, fishes, elementals and spirits.

Humanity has free-will and may destroy itself.  Heed my words.  You are permitted to choose to exterminate your species.  But to eliminate other creatures committed to your care is a cosmic matter and shall be dealt with by Those Who have custody of the solar family.

As we have done before, we are now introducing a new humanity.  No race likes its successor!  I counsel you to accept the coming race with generosity.

PRIEST ALCHEMIST:  We give thanks to the Goddess of Earth, Alma Mater. 

PRIESTESS ALCHEMIST (TO APPRENTICES):  The goal of alchemy is to transmute highest Spirit to the lowest atom, helping the evolution of consciousness.  Deity rejoices in the original gifts of its children.  As all is born of Deity, so all may evolve through a variety of beings.  And these in turn create marvellous works of art, which bring delight to all.  This is the purpose of creation.

PRIEST ALCHEMIST: That this flow of love and light be enjoyed, the planetary shadow worlds give choice between good and evil.  In Divine Reality there is no evil.  There is only evil in the dualistic fantasy you call reality!  When the Great Awakening comes you will find that all of you are divine.

PRIESTESS ALCHEMIST: Have you considered your names?  Aiden means Fire – Elaine, Light.  Aiden, you have been given the Grael of the Heart’s Desire.  You Elaine, need to bring harmony between Light and Darkness.  Hence you shall pass through the Portals of Earth to the darkest region, feared as “hell”, as did Isis and Ishtar.

PRIEST ALCHEMIST:  But never lose your inner light or you are lost. We shall be with you in your trance journey but may not help you.

*** TRANCE ***

ELAINE:  With apprehension I pass along the avenue to the Temple of the Sacred Planets.  I enter and pay respects to the ever-living flame. I express my Intention for this pilgrimage:  I wish to help those too weak to help themselves.  I hear the call of children who summon me. ***

This is not like hell!  Above the Portal of the earth, is the symbol of a cross within a circle.  On the left is statue of a crowned king in red robes, holding a sceptre.  At his feet crouches a lion.  On the right is the figure of a crowned Queen, holding an Orb.  By her side is a unicorn.  I feel at home with Gothic art.  I feel my spirits uplift. I can cope with mediaeval symbolism.  I obtained my university degree in ancient history.  So with confidence I part the heavy crimson curtains and enter this world.

Ah, *** this is better still!  I am not in a mediaeval past of glamour and filth – but facing a wide expanse of white steps, leading to a white hall.  It is guarded by armed soldiers in unusual uniforms.  They hold the strange weapons I have seen in the future.  At last I shall see things to come!  Curiously I am not challenged.  I enter a dignified Assembly Chamber with architectural features composed of metals that I have never seen.  The people in the room look imposing in their well-cut formal trouser suits.  Men and women look much alike, though the women wear ear-rings and have slightly longer dyed hair. 

Again I am ignored so I take my place on an empty seat with a good view.  My companions ignore me.  My attention is fixed upon a tall aging man with an air of authority.  Now he is making a speech and I find it hard to hear – his voice echoes and I appear to be using telepathy to understand him.  But what he is saying is unmistakeable.  I will try and give you the gist. ***

“The crisis is worsening.  These alien intruders are increasing, despite every effort to prevent their coming. And I have to say that some dissident women are contriving, from some obsession - to have a child – whatever that creature may be.”

Now a woman leaps to her feet.  I notice that she, like most of the assembly, is elderly.  “President, I take leave to object….!  There are always a few bad apples.  The majority of women are cooperating with our global data-base.  The percentage of aliens detected before they are born is increasing.  As once we dealt with unwanted thousands of asylum seekers, so we are coping with aliens.  Their DNA is totally different from human, however normal they may appear.”

A military man stands up with an air of ponderous dignity.  “This is nonsense. These children are slipping into birth not now in thousands, but in millions.”

Another woman stands up, with a kindly face.  “I have not liked this ‘Operation Herod’.  It is too cruel, whatever incentives we present them with, to accept terminations.  I have a more humane suggestion.  Why not persuade mothers to give the children already born something that will have the same effect as ‘Operation Herod’, but unknown to the mothers themselves?”

A little, angry man now speaks.  “As a doctor, I want to know how could you persuade mothers to poison their own children?”

The woman replies:  “I am also a doctor.  Women will do anything to cure their children of behavioural problems.  Especially in our Society, they want their children to be successful, popular, and prosperous.  Above all, they have to be technologically expert.  We all know the ungovernable attitude of these aliens who are disobedient – who think they know more than their teachers – who exhibit dangerous symptoms once called ‘miraculous’ and ‘witchcraft’.

“They will gladly administer a slow poison with no side effects. Those it does not kill it will render impotent.  The effect will take years, as we do not want it generally known.  By the time people realise what has happened, the effect will be irreversible.  The aliens will be no more.”

A dignified man who looks like an elder statesman rises.  I can hear him clearly. “I shall not question the morality of this practice.  Elimination of the enemy has been condoned through the centuries  - it is only the age of these enemies that is disturbing bleeding-heart liberals.  But won’t this humanoid pest control also injure or kill our own children?”

“Well, yes,” says this woman doctor, whom I dislike very much indeed.  “Quite a lot, in fact, but only those children who share the faculties of the aliens – eccentricity – disobedience – dissidence.  It would also usefully limit the birth rate.”

Before this nightmare company pass their vote to accept such a monstrous plan, I must intervene. I jump up, and shout:  “Murderers – criminals – lunatics”, but no one takes any notice.  Then I realise they can neither see nor hear me.  I am a ghost.

I rush out of the Assembly Hall and down the white steps.  I never thought hell could be so stately and shining.  Then through some garish, genetically altered shrubs, appear two young people.  They have been in hiding and twigs are in their hair.  I can hear their words clearly.  There is light around them.

The boy speaks. “We come from the stars to earth.  Help us to rescue our enemies!”

The girl speaks.  “We come from the stars to earth.  Earth is our inheritance.  Call upon all to join us with goodwill and peace.”

They become faint, outlined against a starry sky.  I see our earth turn towards the sun and the other planets circle with it.  They send forth rainbow colours and beautiful music.  I hear a voice far away:  “No race kills its successor.  Rather it destroys itself.”  It is the voice of Aiden, and I find I am back in the Temple of the Planets.


PRIEST ALCHEMIST (TO THE TWINS):  To explore the starry spheres of the zodiac is to attune to awareness of divine reality.  But to endure the shadow world of planetary being brings experience of choice.  So you gain your own separate souls.  Not all beings seek this.  It is the goal of the lonely, enduring human race – whether old or renewed.


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