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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

FOI Online Liturgy
Booklet: Tara of the Oracles,
The Alchemical Twins Face the Fates
By: Olivia Robertson

Printable PDF File

Rite 2: The Heart of the Matrix

"To find the Flower of Life – plant the root."


PRIESTESS OF ALCHEMY (TO TWIN APPRENTICES, AIDEN & ELAINE):  To attain the heights of spirit, you need to sink into the depths.  Otherwise you will find but withered flowers, cut for display.  To discover the balance between light and darkness, we need to invoke the aid of the Goddess Pele of Polynesia.

PRIESTESS ALCHEMIST (RAISES STAFF):  I invoke thee, Pele, Goddess of Fire!  Yet you temper the scorching volcano with the onrushing sea, and so provide lava which brings up fertile islands.  We humans are destroying ourselves, our own home, this earth, through exploitation of her sacred elements.  Tell us, even at this last hour, how we may save both ourselves and our planet.


The onrush of genius enflaming the human psyche is like a tidal wave.  It overwhelms all that stands in its way, and shall not be denied!  All that is comes from what is believed, thought and imagined.  Mightier minds, greater imagination, control what is upon every planet.  Friends, when you feel lifeless, bored, subject to every fluctuation of health and emotion, and are controlled by others, you lack genius!

Animals have this naturally.  They leave an oncoming tidal wave, a volcanic outpouring, by intuition.  They obey their inner genius.

Only ambitious humans wish to conquer Nature through artificial laws which they claim to be natural, but in truth are but the projections of the human intellect.

Have hope and joy!  You have no conception of the glorious life which dawns in you when you awaken to your own genius.  You shall co-create with Deities as you harmonise ether and air, fire, water and earth.  You shall add to the creations of your great poets and artists and musicians.  You will have learnt the way of living eternally in the sphere around you, and explore the multi-dimension cosmos.

 PRIEST ALCHEMIST:  We give thanks to the Goddess Pele for Her Oracle.

PRIESTESS ALCHEMIST (TO AIDEN):  Aiden, you have always followed your genius.  Your erratic behaviour marks you out as original.  Both you and Elaine have been said to have genius.  Why not explore what this means – a democratic gift available to everyone, including meerkats and dolphins and orchids.  Are you willing to undergo the Initiation of Genius?

AIDEN:  I like the sound of this.  It is eccentric – like a spirit materialising from a bottle or lamp!  I’m on.

PRIESTESS ALCHEMIST:  Good.  We can promise you an interesting time.   (SHE HANDS HIM A TAROT CARD FROM THE MARSEILLE DECK)  What do you see in this card?

AIDEN:  I don’t see much evidence of excitement – of brilliance.  Rather the reverse – authority.  Order.  It is number VIII and I see the Goddess of ‘La Justice.’  In her right hand she holds an upheld sword, in her left, some odd sort of loop.  Before her are scales.  Her robes alternate between blue and red.  She is crowned with gold.  Ah!  I see.  Like the Magician ‘La Force’ she has an awakened crown centre – gold flames emanate from her crown.  This suggests that Life Energy derives from their balance:  sword and cup – fire and water – air and earth.  It is alchemical.

PRIESTESS ALCHEMIST:   You are ready to enter trance.  We shall be with you but not help you – whatever happens.

AIDEN:  I don’t like the sound of that!  But you did say this should be interesting. ***


AIDEN:  I almost run up the Hill, longing to find genius!  I pay my respects to the central flame of the Temple of the Zodiac and I find the Portico of Scorpio.  It is much as Elaine described, with the Flying Eagle – except that a very large scorpion is depicted gazing from a hole with insect eyes. I avoid its eyes and hastily I pass through the Gateway. ***

I find myself in a pleasant Tai restaurant.  Judging from the canned ukulele music, I am in Hawaii. Also the clientele, who are large pink-faced tourists with loud voices, are wearing lurid shirts covered with girls and palm-trees.  The waitresses are dressed up in lei flower garlands and the waiters wear sarongs.  I suppose I must endure this to gain my goal – I remember in time that there is always a catch in these scenes – the people may not be as stupid and boring as they look. ***

Certainly not a woman seated in a corner under a poster advertising a hotel beach.  She is watching her fellow customers as if she really found them of interest.  Is she Polynesian?  She has raven black curls pulled back and cascading down her red dress.  Her face is aristocratic – with straight black brows and a wide generous mouth, indented at the corners.  One thing puzzles me!  She is bare-footed.  Why did the café owner let her in?  They don’t usually.

