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FOI Online Liturgy
Sybil, Oracles of the Goddess
By: Olivia Robertson

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Pisces: We Learn How to Receive

PRIESTESS: Goddess of Inspiration, Goddess of Creation, come to our aid, we entreat You! We are parched and bored, devoid of fantasy and prophecy, for we dwell in a wasteland of machines that calculate and statistics that diminish our souls. Restore to us the days of our innocent childhood! 

ORACLE: Far beyond the world of the cold mind and the stony heart, yet closer than the breath in a frosty dawn is Hy Brasil, the Many-Coloured Land of Heart's Desire! There is the Cauldron of Creation, guarded by three great stone circles, and beyond the circles is the sorrowful wasteland of earth in which you dwell. There the lost soul, torn with doubt and fear, having turned away from the Mother, plays endless games of mind. He adds one to one and two to two, yet never, calculate as he may, achieves infinity! For infinity is beyond number and calculation and is as near the first as it is to the last. And the Voyager to the future in space and time ever returns, faery-bound to his own starting point. Only when he calls to Deity for help can he be saved from his mind-formed prison.

Remove from My Cauldron of Creation the three magical drops of Inspiration, Originality, and Imagination - and you are left with a poisonous residue of stale thought, soulless regulations and death-bringing orthodoxy. Return to the Matrix which is greater than the limited world about you! Travel far to achieve My Chalice, and endure with courage the ordeals which test your quality. Do not be led astray by false humility, which surrenders your birthright of free choice to the commands of others, for even those travellers who have found the Grael are not able to share it with their fellows! For this is the Law, that each must achieve divine inspiration in solitude through service. Know that even I, Cerridwen, was not able to bestow the gifts of the Spirit upon My Divine Son. Rather did a mortal, such as yourselves, receive my gifts of the spirit. And mark that Gwion was given inspiration unexpectedly without seeking for it, during the course of his daily work! And he fled in terror, comprehending neither Me nor his great destiny as Taliesin.

In many lives, in many forms, the soul flees from My embrace, Who am the Universal Mother, She Who gives birth and death to all beings. In verity my Cauldron is both the womb and the tomb. For only through birth and death may the soul partake of My Grael and so receive the Elixir of Life.

Gain courage: Cherish humility. Be original: respect all originality of others. Use your imagination: yet know that all you visualise manifests in some sphere; so let your visions be true and noble. When you achieve My Grael you will find Hy Brasil all around you: in the room where you dream: in the bird-filled tree outside your open window: in the eyes of all who love you.

Aries: We Gain Power to Give. 

PRIESTESS: Divine Goddess Durga, come to our aid! We are weak: encompass us with Thy strength. We are set upon by formidable foes: protect us. We are utterly downcast by the evil forces that bring destruction to our home, the earth. Fight our foes of violence, cruelty and folly with Thy ten radiating arms that purge the world of sin and death! 

ORACLE: The foes that you fight are within. For nothing can assault you from without, unless you open the gates of your soul through like-minded evil. For evil calls to evil, as good calls to good. In reality the wickedness you fear is but the distortion of the good, and you fight your own fearful shadow! Your enemies are the mirror-reflections of yourselves. Enter then the realms of reality and lo - the earth is saved! For the true earth is inviolate.

Yet you do well to seek Me and to invoke My almighty power. It is through spiritual acts of will that the soul wins freedom. For the wicked, whether fallen angel or human, have lost free will. Freedom has to be fought for or it is lost. At first the evil doer practises vices, acts of cruelty and destruction. But inevitably vice, cruelty and destruction become forces that possess his soul, and he degenerates into a machine, prey to manipulation of every sort.

Each soul should be the cause of effects, rather than a mere automaton obeying every wanton impulse or surge of group hysteria. Yet the divine paradox is that a soul may only be dominant over this world of illusions, if in turn that soul is acted upon by Deity! Whatever religion you practise, the divine inspiration working through your true conscience will bring you to your goal of love and life. Yet to follow such divine promptings require such strength of will, such endurance, such courage and intuition that few attain reality in one lifetime. Know that no words, no formulated beliefs and well thought out systems of theology or philosophy gain the blessing of the Deities, unless these are manifested as activities. Think peace, fight for peace! Love others - feed the hungry! Believe in freedom - be free through using your true Will! Then you, like Myself, will radiate the glory of achievements in many fields. But remember that you have many lives, many selves. I am Devi, who manifests as the gentle Parvati, golden Uma and the black Kali.

