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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

FOI Online Liturgy
Booklet: Tara of the Oracles,
The Alchemical Twins Face the Fates
By: Olivia Robertson

Printable PDF File

Rite 2: The Crystal Skull

"To see through deception – remove the mask."


PRIEST ALCHEMIST (TO TWIN APPRENTICES, AIDEN & ELAINE):  How to recognise evil without being influenced by it, you need to learn discrimination.  Only the Good is real.  Evil is deception.  The ancient people of Maya were versed in this wisdom.  Let us invoke the Divine Goddess Maya, once more revealed to us, as we enter the fifth sphere of being, a new aeon.

PRIESTESS ALCHEMIST (RAISES HER WAND): Holy Maya, Queen of Heaven, Goddess of the encircling stars, help us to attain our true selves, free of delusions.


To discover Reality which is all that is, you need to distinguish between the true and the false.  Great cultures have created inner Mystery Schools where devoted Priesthoods learn to ascend the pyramid of Truth and Love to reach the Temple of the Heavens… But when these very civilizations become decadent, the Priests lead the corruption, because of their superior knowledge.  Such is this time on your threatened planet.

But do not despair!  The very time of the death of one sphere of Being creates the birth of its successor. 

Long ago my holy Shamans prophesied the advent of the Fifth World of Spiritual enlightenment, to follow the earlier world of materialistic knowledge.  Now is the time to surrender your fears, your prejudices, your rejection of new ideas!

When you surrender all that is useless, greedy, foolish, you make way for planetary rebirth.  I have returned to be among those who truly call upon me, for I dwell not only in the starry heavens but upon every struggling planet on its spiritual path.  Come to me!  No one is rejected.  Those who have practised most evil may attain divinity along with the saintly – for all share my Life.

PRIEST ALCHEMIST:  We give thanks to the Goddess Maya for Her Oracle.

PRIESTESS ALCHEMIST (TO AIDEN):  Aiden, you continually wonder at the existence of evil and how to enjoy perfect happiness while others suffer.  We know you find the culture of the ancient people, the Aztecs and Toltecs hard to like!  So you must face what you most fear.  Are you willing to undergo the ordeal of Libra, and learn to face the opposites, Good and its reverse?

AIDEN: It’s about time.  I can’t continue in my interesting adventures without coming back to earth and its problems!

PRIESTESS ALCHEMIST:  First tell me what you think of this card, your passport. (HANDS HIM A TAROT CARD OF THE MARSEILLE DECK)

AIDEN:  Oh – it would be – Death!  The Waite Pack has a noble knight on it, obviously heroically coping with the situation.  But this card – number XIII of course – shows the Grim Reaper as a hideous skeleton, scything down a king and a woman – their decapitated heads lie along with hands and feet protruding from the earth.  Well, I must face it. . . I know you will be with me but won’t help me. ***


AIDEN:  With heavy heart I climb the Hill to the Temple of the Zodiac.  I enter.  The doorway of Libra is not alarming – just as Elaine described.  But she didn’t notice a feathered serpent winding its way beneath the wings of Maat.  I am on my guard as I walk straight through the doorway without hesitation.  That’s the best way – not to think. ***

I find myself like Elaine in a desert.  Or rather a desert in the making, as trees are being cut down on the edge of a rain forest.  Before me is a South American Pyramid, ruined by time and tourists.  I wish they’d go away.  Ah – one of the tourists approaches me.  He is a very old frail man leaning on a staff.  He is wearing a frayed shirt and denims and sandals.  His staff is carved with a twining snake – they sell a lot of these to tourists I suppose.  He sits down and beckons me to sit beside him.

“My friend,” he says, “I am an unofficial guide to this place.  Have you any questions?”

I don’t know what is coming over me – a surge of red furious rage.  “Yes,” I exclaim.  “Why are these rain forests being cut down – and so destroying the earth with drought? They keep fragments of this horrible civilization alive in museums.  What is wrong with your cats?  European cats are drawn with curly smiles.  Your drawings show cats’ mouths in an inverted V – cross – with little black moustaches like Hitler.” Suddenly I feel ashamed.  Could this man belong to this land? 

“Don’t be embarrassed, friend,” he says.  “I like your description of the cross cats!  But as for this word “Hitler” – this is not a much hated human-being, but a mask.  The name was adapted in recent years from an ancient prophecy by those who manipulated it for their own ends.”

