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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

FOI Online Liturgy
Nuit of the Milky Way,
Alchemical Journeys of the Questing Twins
By: Olivia Robertson

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8. Realm of Scorpio of the Hidden Sting
We discover our own strength and control it


PRIEST/ESS ALCHEMIST (TO TWIN APPRENTICES): Fear comes with the hidden shadow, the touch in the dark, the sudden bite of a snake lurking in long grasses. Nearly the whole wide earth is mantled in deep oceans. This is so also with we humans: most of ourselves are embedded in our unconscious minds and feelings. The secret enemy is no outsider but ourselves. Yet neither of you, in your alchemical quest, will ever achieve greatness without facing your unconscious souls. For within the depths, protected by deep darkness, are hidden jewels of spiritual glory! Are you willing to undergo the dangerous initiation of Scorpio who stings mortally at Samhain as summer turns to winter?



PRIESTESS ALCHEMIST: We honour Thee, the Lion Goddess, the Strong, The Mighty! In Thy form as the serpent Goddess Mehenet, Thou doth pour blazing fire from the head of the Sun God Ra. Thou doth declare: "I set the fierce heat of the fire for a distance of millions of cubits between Osiris and His enemy, and I keep away from Him the evil ones, and remove His foes from His habitation."

Yet also Thou art like unto Hathor, the Goddess of Love. Thou art the Lady of Amentet, Lady of Manu, the Mountain of the Setting Sun of the world of spirits, and art Queen of the Western Libyan Lands. With Thy husband, the architect God Ptah, and with Maat, Goddess of Truth, Thou didst plan the world, with the Seven Wise Hawks of the Goddess Meh-urt. Thou art the inner Eye of Ra, and the celestial Hawk hath outspread wings behind Thee. Great Lady, Beloved of Ptah, Holy One, Powerful One, bless all those who dwell in Thy realm of departed souls. Give us Strength and Love.

ORACLE:  Love needs must be approached with humility. Power must be gained through service. My followers in Egypt still kiss My stony face in My Temple at Thebes, with simple faith that I may bestow upon them both Love and Riches! Control of the very passions which I ignite is necessary. Otherwise unwary followers who pursue Power and Love are consumed by My fire. Control of the passions may come from the schooling of Thoth, God of Wisdom, or from the contemplation of the Goddess Maat.

But My way is not of the mind, though I too bear wings! Rather it comes from within the body itself, whether this body be the round earth or the human's animal body. If you desire to extend your consciousness into the universe - feel and experience that part of the cosmos which is yours to know! Your body is nearest to you, so feel it, love it, heal it. And love the creatures around you through touch - the rough bark of a tree or the cool splash of water. It is by stroking a cat's fur and making her purr that you touch the cosmic rhythm! Some there are who willfully stroke a cat's fur the wrong way - these are the evil ones who disturb the universal heart beat. Yet to Me none of My children are evil, though they often pursue evil paths. Even these are subject to My sovereignty. And I rule as effectively through My sharp claws as I do by My softness. Enter fully into any sphere in which Deity places you, and do not escape into the mind! For incarnation is an acceptance of total involvement. Some there are who live on earth and own a body without honouring the commitment. They despise the passions. Yet these are under My sway, and if I am too long gainsayed I take a terrible revenge - for I possess these proud ones utterly!

But to those who acknowledge My Divinity, I present a different face. I am the Sphinx of the Galaxy. My Head is that of Virgo, serene and wise. My body is that of the noble Leo, and I bear the wings of the soaring hawk. I am what you make of Me! My riddle is concealed within your heart.

PRIEST ALCHEMIST (TO ELAINE):  Elaine, it is for you to report to us on what befalls you through the portals of Scorpio!  We shall join you in our trance journey.

ELAINE:  I find it much easier to ascend the steps up to the Temple of the Zodiac . . . I approach the Western Portals of Scorpio.  It is high above me, supported by two pylons.  The lintel is emblazed by the figure of a golden hawk with outspread wings.  On the left is a statue of Selket, the Scorpion Goddess.  On the right is Sekhmet.  On Her lion’s head She bears the cobra Uachat-Buto and She holds the reed of sovereignty.  I realise that when I pass through this gateway I can follow either the occult path of Selket with secret powers, or walk the straight-forward ways of Sekhmet.   Lionesses hunt by day.  I follow Her right-hand path. * * *

I find myself just where I dream of in Ancient Egypt!  But it is in our days.  This is an oasis with soaring palm trees and every sort of luxuriant vegetation.  Abundance brings good to all.  I seat myself under a palm tree along with many well-dressed people of various nationalities.   I am praising the richness of nature here.  But they laugh at me.  They tell me that this oasis is entirely artificial, the water being piped here at great expense to keep alive every plant that I see – including the palms!  This is naturally total desert with no rainfall.

Then a quiet young man sees my concern and tells me that he is making for a dedicated group near who are digging for a spring discovered, he said, by a water-diviner.  Will I join them?  So I rise and follow him and find the group of workers digging on what looks like dry sand and rock.  I join them, fired by their enthusiasm.

At first I obey them – but suddenly I take the lead – they are going nowhere!  I consult the water-diviner and find a new spot.  I dig and find a crevasse in the rock face beneath the sand.  Water gushes forth!

I have never felt so elated.  Soon groups of people join us from the artificial oasis and begin digging.  This spring I found is mighty.  I have done the right action at the right time, for the land was threatened by drought from global warming.   But what is this agonizing pain that shoots through my left foot?  I am poisoned.  I scream.  Someone says I have been bitten by a scorpion.  I feel angry to be so helpless.  I console myself by the thought that now the work will carry on to create an oasis that will bring water to hundreds of people and animals.  Yet I feel a stab of fear.  Do these people have the right ideas?  What are their motives?  This digging is getting out of hand.  I can no longer control it, as I lie in pain.  I call to Sekhmet for aid.  And then I hear these words as deep as the flowing of hidden waters:

“My daughter, rivalry poisons the water of life which is for all.  More cruel than the scorpion’s sting is concealed jealousy disguised as high-mindedness!  Share not only the water you have found, but also the glory of the finding of it.”

I am laughing.  I see it all.  I lie back on the sand under a palm-tree and enjoy the sun speckling my body through the palm-leaves.  And my hands are stroking the sun-warmed mane of a mighty, contented lioness.  As I try to see her I come back to all . . . so content.


End of Rite.

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