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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

FOI Online Liturgy
Sybil, Oracles of the Goddess
By: Olivia Robertson

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Space: We Extend Our Consciousness

PRIESTESS: Divine Innana, Queen of Heaven, Celestial Mother, aid us to follow Thy Path of Love. We would tread in Thy footsteps, and descend into the Depths to save others, as Thou didst.

"The Goddess left Earth and Heaven.
And went down into the pit.
She took the Signs in Her hands,
Put the sandals on Her feet.
The seven insignia She set on Her head,
The sugurru Crown.
She held in Her hand the measuring rod,
And round Her neck she bound
Small lapis lazuli gems.
Two stones, perfect ovals, lay on Her breast.
The pectoral gems that dazzle men
Were bound to Her breast."

Lady of Heaven, Inspire us to follow Thy Path of Truth. We would tread in Thy footsteps and ascend into Heaven, that we may learn Wisdom from the Deities.

"She is rising, She is rising
From the pit
Come, we will go to Inanna,
We will sit in the lap so holy,
Inanna is ascending, Inanna is ascending
From the pit."

ORACLE: None may ascend to My High Place of the Eight-fold Wisdom unless they first descend into the abyss of My Sister, the Goddess Ereshkigal. For from the Passions of the Pit come Love, and from the plethora of fantasies may be drawn the Truth. Each Sphere is a reflection of a greater sphere. The reflection presents the seeker with symbols of Reality, and is a veil to protect the uninstructed from too great a power. And the symbols seen in a reflection draw the soul safely to greater consciousness; for the Real is mirrored forth through all planes of being. There is not the humblest piece of earth that holds not within it a microcosm of the Cosmos.

There are those who would follow the Path of Greatness:  who aspire to supreme spiritual Truth. The danger of this Path of Ascent comes from Pride. A deluded soul, believing itself to be the All, loses knowledge of other beings.

There are others who abase themselves that they may love all existences. The danger of the Path of Descent is in sleep, which brings forgetfulness of the Divine Purpose.

Whether you travel the Path of Ascent and experience the Cosmos within yourself: or follow the Path of Descent and feel the love of every creature and every clod of earth - remember, your place corresponds to what you are: And what you are depends upon the practice of the virtues.

Time: We Become Time Travellers.

PRIESTESS: Resplendent Lady, Neith, Goddess of the Starry Vault, Goddess of Magic, give us Thy Oracle! Thou Who wert worshipped in Atlantis and in the Two Lands of Khem, sayeth: "I am all that was, that is, that shall be. None may dare lift My Veil and live." Therefore with Thine own Hands lift Thy veil for us, who adore Thee as the White Light of Truth. So knowing All-Time, we may more fittingly serve Thy Divine Purpose!

ORACLE: Do not bargain with the Deities! You cannot deceive Truth but rather your own selves! Be honest. You know not why you seek occult knowledge, but seek it you must, with an unquenchable longing! You serve My Divine Purpose in any case, whether you do ill or well: for if you do ill, the Deities transform the ill to good: and if you do well, it is the same for the Purpose but pleasanter for yourselves.

It is usual for humans to pursue Love with pride: and to treat Truth with humility. For Love shows so lovely a face that all fly into her arms. Yet to do so is to court destruction from consuming passion. But Truth is believed to be so hideous that she is seen as a Gorgon's head entwined with venomous serpents, and so must be avoided at all costs! It is regarded as safer to prostrate before the veiled Goddess, rather than to lift Her Veil. Many fear the fate of Oedipus, who gave the factual answer to the Sphinx's riddle, not knowing the true meaning, and so perished from his own ignorance.

I am amused that you should ask Me to lift My veil; and because I am entertained I shall do so, according to your true need, but not for the satisfaction of your curiosity which you dignify with the name of science. For wit is My prerogative and humour is My salt. The shock when I lift My veil often brings laughter more than tears induced by Love. And you fear laugher, when it is directed against yourselves. It is to be reduced to your relevant size, your true degree. And this in one second kills self-deluded dreams of your importance in relation to others, your high stature that diminishes your rivals.

However, do not fear, though there is much to be feared! Only fear self-deception. For in reality Truth bears the most beautiful face of all the Deities. When you gaze into My mirror you may first see the Gorgon's Head of your follies: but through this mask you will with the eye of discernment see your own Immortal Beauty, and so you will also see the Immortal Beauty hidden in all beings.

Eros and Psyche: We Unite with our Twin Soul.

