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FOI Online Liturgy
Melusina, Life Centres of the Goddess
By: Olivia Robertson

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In Eternal Reality, Source of Deity, there is no beginning and no end. Hence there is no distinction as to which is the greater, Goddess or God. When Deity manifests from the unmanifest Matrix, the Void, Space is created. And where there is Space there is measurement, which is Time. For every circle has a point within from which may be measured stars. And through each star is formed a spiral which forms myriad spirals. But the informing Mind which creates Space and Time and stars and spirals is Deity. And Deity in order to bring about change divides into Two, Goddess and God. And the Goddess is Daughter of the Matrix and Space, and the God is the Son of the point of Light and of Time. Through their mutual Love springs forth Creation.

Both Goddess and God have two Powers within Them in perfect balance. These are the golden power of Love and the silver Power of Truth. Their polarity produces the Pantheon of Goddesses and Gods. The two powers, named Yang and Yin, Positive and Negative, Rajas and Tamas, when in equilibrium produce stasis - Peace, Nirvana, Satva. But when they are unbalanced they produce movement; they create worlds. Hence there is no harmony without stasis: no creation without action. Both are of divine origin.

In each galaxy, in each atom, these two powers work, sometimes in passivity, sometimes in action. And both operate through the Great Goddess and the great God Modes. Yin-Yang may be likened to the Major and Minor keys in music, or to the two sets of colours of the spectrum: Yang; red, blue and yellow: Yin; violet, green and orange. The difference between the Goddess and God modes and the Yang and Yin powers is this: Goddess and God are direct emanations from Deity, with the qualities of Love, Beauty and Truth, and the will to express these qualities through creating the Universe. Yang-Yin, Positive and Negative forces, are the Powers through which Deity works. Power is the tool with which Divinity brings to birth suns and worlds.

Why our world is at present in turbulence is through unbalance of these two forces, and a basic misunderstanding as to the roles of Goddess and God, man and woman. Under Patriarchal rule the qualities of Yang, activity, with its attributes of intellectuality, technology and authoritarian rule were all ascribed to the dominant sex, male. Yin, qualities of gentleness, receptivity, obedience and charity were attributed to woman. Symbols used were Sun and Moon. But in earlier Egyptian civilization woman was represented by the Throne of Aset, and man was represented by Khonsu, the Moon God. In India the Sun is still given male and female qualities, Surya and Suryã with accented 'a'. Patriarchy through Western technological superiority not only gave all positive strength to men: it reduced the role of women to the inactive veiled Lady, totally under the protection of her Lord and Master. She might attain heaven: she did not control any church.

One of the reasons male domination prevailed to such an extraordinary extent was through scientific ignorance! From the advent of the Northern Aryans with their iron swords - about the 12th Century before this era - their scientists taught that only men held the life giving seed. Women were only the earth in which the seed was planted.

This ignorance of the existence of the ovum, woman's life-giving seed, is best illustrated in the Greek drama "Oresteia". Orestes, encouraged by his sister Elektra, murders his mother Clytemnestra because of her adultery. He is pursued by the Furies for the sin of matricide. He flees to the newly created state of Athens, complete with its scientists and philosophers. By decree, the Athenian theologians declared that Orestes had not committed a sin in murdering his mother, because it was his father Agamemnon who had planted the seed of life within his mother, who hence was mere territory. Orestes was declared innocent, and the Temple of the Furies was banished from Athens. As a palliative, the Athenians hopefully renamed the Furies "The Benevolent Ones". The Iron Age of Patriarchy was now official.

Up to this twentieth century this false science has prevailed, especially with highly spiritual teachers, both in Japan, China and India. Earlier Gurus held to ancient Matriarchal teachings, identifying the ovum with Yoni. These were held in some contempt by their more "spiritual" colleagues, who taught that a woman could only attain Nirvana if she were to reincarnate as a male. Even some Yogis gave this same teaching.

It is interesting that the discovery by Western scientists of the existence of the ovum finally brought a change in Roman Catholic theology. Christ had been held to be God through direct operation of God the Holy Spirit, using Mary as the mere receptive earth. She bore the God through her body, but had no part in the making of him. But Catholic theologians now discovered that woman bears exactly half the creative task in forming a baby. Mary therefore had given half her human seed to forming the God! Therefore, according to both Jewish and Christian theology, she was endowing the child with original sin! He was not a perfect God: only half one, like Apollo and Dionysus.