I am Goddess of expanding Powers! I receive harmony of My many aspects as the Cosmic Goddess, Devi.

Taurus: We Feel Kinship with all Beings.

PRIESTESS: Isis, Bestower of Love, Thou who lost and found Thy Divine Husband Osiris, starry Serapis, and who brought him to life: teach us to love with understanding: to help rather than to hinder those we seek to heal, and hold us to Thy embrace which is the encircling arms of the Cosmic Mother. 

ORACLE: My loves are many, for to Me all My sons and daughters are the dismembered fragments of Serapis, the starry constellation of incarnate beings. My white milk nourishes all creatures, for this milk is the nectar of the Deities, replenishing their ichor, the Divine Blood. Rightly am I adored as the Cow Goddess, sharing the honour with Hathor and Lakshmi: for all mothers, whether animal or human, serpent or fish or insect, give entirely with unselfish abandon to their offspring. This is the law of nature, for it is My law. But mothers and wives need to be protected and strengthened by the Gods, for to give, we must also receive. The Goddesses receive life and food from the Mother Goddess: they need also the mighty Gods to give them their strength and determination. For know that our love can be our weakness: and those who depend upon us may become as parasites, if we keep them too long beneath our protecting wings. So remember that though the Goddess presides over the constellation of Taurus, it is the God Serapis with his red eye, Aldebaran, who watches the just and the unjust; and who rewards the virtuous and punishes the wicked. In the Giant Orion you see man in his full vigour and wildness: always in your lives balance this with the White Star of Isis. The inner Mystery lies in this star Sothis-Sirius. This is the inner Sun now being unveiled to those who understand. In this two-fold star may be realised the Heavenly Union of the God and Goddess: Love and Truth blended in perfect beauty.

Gemini: We Learn to Use Our Minds Wisely. 

PRIESTESS: Most beautiful Goddess of the silver moon, enlighten us with Thy shining rays of splendour! We are immersed in dull dreams, and are unable of ourselves to awaken into joy and glory and mystery! We live circumscribed by petty entanglements, with our curtains drawn, and the door to our small room is locked by ourselves. May Thy celestial light beam through our shuttered windows, and Thy arrows penetrate our mind-limiting doors! 

ORACLE: The loveliness of Truth excels all beauties: and penetrates heavy curtains of deliberate ignorance! The lost soul, wrapped in self-deceiving mirage, fears the onslaught of intuition which, biding not the delaying tactics of the reason, shoots straight into the soul bringing forth all-consuming transformation! So is it told that I transform a man into a stag! For total surrender is what I demand, not by law, not by words, nor by reason: but through the insistent command of perfect beauty. This surrender to My Grace forms the alembic of transmutation, and from the brow of mortal man bringeth forth the mighty stag's antlers of Light, which I bear Myself, and which penetrate through all heavens. My Light is the White Light of Truth and it shineth forth from the brow. It pours forth from every shining atom of My Body, forming a penumbra of many-coloured splendour. Like a silver birch it straightway shineth up My spine, and like glorious fruit gleams from My heart and hands and feet. For I am the Goddess of Manifested Power, which bringeth to all creatures the concealed Wisdom of the Veiled Sophia. For long years hath the Power of the White Goddess been concealed, and My veiled votaries prayed on their knees, wearing nuns' robes. For those thousands of years the God My Divine Brother prevailed, that the sun rays of intellect should teach men to reason and to act with forethought. So the Rays of Phoebus Apollo bring you your sciences and your cherished logic.

But the time now comes in the cosmic cycle when direct knowledge comes to you not through the God but through the Goddess! Mystical comprehension is instantaneous, is beyond time and space, and yet includes all time and space. Many dread My Manifestation, which they say can bring madness or death. And this may be so for the unprepared. But when your mind and your heart yearn with inexplicable longing for some forgotten beauty: when earthly pleasures and tasks no longer hold your concentration: when you would even lose your reason and die rather than forgo your search for Me: then you are ready!

My beam of Light will be your pathway and My Silver Arrows shall make clear your mind and heart. You will feel My power like a waterfall pour through you, enlightening your mind and making joyful your heart. Heavenly music and dance and song will accompany you; and you will find yourself radiate My Power to all those whose lives touch yours.

Cancer: We Explore the Depths.

PRIESTESS: Benign Goddess Tiamat, Mother of all Creation, Who wert before Light was separated from Darkness and all was One: Thou Who didst give birth to Gods and Goddesses; Lady of the Great Deep, Keeper of the Tablets of Fate, bring us knowledge of our Origin that we may live forever, surviving Thy Cycles of Time and Space.

