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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

FOI Online Liturgy
Booklet: Tara of the Oracles,
The Alchemical Twins Face the Fates
By: Olivia Robertson

Printable PDF File

Rite 2: Creation Comes From Two

"Loneliness is hell. Lovers find Heaven."


PRIESTESS OF ALCHEMY (TO TWIN APPRENTICES, AIDEN & ELAINE):  Though wisdom may be pursued openly, the path of love lies hidden even from ourselves.  In order to experience the fundamental act of creation, you need to receive the Oracle of the Sun Goddess of Eire, Grainne.

PRIEST ALCHEMIST (RAISES STAFF): I invoke Thee, Grainne, radiant Goddess of the Inner Sun, that brings life to all that is; Grainne of the grains of myriads of beings.


My blessings for all creatures are enjoyed by all beings in all planets, when these follow the path of Nature. But when a species develops mental powers without love and goodness, contact with my inner fire is lost.  Such a race decays without my Life-force.  Every sort of machine is evolved, all avenues that relate to the outer shell of form are explored.  But the more so-called enemies – germs – viruses – are killed – these return in ever increasing power!  In the end, in many planets, a race dies out, surrounded by every conceivable instrument for their health and well-being!

The present human race has the free-will to destroy itself.  But the rest of engendered creatures are not subject to human destiny.  They are in the charge of the Protectors.  These Guardians of life on every earth see that one species does not in its advance destroy other vulnerable creatures – whether animal or plant or element.

On your earth we pursue three methods to protect the planet.  Firstly, we educate those humans who can commune with us – and so they in turn inform – warn – their fellows.  Secondly, we introduce a new race from the old, who have enhanced reverence for all life and the ability to protect the vulnerable.  Thirdly, we work through the great Nature Deities to change the formation of the earth itself for good – even to alter your earth’s axis.

I know you expected a sentimental Oracle singing praises of bird and bee!  Instead, receive my warning.  Return to your appointed task, to be guardians of this earth and all its creatures or you will lose your destined way.  In this you will have my gratitude, my blessing and my support.

PRIEST ALCHEMIST:  We give thanks to the Goddess Grainne for Her Oracle.  May we heed Her words.

PRIESTESS ALCHEMIST (TO ELANE):  Elaine, you have struggled all your life to bring your dreams to everyday reality and feel frustrated by your failures.  Dreams vary!  One man’s hell is another man’s heaven!  You have lost touch with the other half of humanity – man.  Are you willing to undergo the Initiation of the Lovers, as depicted on this Tarot Card and so achieve Union?

ELAINE: Troubles mostly come from men.  I will undergo the Initiation, but won’t promise to change my mind. (SHE EXAMINES THE CARD GIVEN TO HER.) This depicts elemental alchemy.  The man wears three colours, red, blue and yellow, the two women wear blue and red but in reverse order, and both have yellow headdresses.  Obviously the man – a student – needs help from both women, Minerva and Venus.  The Cupid figure is naked and emerges from a white sun, with three coloured rays.  This is the Alchemical Sun.

PRIESTESS ALCHEMIST:  You as usual are well prepared for trance.  We shall be with you, but not help you.


ELAINE:  I make my way up the Hill to the Temple of the Zodiac.  I pass through the Portal, *** I honour Vesta, and find the Portal of Virgo.  It is as Aiden describes – but I look up at the Roman Pediment, and Eros smiles down, in the form of a seraph with outspread wings.  I pass through the Portal, drawing aside a saffron veil.

I find myself on the summit of a hill, and round me are exquisitely beautiful conical hills, deep blue and violet.  The sky is rich with white clouds as if sculptured in white clay, white and grey, in serried ranks across the sky.  This can only be one place as beautiful – Connemara!  I love the cultural heritage of the West of Ireland.  This is where I wish to be!  And best of all, the hill is crowned with a very high dolmen.  It is silhouetted against the orange setting sun.

