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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

FOI Online Liturgy
Sybil, Oracles of the Goddess
By: Olivia Robertson

Printable PDF File


Dedication of a Shrine

INVOCATION: Divine Isis, Goddess of Ten Thousand Names, I invoke Your Grace. The Gods above adore You, The Gods below do homage to You: You set the orb of heaven spinning above the poles, You give light to the sun, You govern the universe. At Your voice, the spirits of earth rejoice, the elements obey. At Your nod the winds blow, clouds drop wholesome rain upon the earth, seeds quicken, buds swell. Birds that fly through the air, beasts that prowl on the mountain, serpents that lurk in the dust, all these tremble in single awe of You. Come to our temple, oh Goddess: dwell in our shrine: make our hearth Your altar: our hearts Your home.

ORACLE: As a rambling rose grows upon cottage and temple walls, so like a rose does heart join with heart within My all-embracing Love. For the Love of the Mother penetrates through all spheres; the hearts of every creature, each plant, every atom. Where there is heart there is life. There are no beings that can be lost, however far they may have strayed from Eternal Reality, deceived by the phastasmagoria of many existences. For when, lost in delusion, the soul calls on the Mother, source of its existence, this call is never made in vain. For when Free Will is lost, the soul is not lost, but rather found, saved not by its virtue but by the grace of the Mother.

So make a shrine to Me in a temple: a room or in a corner of a room. So shall your outer observance be a sign that you accept My grace. Wherever a Devotee places My picture, My statue, two candles, incense and a cup of water, there shall I dwell. There shall Joy, Health and Abundance be the gifts of My eternal Love. 


INVOCATION: When I look on the august sky, whence there standeth forth, from its manifold fence of clouds which conceal Her, the Great Sovereign who rules us tranquilly, for myriads of ages; say we, may it ever be thus! For thousands of ages too, may it ever be thus! With deep reverence we would serve Her; with profound obedience we would serve Her. Great Goddess of the Sun, bestow upon Your devotees Your grace as you rise, and give us Your bounty throughout the cycles of days and lives.

You gaze upon my golden orb and wonder:
You bow before my glory and feel as naught:
You see me in the heavens and never find me:
The heaven you seek is deep beneath your feet.
With glorious deeds you honour me:
You make wings and fly towards me:
You offer me your soul:
Yet am I within your heart.
The earth conceals my splendour:
In its blackness is my bounty:
Within smallness is my greatness,
Within its creatures glows my spark.
The earth is sun in making:
Wings hide in chrysalis:
The void of space my robe is.
Who am I? I am Love.


INVOCATION: Golden-eyed Goddess Sarasvati, Thou who art crowned with the crescent moon, Who beareth the sweet-toned vina, Who art born aloft by the many-eyed peacock, bestow upon us Thy glorious arts at twilight. As the sun sinks to rest, bring us the glories of poetry and art and music, that our bodies may be united with our souls and so we may remember our journeys in the land of waking dreams.

ORACLE:  It is through the language of art and through the holy knowledge of symbols that the Deities share Their glories with Their children. The beauty of music brings the harmony of the interweaving spheres of creation: poetry draws the soul to noble endeavour: and painting and sculpture breathe forth the divine essence within all things. For all that is real in the Greater is spelled forth through symbols in the lesser. So gold speaks of the sun, and silver of the moon: and Sun tells of Love, and Moon of Truth. You do well to invoke My aid when day blends with the shades of night. For in the twilight two worlds join in harmony, and you bring your daily existence in tune with your true eter­nal being. So in your morning's work create forms of beauty: in the evening animate these forms through the divine imagination! Open your eyes in the day­time. But in the evening close your eyes and see myriad visions of beauty. In the day-time listen with your ears: in the evening sit in silence and you will hear the music of My lyre that flows like a transparent river from star to star and from the throats of nightingales and in the rustle of reeds where glide My swans through pools of lotus flowers.  

Good Health. 

INVOCATION: Beautiful Dana, in Whose waving hair many-coloured suns gleam, whose robe is the Oceans, Who art the Divine Mother of the Tuatha de Danann of Atlantis and the Western Lands: bring us Your joy! Bring us good health and the awareness of the beauty of all nature that is Your veil. May we glory in life and show forth its myriad beauties in our works.

ORACLE: The humblest clod of earth has its particular jewels. For know that though the lesser cannot comprehend, but only reflect, the Greater: yet the Greater comprehends, permeates and animates the lesser. Each snow crystal manifests its individual pattern of Deity. And this is what is meant by the im­manence of the Divine Spirit.