I feel this is a challenge.  He knows something. *** “What do you mean by a mask?” I ask.

“I will tell you of such a mask put upon the God of Fire and Storm.  He came to his people to bring them strength to resist coming invasion.  He called upon their love of country: 'My dear children, give me your hearts!' Unfortunately the Priesthood distorted his words and commanded the God’s followers:  'Give him the hearts taken from the bodies of our enemies!' Which the executioners proceeded to do – with cowardly sacrifices of helpless prisoners.”

“We used a crystal showstone of your God in my country!” I exclaimed.  “We caused it to create storms to wreck enemy ships … Like you we distort our holy scriptures for our own agenda.  How can I distinguish Truth from lies?”

“Simple,” says the old man.  “Follow the way of pilgrims of old and climb up the pyramid before you. When you reach the summit, you will find your answer through the Crystal Skull in the Temple of Truth.”

I thank him and make my way to the base of the pyramid. *** It looks in better shape than I thought.  To my relief the sound of tree felling has ceased, tourists have gone.  I climb alone to the sound of a strong wind. *** It is a hard climb.  At last, breathless, I am here on the summit.  I look around.

The view is amazing!  I am surrounded by a vast rainforest.  White roofs of buildings show among the trees and in the distance I see a mighty river flowing into the sea.  I turn my attention to the Temple.  It is a small structure with no ornament.  To my relief there are no animal or serpent carvings.  I think: “I really dislike all these bared teeth in jaguar and serpent’s figures….! I don’t see any crystal skull.  Is this all deception?”

I hear a laugh.  I swing round.  There is the old man in the doorway.  “Look closer,” he says.  “See through the mask.” *** I can see no mask.  But then a shiver of fear runs through me.  The aged face of the old man is changing into that of a beautiful young man with bared white teeth!  He stands, slim and erect, leaning on a staff with a living serpent curled round it, with mouth open, showing teeth and tongue.  By his side is a gigantic jaguar glaring at me with golden eyes – teeth bared.

The young man seems amused by my alarm.  He lifts up his staff, and straight way both serpent and jaguar close their mouths.  He speaks gently: 

“Aiden, know me as Cuchulcan, God of Truth and Peace.  My twin sister Maya is wife to the God of Fire and Storms.”

“But what of the crystal skull?”  I ask… still fearful of deception.

“Look again,” says the young man.  As I gaze at him, his head changes to that of a crystal skull.  His whole body becomes a luminous skeleton. 

“Know me as Quetzalcoatl,” he says.  “My wife is the Goddess Quetzalpetlatl.  Our Blue Bird, the Quetzal bird of Spirit, heralds the coming forth of the Fifth World.  Know that I have ascended from the abyss of my Divine Mother Coatlicue and from thence have risen from the planet Venus to the Sun of Truth.  And still my Goddess is with me, and shows forth as the Sun of Love.”

As he speaks he becomes a sun shining across the sky, and with him is a Sun of the Goddess.  I know these as the two stars of Sirius.

I hear a voice, the God’s voice echoing through the sky: “Within you is the Feathered Serpent!” And I feel golden power coming up from the base of the pyramid to my heart.  A cone of light descends through my head and body.  I unite Heaven and Earth.  I feel radiant joy and love. *** But even as I feel this I hear an incongruous man’s voice saying: “What have you to give?”  It comes from far below.  The figures have faded – the mighty rainforest, the river and the sea have gone – I hear again the sound of the felling of trees and the chatter of tourists.  And I am seated on a rock looking at a straw hat held out to me by an old man, showing two teeth in a wide smile.  I fumble in my pocket and drop some coins into the hat.  The man rises and, leaning on his staff, makes off towards an old woman in a shawl and wide-brimmed hat sitting by the wayside.  She extends a copper-coloured hand and the man drops the coins into it. ***

Indeed – I am back with you but I am reborn:  I like the fifth world.  I am in it.





SOURCES: “The Ancient Sun Kingdoms of the Americas,” Von Hagen, Panther. “Mexican & Central American Mythology,” Nicholson, Original Artworks. “North American Indian Mythology,” Cottie Burland, Hamlyn. “Queen of the Sun, a Modern Revelation,” E.J. Michael, Mountain Rose pub. Marseille Tarot, 1748, B.P. Grimaud, Paris, 1930.

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