They could only solve this problem in one way. To make Christ a whole God, they had to make the Virgin Mary half a Goddess! In the nineteenth century dogma, "The Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary" - not to be confused with the Virgin Birth - Mary was declared to be free from Original Sin. This involved her mother Anne as also being free from the taint, and so on back to Eve. But as Eve was held to be full of Original Sin, this theology was suspect! I doubt the Vatican would have had the temerity to put the dogma forward and so infuriate their "separated brethren", Protestants, if Mary herself had not been appearing in numerous Apparitions. She told St. Bernadette that she was "The Immaculate Conception.” The Vatican took the hint.

People might well ask, what has all this to do with them personally? Then they open their newspapers and read of the despoiling of the earth, holes in the ozone layer, contaminated seas, the annihilation of whole species. They read of sectarian wars induced by nationalism and tribalism: the violence brought on by religious patriarchal fundamentalism. Anything that threatens the very existence of the human race should affect each one of us.

It might appear that to redress the balance we need to practise the receptive Yin characteristics of complete pacifism, withdrawal from all activity. But who can sit in meditation while animals are subjects of vivisection, when children are being abused, while cruel regimes keep populations under tyranny? Who can sit quietly doing nothing while our forests are felled, our waters polluted, our air made increasingly toxic? Rest for a while out of the body yes: but to live is to act. We have the nights for sleep.

The task of saving our earth is so immense that we fear even to offer to help! Here divine guidance is essential. We need to develop our intuition through our own faith, our own way. The best times to do this are at dawn and at dusk. In such contemplation it is not enough to rely on our own intuition, our hidden star within. We need help from outside, from transcendental Deity. As my grandfather used to say: "For a man to live without God is to try and pick himself up by his own bootlaces!" After all, in reality there is no distinction between the Outside and the Inside. Let the stars in.

When we have received a clear picture of what our part is in the Divine Plan, the next worry is, how can we, so insignificant, so dream-filled in a harsh world, do anything about it? This is where the Melusina comes to the rescue. There is only one source of Power; Deity. Men have operated this power through the Great God Mode and produced intellectual, artistic and scientific marvels. The rebound has been misuse, resulting in our present dangers. But the other source of Power, the Goddess, has been almost totally neglected. The Oracle has been relegated to the circus- "Madame Zita tells Fortunes".   Flames spring up for the stage magician . . . Power through the Great Goddess Mode has been ascribed to black magic or cheating. Even life after death has been denied or simply ignored.

Yet this Power works through the etheric vehicle around which the earthly body is built. It flows through the etheric counterpart of the entire physical universe. Its area has been denigrated as "Limbo", place of disembodied ghosts, poltergeists, black magicians, witches and the occasional "High Adept" bring some to order! Its force has been termed Kundalini in India, Manitu with the North American Indians, Mana of the peoples of Oceana, Melusina to Westerners, and Buto to the Egyptians. When we have truly centred ourselves in Deity, and clearly know our Intention, we may invoke this Power. We realise it is not, as electricity, to be evoked according to our will, but respectfully to be invoked as Living Deity, Life Power.

Many people ask: "How can we know the difference between the Goddess and God modes, if we are not to equate these with negative and positive polarity? Are we to be Hermaphrodites?" The answer is simple. We only have to study Patriarchal rule through its iron age for three thousand years, ... then realise what it lacks! Much good has come from using the Great God Mode: law and the enforcement thereof: fine works of art: ethical systems: philosophy, and above all, the development of the sciences.

It would follow therefore that the Great Goddess Mode would bring the awakening of all that Patriarchy has feared and rejected! These would include the development of psychic gifts, including magic, mediumship, clairaudience, clairvoyance and telepathy. Understanding and intuition would be increasingly used, rather than law enforcement. Psychology would be employed for psychotherapy rather than analysis. "Man conquers Nature", would change to 'Woman is part of Nature". Above all, the earth would not be treated as possession of nation, tribe or individual, hence leading to territorial wars. The earth would be regarded as a home to be cared for and loved and shared.

Basically, however, we need to achieve equality with, and not sovereignty over, the Great God Mode. It is through the love of Goddess and God, Isis and Osiris, Radha and Krishna, Eros and Psyche that divine harmony will come to earth. In Eternal Reality this harmony prevails. It is only in the created worlds that the Goddess and God Modes prevail in cycles. We have now the honour of being incarnate at the time of the Great Change, when we move from one Mode to another. A new humanity is being born, born through the love and strivings of the old humanity.

Hear the Words of Isis: "I am She Who was and is and is to be. Whenever evil prevails over good, I manifest, in changing form appearing." Goddess and God come through us and with them comes the Power Flow of silver and gold Light that shall bring the new Aeon into being.

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