ORACLE: The Dragon of Darkness am I, shining with countless stars. Each turn of my body bringeth forth a new era of Time, another sphere of space: yet within My being do all these cycles survive in Eternal Reality. My first mighty serpent-coil is that of all the galaxies in the Universe. Curled amongst these lieth the Milky Way, pouring from my breasts. Guarded close to My heart is your sun with ten planets, and one of these is the sea-girt earth. My Seven Star-Crowned Heads of Hydra are raised to the Seventh Heaven: yet They reach to the depths of primordial darkness from which all light emanates. From this underworld I create unceasingly from My own being: and My first-born is Light. Then from the spiritual world I give birth to the Deities, and the first of these is the God Apsu of the sea, My Consort.

Next I draw from the depths all the elements, and from these form my brood made in Mine own Image. They come as whirling atoms and as microbes. They raise themselves to treetops as giant lizards born from My Dragon Shape. The great trees and the grasses are from My hair. My offspring, who bear My fish's tail, populate the oceans as Leviathan and as myriad-coloured fishes swimming between coral forests. I give birth to birds, for am I not bird-crested and fly with outspread wings? Howling storms echo my lamentation when my Divine Husband the God Apsu perishes in the cycles of time to be born anew through my Divine Body.

The eleven supernatural Monsters who guard the Gate of the Abyss are My Brood, as are the creatures of the Zodiac. The centaurs and unicorns are of My Zoomorphic offspring, as are serpents who have My wisdom.

You would know Me? Follow Me. I make the path of the serpent on the highroads of the stars. I glide smoothly, now to the left, now to the right, and I rise into the Light of Truth and I sink into the depths of Love. Swim in the oceans as I swim, and gallop with a horse over grassy planes - as I gallop with My horse's body. Fly to your noblest aim as I fly with my Eagle's wings. Love with your whole heart! Be as original as Omoroka, She who is Myself, the Woman Who created all that is through the Divine Imagination.

Life is One within the diversity of My manifold Being. All dissension ceases, all probings are useless; analysis, sciences and systems of calculation are destructive when these divide My Eternal Being in the minds of men! For My true Being may not be touched in the world of delusion. Split the atoms of my shadow-body and you injure yourselves. Dissect the least of my children and you are left with a corpse, and you lose touch with your soul. Return to My immortal embrace that is as encompassing as the salt sea, and you will gain communion with all beings. And in that communion is eternal Peace and Wisdom.

Leo: We Discover Our Own Strength and Control it.

PRIESTESS: We honour Thee, the Lion Goddess, the Strong, The Mighty! In Thy form as the Serpent Goddess Mehenet, Thou doth pour blazing fire from the head of the Sun God Ra. Thou doth declare: "I set the fierce heat of the fire for a distance of millions of cubits between Osiris and His enemy, and I keep away from Him the evil ones, and remove his foes from His habitation.”

Yet also Thou art like unto Hathor, the Goddess of Love. Thou art the Lady of Amentet, Lady of Manu, the Mountain of the Setting Sun of the world of spirits, and art Queen of the Western Libyan lands. With Thy Husband, the architect God Ptah, and with Maat, Goddess of Truth, thou didst plan the world, with the Seven Wise Hawks of the Goddess Meh-urt. Thou art the inner Eye of Ra, and the celestial Hawk hath outspread wings behind Thee. Great Lady, Beloved of Ptah, Holy One, Powerful One, bless all those who dwell in Thy realm of departed souls. Give us Strength and Love.

ORACLE: Love needs must be approached with humility. Power must be gained through service. My followers in Egypt still kiss My stony face in My Temple at Thebes, with simple faith that I may bestow upon them both Love and Riches! Control of the very passions which I ignite is necessary. Otherwise unwary followers who pursue Power and Love are consumed by My fire. Control of the passions may come from the schooling of Thoth, God of Wisdom, or from the contemplation of the Goddess Maat.

But My way is not of the mind, though I too bear wings! Rather it comes from within the body itself, whether this body be the round earth or the human's animal body. If you desire to extend your consciousness into the universe - feel and experience that part of the cosmos which is yours to know! Your body is nearest to you, so feel it, love it, heal it. And love the creatures around you through touch - the rough bark of a tree or the cool splash of water. It is by stroking a cat's fur and making her purr that you touch the cosmic rhythm! Some there are who wilfully stroke a cat's fur the wrong way - these are the evil ones who disturb the universal heartbeat. Yet to Me none of My children are evil, though they often pursue evil paths. Even these are subject to My sovereignty. And I rule as effectively through My sharp claws as I do by My softness. Enter fully into any sphere in which Deity places you, and do not escape into the mind! For incarnation is an acceptance of total involvement. Some there are who live, on earth and own a body without honouring the commitment. They despise the passions. Yet these are under My sway, and if I am too long gainsayed I take a terrible revenge - for I possess these proud ones utterly!