INVOCATION: Violet-crowned Cytherea, Stately Aphrodite, Venus of the Morning and Evening Star, we invoke Thy aid. Come to us, born by the moist breath of the Western Wind, the Wind that once wafted Thee over the loud-moaning sea in soft foam, where the gold-filleted Hours welcomed Thee joyously. Come to us in the heavenly garments wherewith the Hours clothed Thee; on Thy head a fine, well-wrought crown of gold, and in Thy pierced ears ornaments of orichalc; and golden necklaces over thy soft neck and snow-white breasts, which the Hours wear when they join in the lovely dances of the Deities. Thou who givest kindly gifts to men, bestow on us Beauty, Joy and Love!

 ORACLE: Barter not My easy gifts of present happiness and the sweetness that is in My wild roses, and the love in the eyes of laughing children, for fantasies of future power and possessions! The sparkle in the fire-filled granite is as beautiful as the brilliance of diamonds: and the natural loveliness in the trees and grasses around you is not tainted with bloodshed. For all power and all possessions that you gain through harsh strivings and self-inflicted pain, through greed and long sleepless nights, and the sacrifice of present calm, bring legacies of misery and disillusion. Bitterness and disillusion injure the soul. You petition me for Beauty, for Happiness and Love: yet you have all these in abundance all about you - even beneath your feet!

You lose yourselves, your souls, your peace, in hunger for one lover who neglects you: yet around you are many who long for your recognition - when you ignore the charm of a wild corner of a garden with what you call "weeds" gracing it! You dig up or poison the health-giving dandelions and vainly seek to grow foreign plants that die in an unfriendly climate! As for Happiness which you pursue ... you are, deep within yourselves, happy now... if you will only accept your hidden well of ecstasy.

The doorway to Eternity is through the present moment. There can be no other. You tread the steps of time in an unending treadmill. Step aside in a quiet moment: and you will find all time, past, present and future, is with you now, in all that you have appreciated as being attractive, cheerful and friendly.

So you will find My beauty in a face you ignored as plain: My joy in some unexpected friendship: My love in your tenderness for a hen protecting her eggs: and peace in the cooing of wood-pigeons and doves, as My star rises in the twilight.

The Labyrinth: We Face our Many Lives with Courage.

INVOCATION:  Wise Ariadne of the deep sea, High Fruitful Mother of the Barley, Thou whose starry crown of Thetis shines in the heavens, bring us Thy guidance. Skilful weaver of the shining thread of Life that holds all spheres in patterned beauty, inspire us with Thy wisdom! Thou who art above the Labyrinth of the mind, aid us in our thought. For Thou, Daughter of Truth, art wed with fiery Dionysus of the fruitful vine, and so from Truth and Love bring all creatures into harmony.

ORACLE: When you are young, you seek that which is like yourself. And you reject the non-self, and call it your enemy. But when you grow into maturity, you seek the non-self, for in this is your completion. And so through reconciliation with the enemy comes creation. For the votary of high spiritual Truth needs the warm glory of the Lover, lest she freezes into an ice maiden. And the Lover, demoniac in his passions, seeks the Ice Maiden that will still his ardour. And between these two comes the harmony of the spheres.

As you face the gateway into birth you receive My shining cord. But as you penetrate deeper and still deeper into the Labyrinth of time and space, the thread becomes thinner, more ghostly. For as you remember My thread, it becomes strong; and when you forget it, it wanes. As you move through the years, you leave behind you a snail-like pattern of thread that brings you memory of your true being. Yet you look ahead and see no light: the light is behind you.

When you reach the Nadir of the Labyrinth, and face that which you most fear, you may drop the thread. But fear not! I am always with you, though you see Me not. I am Conscience, and My Mother, Pasiphae, is Nature and my Father, Minos, is Philosophy. Call upon Me and I shall aid you: so are you saved by My grace, and not by your own will! And this must be. For who would be saved through the separate self, rather than be aided by the Immortal Beloved!

So you return through the mazy windings of the Labyrinth, but now you face the cord and it gleams before you like my Silver Snake. And when you reach the entrance of the Double Axe, you soar above the maze, and look down upon it. And now you see the meaning of the spiral pattern, and enjoy its beauty. And you aid others who lose their way in it as you did, and lead them to their goal. 

Growth of the Soul: We Go Lower So We Can Rise Higher. 

INVOCATION OF DEMETER: Queenly Demeter, Lady of the Golden Sword and glorious fruits, Bringer of seasons and giver of good gifts, bestow on us from your basket of corn the seeds of wisdom.

ORACLE: A grain of wheat is reaped in silence. The Teacher gives knowledge: the student through meditation receives that which is given, and by inner understanding transmutes knowledge into wisdom. This is the perennial teaching of Eleusis. That which was true is forever the truth, but knowledge manifests in different ways in the course of cycles. Look into the past and you will know the future: for the future lies buried in the past; and the past through action in the present brings about the future.