As I gaze at it, a very old man comes up to me, not in Druid robes, but in shabby old tweeds.  He has a tangled white beard.  When I gaze into his grey eyes, I feel awe.

“Yes,” he says gently, answering my thought.  “I am Amergin, wise in the ways of the People of the Goddess Dana.  Have you come to rest yourself in peace in the Bed of Grainne?”

I look around.  Where is the bed?  Then I vaguely remember that dolmens were called Beds of Grainne.  I had a disturbing picture of victims being sacrificed on the top stone.

The Bard smiles.  Again he reads my thoughts. “No one could reach or even lie on the cap-stone! No. These dolmens had a far more important role in creation itself.  They channel Divine Energy of the Sun of Grainne.  Are you willing to receive this golden flow within your very self?”

Eagerly I assent.  Amergin instructs me to touch the two supporting stones.  I feel nothing.  Then he tells me to stand between the stones not touching them, facing the West.  I do so.  At once I am hit by a flow of power like a shaft of cold light, right up from the base of my spine to my shoulders and head.  I am transfixed.

Amergin says: “This is the fundamental life-force arising through stone from the matrix of the Earth Mother.  To enjoy the Love and Joy of the Goddess Grainne in Her Home, you need to lie between the mighty stones, head facing the East, your legs apart.  Spread your long hair about you, and shut your eyes. *** I shall retire.”

I lie prone between the mighty stones, the capstone high above me, casting a black shadow over me.  The ground is soft and grassy, speckled with wild flowers. Suddenly the cold power gives way to the most glorious golden sun ray that penetrates my whole body.  I am blissful … It reaches my heart like a living rose.  It is surrounding me like a golden halo.  And what is so perfect is that I am in the centre of a golden harvest of ripened corn, dry crisp, ready for the harvest. ***

There is a frightening change – the earth starts to rock.  Is this an earthquake? My golden glow is swallowed up by White Silver Power like lightning.  Is this a thunderstorm?  The golden grain has vanished – beneath water.  To my alarm water is rising in a violet-blue flood.  I find I am floating upwards with it – as it rises higher and higher, until the capstone itself is submerged.  I shall drown!  I call to Amergin for help – but he is not here.

Then far above me I see a Golden Wheel, rotating at remarkable speed.  It changes colour to silver.  As I lift up my arms towards it, above the waters with their white crested waves, a Mighty Form appears within the Wheel.  I see a noble face – then a God with waving black hair like sea-weed, and mighty arms reach mine.  The God lifts me into the Light.  I hear a great voice that resounds like the rhythmic sound of waves.

“My daughter, daughter of Grainne, I am Manannan MacLir of sea and space.  Behold my wheel, which draws the waters from small springs and raises them as clouds and returns them to the earth as health-giving rain.  Mine are mighty floods and gentle dewdrops.  I am the very body of all that is, and My Mantle girdles every planet that harbours living creatures.

"You are parched and dry, burnt with mind and matter.  Without Me you are as withered as a dead plant, as a lightning-struck tree.  But in the Holy Union with Grainne, I produce all planets born from Her fiery energy of suns, and my dark waters from the deeps.

"Feel our Union with re-born life!"

Suddenly I am back under the dolmen, and the flood is gone.  My whole body is filled with a flow of silvery and violet Power in harmony with the golden sun flow of Grainne.  I enter a state of ecstasy. ***

I am slowly returning to earth to tell others. *** Can I remember?  Space and time are One. Light and darkness are One.  Goddess and God are One.  So be it with us all.





SOURCES: “The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz.” “The Most Holy Trinososphia,” Comte de Saint Germain.” “A Vision,” W B. Yeats. “A Prisoner in Fairyland,” Blackwood, 1914. “Return to Elysium,” Grant, Methuen. “The Da Vinci Code,” Dan Brown, Random House. Marseille Tarot, 1748, B.P. Grimaud, Paris, 1930.

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