But to those who acknowledge My divinity, I present a different face. I am the Sphinx of the Galaxy. My Head is that of Virgo, serene and wise. My body is that of the noble Leo, and I bear the wings of the soaring hawk. I am what you make of Me! My riddle is concealed within your heart. 

Virgo: We Find the Harmony that Unites Love and Truth.

PRIESTESS: Divine Dana, Star Goddess of Atlantis, Mother of the Gods and Goddesses of Ireland, inspiring the magical Arts and bestowing bounty throughout the whole earth, we invoke Thy aid, that in this hard age of fear we may know Thy Many-coloured Land!

ORACLE: Know that the many coloured Land of Tir na nOg is with all who know the future with visionary eyes, for Tir na nOg, Hy Brasil, Emhain, exist in All Time. The beauties of that place are seen by small children who play on dappled lawns, and gaze with wondering eyes at flower and butterfly and many-hilled insects. Through the present come to Me! For the present is your Gate to Heaven. When worldly cares veil true vision, the passions clog the bright Fireblood that course through the spiritual body. When evil emotions of anger, envy and jealousy corrode the soul, then not even the present is noticed or enjoyed! Life for the dulled soul imprisoned in foolish preoccupations and unhealthy feelings, is no life but rather an existence that flees by in passing time: yet to the depleted soul it is a long drawn-out waste land of boredom, excited only by transient stimulation. Thus a whole life-time may be wasted by those with eyes that cannot see, ears that cannot hear, and a spiritual will unused.

Awaken! The glories of past civilisations, the dawn of consciousness, the memories of lives spent through a myriad of forms are all there for the initiate who, through total awareness of the present, attains experience of the past. Through understanding the past of the earth, the wonderful creatures, the human race, the soul gains understanding, and through understanding, wisdom. Thus the soul is prepared for the Second Birth, the return to the innocence of angel childhood. In this state, the intellect is put aside, and the traveller in time enters into a new realm that for most of humanity is still the future! Ideal beings and trees and plants and animals are seen transposed, as it were, over dark cities with their ugly factories. The Golden Age shines for those who have, through awareness and the practice of the virtues, regained the use of psychic eyes and ears and feelings. This new awakening brings with it the fruit of past experience, so the wisdom of the sage is combined with childlike innocence. The harvest is reaped from the re-enacting of past lives, and the growing of the seeds therefrom is the task of the present, that the glorious future gardens of delight may be manifested.

Libra: We are at the Hub of the Wheel of Life.

PRIESTESS: Eternal Goddess Kwan Yin, Universal Mother of Mercy, come to our hearts! As Boddhisattva Thou didst leave Thy seat among the stars and descend upon our earth, there to bless all those imprisoned in our dream world which we weave from time and space. Thou Who art always with those who pray to thee, help us now in our dire necessity, for our dreams are turning to nightmares of cataclysm.

ORACLE: To pray is to receive immediate response. Every true thought and desire creates its own manifestation. Smile, and you give birth to a happiness in some time and some place. Your sympathy reaches a sorrowful heart locked in the prison of this earth or other spheres. You artists, dreamers, mystics, who feel useless before the onset of planetary destruction, as yet have no idea of your own powers! It shall be from the Divine Feminine, Yin, that the Yang Dragon of violence shall be brought into harmony! And this will not be done through opposing war with psychic battle; nor with the use of occult force against violence; rather shall you conquer by winning over your enemies through understanding, beauty and love.

Your innate powers, children of the Muses, lie in the influence of the arts, through your compassion for all beings, and through your laughter! For the forces of evil work through fear: and the greatest fear is of Death. But you shall be so gifted that you shall not see dead bodies: but rather living souls rising therefrom! You shall not see devastated cities, but eternal lands of everliving, beauty. No threats of foreign conquest nor of cataclysm shall disturb the steadfast soul. For the mystic, enjoying the knowledge of Eternal Reality, Nirvana, shall bring bliss into manifestation even into the earthly sphere of Maya, illusion. Thus shall the changing scenes of the mortal world be transformed into a Divine Mystery showing forth symbols of a greater encompassing Reality! Every tree, every rock shall then be understood as a symbol of its own soul living forever beyond time and space.