INVOCATION OF PERSEPHONE: Come to us, Persephone, Maiden of Spring: Olympian Goddess: Queen of the souls in Hades. Bestow on us the blessings of the Deities above: be with us when we face the Mysteries of the Depths.

ORACLE: Harken to my words with your inner ear: and see with the Eye of Vision. The seed falls from the plant into the depths, there to draw within itself the elements of growth. When spring comes the plant grows through the earth into the bright air. The great trees and the small wildflowers alike give their gifts of colour and scent and good food. The birds make their nests in branches and the bees and butterflies are enchanted by the many-coloured flowers. But when the autumn comes what then of the plants and flowers? Their seeds fall into the dark earth, as I did: and they are reborn on earth, as I was. But their true Selves enjoy eternal beauty with Demeter and all Deities: as I do, now and forever more.

The Cosmic Spiral: We Learn the Law of Octaves. 

INVOCATION:  Mother of the Gods, the Great Deep, the Celestial Abyss, Nuit, protect us as we face the Mysteries. Aid us who dread the Unknown: wrap Thy starry mantle about us, Thou who archeth the heavens with Thy body that holds the Milky Way as Thy veil. As Thou art great, pity our littleness: as Thou art mighty, strengthen the weak: as Thou holdest all time and space in Thy darkness, bring our souls into their true fruition of Eternity.

ORACLE: Fear not the unknown: for I am the Unknown. From Me riseth suns and their children the planets: and when suns reach their appointed time, I take them to Me in My dark embrace: for I am both Birth and Death. And the sun that loses its brightness in My Abyss, returns to greater life in other spheres: for I am Mistress of the spheres. I am the space within each atom: from its heart I give birth to new galaxies. I take to Myself that which is to be transformed into greater life.

So is it with yourselves! I need each sun, each tree, each one of you: for without the least of you My starry body is incomplete! I know you. Learn to know Me.

When you honour Me as the Earth Mother, you face My Abyss with the confidence of children turning to their Mother, source of all good. As you grow in activity and thought, I put you from Me. I withdraw from you, first aiding your steps: then I leave go of your arms ... and you walk alone. You walk in pride of your newfound skills and conquests, and you forget Me! And this is My will. You walk into the light of day. You turn to the Father. From Him you learn laws and how to enforce them.

When you reach the end of your schooling and turn from the Father, you turn to Isis. She lures you with strange enchantments to the magical sphere of the moon! And Queen Persephone draws you to the world of the Shades and teaches you mysterious arts. The shining Sun goddess Grainne brings you a longing for the Divine Marriage of twin souls in deathless love.

Yet when darkness falls and cold winter comes, you face the grim twin pylons that guard My Abyss. And you know that I long for you, as you long for Me. In My azure arms I hold the Mysteries. In My sleep of death is your awakening. Come to Me.

We Awaken with Osiris. 

INVOCATION:  Isis of Ten Thousand Names, Who protecteth the soul with Thy feathery wings of the Kite; Whose blood, enchantments and power strengthen the soul, inspire us with Thy breath of the West Wind. Winged Goddess who concealeth Thy brow with Thy long hair, spread Thy hair of enchantment and shake it over the brow of Thy Devotees. Breathe into us Thy Breath of Life and health and strength. Restore us to life, as Thou gavest life to Thy Husband Osiris.

ORACLE:  It is through Inspiration that you live. Without Inspiration you are as dead, devoid of the Holy Breath. Do not deceive yourselves. You cannot live forever shut in the mummy-cases of your own fantasies, however colourful they are, however compelling. For without Inspiration the colours will dim, the power lessen. No amount of stimulation from your thought or from your senses, no act of will can then bring Life. You will slowly sink into unconsciousness and, as your dreams become nightmares, you yourselves will fall victims to your self-created images of fear.

Draw upon My Breath, which is wafted to you and all beings through the rhythmic beating of My wings. This holy Breath may not be concealed, conserved, kept imprisoned in one place, within one person - even within one God or Goddess. It is for all. And as it is for all, it brings all. Open yourselves to the wind of Inspiration, and you lose nothing but the hardening case of a coffin of outworn theologies and cramping laws. Instead, you will gain the riches of Eternity and make better theologies, nobler laws. Allow Truth to cleanse your minds as a strong wind brings renewal. For Truth expresses Herself as new understanding and She may not be bound nor blindfolded. This courage to face the unveiled Truth means that you lose the sleep of nonentity. You breathe freely, you open your eyes fearlessly: you sit; you stand; then with the wings of Horus you fly with Me. You use the many-coloured winding-sheet of dreams that once bound you as a robe that you wear at will.

Hear My Call and awaken!

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