Many of you have sought urgently to rise to the heights of Art and the Divine Sciences: yet have lost your own particular gifts during your dizzy as­cent. For I am found in the laughter of daily life: in the absurd; in the casual sketch, in the ignored small talent. Despise your individual gifts and you grow ill. True health is to be in harmony with the higher and the lower spheres; it is to blend with all degrees of consciousness. Otherwise illness and sorrow redress the balance, reminding you of that which you ignore. For the artist who sees beauty in a bowl of fruit on a kitchen table knows Me as well as the scientist who penetrates the atom, and the occultist who transcends the earthly sphere.

Be original: for that which is original in you is of Deity. That which is mere repetition does not exist. Bring the Deities the gift of yourself. Do not despise your oddities! By enjoying your Originality you will learn of your origin. And so you will know the Divine Source.

Respect the Originality in all about you, whether a particular cat with its particular ways, or in the drawings of a child. So will you know their true selves. And your own true self will become apparent on the earthly plane, and you will know perfect health, and you will radiate health to all whose lives touch yours. Express Divinity through music and the arts and through your works, and through radiations from your rainbow-hued auras. Each aura differs from another: give Us your unique gift!

Solar Vitality.

Dwells the holy Sidhe of Fire,
In the hollow of the earth:
Glows the holy Sidhe of Brighid
In the seed that giveth Birth.
Lightly blows the winds of Mari,
Draws Her veil across the sky,
Dims the golden rays of Grainne,
Moves the tree-tops with a sigh.
Grainne, Goddess of Sun and seed, with thy grace fulfil our need.

My golden hair is wheat and oats,
My robe the ever-changing sky;
The lady-bird My finger bears,
My eyes shine forth in lake and sea.

From the depths of earth My inner sun
Glows through the hearts of all existences.
Atoms and stars: creatures that grow and move,
Know Me as Mother and as Consciousness.

My breath inspires every breath:
The healing rays are Mine,
Look upwards, round about and down,
For I am everywhere.

Blessing the Earth.

 INVOCATION: Hail to the Goddess Hathor Who weareth the horned disc upon the head of the Holy Cow. Thy spiritual body is glorious among the khus, Thy Name is established upon earth before Seb, and Thy Body shall endure per­manently in the Neterkhert. Thou journeyest about upon the earth, Thou seest all that are therein. Thy Life is forever, and Thy Sovereignty is forever.

ORACLE: Holy is the Cow, the Mother. Living is she and forever giving. She feedeth milk to her calves, and from the scented grasses she createth the mighty strength of bulls, and the deep gentleness of her daughters, the milk yielding cows.

Protect my children! Know that I wear the Crown of Sovereignty. The Disc of sun and moon are in unity upon my head, and the horns of Power are my insignia. The mother protecteth her children. She giveth them nourishment. She bestoweth love and warmth, and she teacheth them to move and have their being among pleasant pastures.

I the Great Mother through the form of the Cow call upon you my human children to protect My children. Save them from lives imprisoned without sight of sun or grass. Save My winged children the birds from lives lived in cages. Eat not the flesh or eat the eggs of those who have been slaughtered in prison. Know that greed and wilful ignorance return to the wrong-doer through the Justice of my Sister the Goddess Mayet of the Scales. All that is done for good or ill returns to the doer as doth the shadow return at dusk to the thrower of the shadow.

Do good, and protect My children. So shall you reap the five cubit high corn of My heavenly pastures; drink of the white milk of the stars; and through bathing in the River of Life know Eternity.

Star Attunement.

 INVOCATION: I invoke the Mother of the Stars, Rhea of the Diktaean Cave, who gave birth to the Deities of our Galaxy.

ORACLE: If you would find Me, look within yourself. Within you is space and time and all the stars that are. There is no star within My being that echoes not some hope, some dream, within each creature held within My Self. There is no distance in Me, no separation: am I not the Void of Space? All moves with perfect accord within My blackness: and in My manifestation is there Light.

Feel no fear. My life is eternal and so therefore are you! All that are, that shall be, are my children. When you think - you reflect My thoughts; and when you feel, you know the beating of My heart. The breath of Life is Mine and through this you live. Yet each of you is unique: if you were not so, you would not exist! Not one flower is like another. For in Me is perfect Origin. Show forth My grace in your ideas and work, in individual peculiarity. For why should I hold in My embrace so many stars, if only one would do. Laugh! I am too great for solemnity: too mighty for analysis - yet none of My children may be belittled. In My laughter is heard the happy music of the constellations.

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