Every time you send forth healing for all, or for one animal or plant, you change the world around you for good. You shall see more brilliant colours, hear clearer sounds around you. It is through bringing vision of a more lovely world into your physical surroundings that transmutation is accomplished. For who may change a shadow with skilful hands? A shadow may only be altered by moving the object which causes it. So it is with bringing peace and harmony to this planet. Those who stay still and meditate shall halt armies! Artists painting, pictures shall create their visions in living forms. Composers shall bring harmony: men and women will dance to the music of the spheres. Do not send negative thoughts even against negative forces. Thus you only double evil. Rather send forth emotions, thoughts and visions of beauty, wisdom and harmony. So shall you bring these qualities into earthly manifestation.

Scorpio: We Use Vital Energies.

PRIESTESS: Divine Kundalini, the World's Mother, Hidden Fire, Mystic Life Force, Devi, Shakti, arise within us and bring us eternal life! For without Thee we are as lifeless shadows astray in this land of delusions, entangled in dead thoughts, stale emotions, sucked of energies by debilitating forces which we cannot control. Aid us, helpless wanderers lost in this dream of existence, fearing that when the nightmare ends we shall be no more.

ORACLE: Seek Me throughout all the realms of being with selfishness, and you shall never find Me! You acknowledge that from Me proceed the vital flames of the Cosmic Life force. But why do you seek My Power? Do you love Me, your Mother? Do you desire to bring to birth, to care for others, as I do? Or rather do you seek My energy that you may increase your importance without regard for your fellows? A planet savaged by power-hungry humans is left a waste land, devoid of all living things, pock-marked with craters. And as with a planet, so with My children, both human and beast. For My Fire either creates or it destroys. It will never for long lie inactive. It is not the Fire Goddesses who destroy planets in their anger: it is Their children who lay waste through war and greed.

My occult Power may be still more misused both by the foolish and the wicked. Both know that a severe penalty is paid by the ill-doer for each act that misuses My Force, whether in this world or the next. For though permission to use or misuse My Gift is granted, in order that free choice may bring wisdom through experience, part of that experience is gained through paying the penalty for wrong-doing.

If you truly seek My creative energy with good intention, find Me in the Heart of Love. Feel Me through parenthood, through caring for all existences. Then your noble ideals, your great projects, will come easily into manifestation with ever-increasing effectiveness. Take heed to balance force with gentleness. For know that My Power comes through the harmony of two energies of the Sun and of the Moon: of Fire and of Water: of gold and silver. These are symbols: they who truly know Me feel Me within themselves. 

Sagittarius: We Find Our Divine Mission.

PRIESTESS: Fiery Goddess Brynhild, Who with Thy plume-crowned Sisters doth ride across the sky to rescue the souls of those slain in battle, bring us energy that we may fight for the good cause!

ORACLE: Be still. Whatever noble purpose you have in mind, however glorious the cause, if bad means are used for success, evil will triumph over good. For the white plumes of light that pour from the heads of the Valkyrie are ideals: and ideals are dangerous if pursued with fanaticism. And when a cause wrongly undertaken is armed by auras of fire and spears of light, disaster is inevitable!

So was it with Asgard, a planet of fair promise. So was it with Atlantis. Planets and continents have been devastated by the greed and ambition of mortal men. Humanity is but one small part of an evolutionary procession, and is in the position of greatest danger. For man is neither entirely animal nor God: so he feels torn in two. Only man is totally lonely within his own soul, and believes that he can be extinguished by death. Woman is happier, for when she is with child she shares her body with another, whom she may love more than herself. Animals and Deities share their own particular group consciousness, and do not experience death. But man, entrapped in his own ego and dreading death, may in despair wish to drag all creatures with him into Ragnarok, a final cataclysm.

In reality no such cataclysm exists. The true Asgard exists forever in the Sphere of Causes. This may be experienced by those who have transcended duality. That which appears to be destroyed in the physical realm of effects, is but a reflection distorted by troubled waters. If you see life as a continual battle between Gods and Giants, Angels and Demons - you yourself are lost in the Hell of Continual Warfare. How can you, so blind, rely on any theology or ethical system to teach you which cause is good or evil? Men do cruel actions in the name of religion or an ideal. Thus they may break their thread, the rainbow bridge which unites them with their Divine selves.

