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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

FOI Online Liturgy
Booklet: Maya, Goddess Rites for Solo Use
by Olivia Robertson

Printable PDF File


Through the years members have asked for devotional practices for those who worship the Goddess on their own. The word "worship" describes the initial stage of our relation to the Divine Mother: as we develop in Her way we achieve a loving identity with Her, while retaining our own originality, and honour for Her manifestation through others. Daily private practice, whether in silence or in spoken words, is essential for sustained progress on the religious path. To invoke, sing and dance on one's own requires moral courage, but unbinds the soul! There is no limitation to the Pantheon of Deities in all faiths, and no limit either to the divinity latent in each of their offspring. Therefore although apparently alone, the Devotee becomes more and more part of that rainbow network which brings Heaven on earth.

"The Rite of Isis and Ngame" has been used for over ten years by thousands of Nigerian members, and the other four rituals have been adapted from "Dea" of the F.O.I. Liturgy. Awareness of the Inner Spheres comes most easily at dawn and twilight, when one's soul brings memory of beautiful dreams, which are reflections from one's Spirit. Each Devotee is basically his or her own Hierophant: the key to the Mysteries is concealed within oneself, through one's own original identity with the Divine Mother and Her Consort. Meditation with oneself as Teacher protects one's independence.

Although independence of any "brain-washing" is essential, nonetheless when the psychic centres begin to awaken, it is good for the Devotee to join a group. This is particularly so when clairaudience, "hearing voices," may manifest. This is held to be among the first signs of going mad! This can well be so, but it is also the beginning of the neophyte's first experience of telepathy. Here rigorous self discipline is vital. No one should submissively accept guidance, orders, or spiritual directions from any being - however august that spirit may claim to be! One should not become like a radio-taxi driver, continually changing direction from commands from a hidden voice! Delusions of grandeur may well emerge: especially if one regards oneself as a Chosen Vessel, sole channeller from Deity. The best cure is a sense of humour, a strong critical sense and awareness of scale. There are so many others around! In any case clairaudience should only be permitted at times chosen by the receiver. One should cut off if anything against one's conscience is offered. Always be in control. Free Will has to be won.

Clairvoyance is less dangerous because it does not deal with ideals. However, one should choose one's visions. An initiatory symbol is frequently a large Egyptian blue and gold eye. In the beginning, colours are brilliant and crude, as in a film cartoon. In time luminous patterns follow, like mosaic pavements and stained-glass windows. Such patterns have inspired artists throughout the ages. Finally one sees a larger more realistic picture. It is possible to enter into it! One finds oneself taking part in a scene with other people. This is the achievement of trance state with full waking consciousness. At last one is in touch with one's own Spirit... It is essential that one should be able to return from trance at one's own will.

I shall not give directions as to Levitation, as it is fairly unusual for members to start floating near the ceiling...

This book although for solo work, is not a substitute for work with an Iseum or Lyceum of the College of Isis. The Rites have mainly been adapted from "Dea" of the F.O.I. Liturgy.

The use of drugs first stimulates, then destroys the psychic centres. Particularly this is so when the Kundalini Force begins to be experienced. This is felt as an electric-like power, either hot or cold, in various centres in one's body. Ecstasy may result. It is most safely used through the hands for healing. This power should be conducted through the spine to the various centres and not concentrated on one centre, lest dangerous imbalance should occur. It is wise when this Power awakens to follow a carefully graded Magi degree course in the College of Isis. The Rites may also be used for Groups.

I use the title "Maya" for this booklet because years ago I received a vision of a Goddess made of copper-coloured Light. She was seated cross-legged and naked, dominating the sky. I was given the Name "MAYA". She possessed the features and long black hair of the Mayans of South America. I associate Her also with the Sea Goddess Yemaya of Africa, and Maya, the Indian Goddess of Visions. Thus these associations link sky, sea, and psychic experiences. May She inspire us all!


Members and others may attune at any time to our Rainbow Network, knowing that somewhere the Goddess is being invoked and her Blessings sent forth. In the Temple of Isis, Clonegal Castle, attunement is offered daily, mornings and evenings, from 6.30 to 8.30 GMT. Spiritual awareness and healing are found most effective at these times of The Tides of Maya.

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