Suddenly I feel embarrassed.  She has noticed my scrutiny, and waves me to a chair at her table.  I join her.

She really has the most magnetic eyes.  They seem to become fiery like hot coals – I begin to feel dizzy.  From far off I hear a waiter’s voice: “What is your order, sir?”  I must have fainted.  I find myself falling through my chair and into the blackness of night.  I must be having a heart attack.  I grope wildly with my hands but can find nothing to hold.  I seem to be falling indefinitely. ***

To my alarm I realise I – or my soul – is descending through the earth itself, which has become transparent.  Now there is light – but a dreadful, lurid light of fire.  I pass a rocky shore of a bituminous green lake.  There is an inhabitant – a bizarre creature, silver and green. His face is that of a reptile.  I send out polite thoughts because I realise he is intelligent. ***

For what seems miles, I continue falling – until I find myself within the fiery vortex of the earth.  I had read that the inner sun of earth is as bright as the surface of our sun in the sky.  I can only exist here because I have a glowing energy body.

This terrifying experience comes to an abrupt halt – of all things, I hear the murmur of women’s voices!  I find myself in a small ‘sun’.  I have companions.  There are some women here – well, not exactly women.  I censor my thoughts to avoid antagonizing them.  They really are weird!  I ask the obvious question:  “Where am I?”

One of the women, who is an aged crone, answers me in the instructive tone of a school mistress.  “You are at present within an etheric gaseous layered plasmic vortex. They can enter your body as a sphere of light, or you can find yourself inside one – which is where you are now.”

“Is all this real?”

“It is as real as your own world.”

“Rather, it is more real,” interrupted a small woman.  Curiously, she reminds me of my old friend, the red-haired witch.  “I mean which is more real, you having an intelligent conversation with us, or sitting in a café criticising your fellow tourists?”

“Why am I here?”

The first aged lady speaks. “To answer that very question.  You are here to honour the Above and the Below in equal measure, and to bring this understanding to those who will listen.” The lady who speaks I recognise as the woman in the red dress of the café.

A third woman speaks.  She feels more like me, a seeker.  She is rather like Elaine.  “Put it this way.  To gain the Flower of Immortality, you may choose between a beautiful golden flower, shining green foliage, or a root.  Which would you choose?”

“I don’t know what the root will bring forth – it could be a poisonous plant. The foliage gives shade and food – the flower, spiritual beauty.  I know the obvious thing would be to choose the root, which brings forth foliage and flower. But I choose the flower, because it contains the seeds of life, which in turn become roots.  And in any case I know what I’m getting!”

“Yes,” says the woman in the café.  “But all exist simultaneously, for there is no beginning and no end.  We are the Fates.  Past, Present and Future are One.  The Sacred Elements are One.  The Above and the Below are One.”

And the girl like the red-haired witch says:  “Centre Point is omnipresent – Deity is everywhere and so when you touch the Divine you are everywhere.  You are in all time.”

And the woman like Elaine says:  “It’s all very simple.  It’s a cycle.  The Black Hole swallows up the stars and they are reborn in another continuum.  This is what is happening to you.  It is so wonderful!  What do you really long for?  You will find it.” 

I find myself rising up through the earth and I reach the Milky Way and I wrap it around me as a starry robe.  I hear a man’s voice: “What is your order, sir?”

Have I become a God to order what I want?  With a jerk I am back in the café while the lady in red watches me with a smile.  A waiter is asking for my order.  I have had my adventure between seconds.  And I think I’ve met Pele.





SOURCES: “Children of the Rainbow, The Religions, Legends, and Gods of Pre-Christian Hawaii” Melville, Quest Books, Theosophical Society. “Myths & Legends of the South Seas,” R. Poignant, Hamlyn. “Huna,” Freedom Long, Para Research . “Cumner's Son and other South Sea Folk,” Archer. “Melanesia, A Short Ethnography,” Cranstone, British Museum. “A Pattern of Islands,” Grimble, Murray. “Voyagers” Káne, Whalesong Inc. “Legends & Pictures of Hawaii.” The Polynesian author and artist is storyteller, navigator, historian & anthropologist. He includes his inspired painting of Pele. Marseille Tarot, 1748, B.P. Grimaud, Paris, 1930.

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