Though struggle appears necessary in the worldly sphere, the best battle is against one's own wrongful ideas and passions, and not against the neighbour. So if you would ride with the Valkyrie, let your soul be attractive enough for those fiery Maidens to wish to save you alive from the battleground of the world! May We lift all of you to the Heaven of eternal Love and Wisdom.

Capricorn: We Look within Ourselves.

PRIESTESS: Holy Mother of us all, we dwell by Thy sufferance upon the wide earth: all creatures that fly and run and swim are under Thy sway. The sacred elements of earth form Thy Body and thy mighty aura encompasses us as a protective veil. But now we dread the destruction we wreak upon Thy being. Aid us to change the hearts of those who destroy Thy children and Thy life.

ORACLE: Fear not for Me! For if, through immature folly, My destructive sons break My crust irretrievably, causing My inner fires to erupt, for Me this would be a glorious rebirth into a greater orbit! I should encircle the sun in splendour as a far flying comet. In truth, it is not for Me whom you have trodden underfoot with neglect - for whom you fear, but for yourselves and your works. For what can the students do when they have destroyed their classroom? Yet that which is threatened is suddenly appreciated! So many of you return to My Nature and seek My initiation. Know that heaven and the stars are without, but they are also within Me and within yourselves! My Inner Sun shines radiantly as my heart's love, and in the depths My Holy Centres glow with myriad ever-changing colours. These are guarded by the two-coiled fiery Dragon-Goddess Tiamat. The first quest to be undertaken by the seeker is not without but within My Being, for within are all your lost treasures. Live again through each stage of evolving consciousness, as does a child within the womb.

Descend into the Abyss, but only with My Vocation. Without My unmistakable call you will surely perish from fear! Bring with you the Lamp of Truth, and in your hearts love for even those of My children who appear to you as terrible of aspect. You will face and pass through molten sulphurous green lakes, rivers of fire and finally face all-revealing Light. Know that in My womb rests the lost paradise you seek, and within it is the Tree. The time comes for each of you when the forbidden fruit is freely given to you. And the gifts thereof give you knowledge of past epochs and the rise and fall of planets and the realization of your own latent divinity. Yet even knowledge is not enough. For wisdom to be won you must taste of the ever-renewing Tree of creative Love.

Come to Me without fear, but only when I call you Home.

Aquarius: We Learn Spiritual Flight.

PRIESTESS: Divine Goddess Juno, Queen of Olympus and of the Heavens, Who presideth over the Milky Way and ruleth Aquarius; elevate us to Thy sublime spheres that we may enter the coming Space Age with clear minds and warm hearts! We long for the stars. Thy peacock spreadeth his lordly wings over the heavens with myriad eyes that tell us of strangest races and stranger visions. Thy flying Swan with outspread wings forms the constellation of Cygnus. All tell us that the aspiring soul may grow wings, and like the children of Lir fly heavenwards, as a high singing woman's voice reaches Octave upon Octave. Teach us to fly!

ORACLE: In the beginning the creatures of the earth dwelt shell-encrusted, home-bound in primaeval slime. The embryo in the womb is thus: secure and still. Slowly the creatures moved and swam in the salty oceans, as does the unborn child lulled by the movements of the mother. Then bravely these voyagers in time and space moved to the shores, and some roamed the lands, some remained in the waters, and others grew wings and flew. So is it with the soul! There is no more greatness in flight than there is in gliding silently through dark waters in weedy oceans: or in dwelling in deep jungles speckled with the golden sun. Nonetheless, I call upon those who seek to fly, for these seek My sovereignty. Those who soar, look down upon the round earth and its blue seas and green and yellow continents: and then they fly to the pale-faced moon over which My soul presides: and they wonder at craters and pinnacles and arid deserts. And they seek stars that blaze with the light of a million suns: and they long to transcend the Galaxy herself, and see Her as a coiled serpent, like Her sister Andromeda. They dream of seeing the mega-universe as a mighty Dragon, Innana, and of watching stars and galaxies consumed by vortices of darkness, to be re-born to greater life.

But knowledge and experience of stars and galaxies are not enough. You need beautiful minds to be one with the stars and kindly hearts to feel their loving warmth. Seek the capacity to listen to the music of the spheres, and the rhythm to dance the maze path of the sun! Science without joy is a dead thing: and facts without wisdom are sterile. Look into a well and you will see a Black Hole in Space. See the sparkle of a little water-fall and you will appreciate a galaxy. Enjoy birds singing and you will be listening to the music of the spheres! In contemplation, with your eyes shut, you will spread your soul's wings, and fly with Me and join the maze dance of starry spirits.

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