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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

FOI Online Liturgy
Booklet: Tara of the Oracles,
The Alchemical Twins Face the Fates
By: Olivia Robertson

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Rite 2: Transformation

"To achieve the whole is to become each part."


PRIEST OF ALCHEMY (TO TWIN APPRENTICES, AIDEN & ELAINE):  The cosmos is composed of myriad individual beings.  To achieve awareness of this, we need to invoke the Goddess Kali.

PRIESTESS ALCHEMIST (RAISES SERPENT WAND):  Come amongst us, Kali of the four arms that are the sacred elements!  Bring us thy Divine Dance of Life that is ever renewing itself through Love and Joy and Passion!  You, who even trampled upon your Divine Consort Siva, Lord of Passing Time, bring us Eternal Life.


To attain immortality, you need to love life – not with wisdom, nor virtue alone, but with all your heart and soul.  The ever-living flame glows as strongly in one snake shedding its skin as it does in a mighty God.  Every atom pulsates with life.

When humans attain their true mission on this earth, eternal life will be achieved, because deeply desired.  Eternity is not in time.  It is ever NOW. The true task of humanity is to act as interpreters between Gods and men: Goddesses and women: Nature Spirits and all living creatures.  Invoke therefore, each one of you, your own Guardian Deva or Devi, your Angel, your animal, friend, and unite spirit and matter by your participation in both.

So will Earth show Herself in Her true eternal Being.  Prithivi, the earth, awaits your transforming touch.  Call on me and I shall instruct you in your dreams, dramas.  The dancing Gandharvas and Upsaras will come to you, and the souls of your own earthly friends, along with bird, animal, reptile, insect.  Awaken into what you are and why you are on earth!

PRIEST ALCHEMIST:  We give thanks to the Goddess Kali for Her Oracle.

PRIESTESS ALCHEMIST (TO AIDEN):  Aiden, you long to know what the effect shall be of all your passionate work for a better earth.  Yet you fear that all conservation projects may be brought to nought. Are you willing to face the shape of things to come?

AIDEN: I am willing.  Otherwise, why do we work so hard and yet face a ruined planet?

PRIEST ALCHEMIST:  Therefore you must face the Initiation of Kali.   (SHOWS CARD FROM THE MARSEILLE DECK)  Examine this card.  What do you make of it?

AIDEN:  Just what reflects my mood, of despondency:  “Le Diable”. This is a rather nice, funny devil – mediaeval.  It depicts a hermaphrodite figure, I note, along with cloven hooves; his horns form the crown chakra.  His wings are bat-like – but he has them!  But tied to his throne by the neck are two smiling imps, also bisexual, content to be bound.  So this devil binds people who like it.  Nonetheless, I want freedom to move – to grow.

 PRIEST ALCHEMIST:   You are ready for the Ordeal of Kali.  Enter trance.  We shall stay with you, whatever happens - but not help you.

AIDEN:  I expected you to say that – I am ready for the ordeal.


AIDEN:  I climb the Hill with some trepidation, knowing Kali’s reputation.  If she can make mincemeat of Her husband – Siva Himself - what will She do to me?  ***  Here I am, at the Temple of the Zodiac.  I could turn back – but don’t. I pay my respects to Vesta’s Flame.  Then I find the Ninth Portal of Sagittarius. *** It is much as Elaine describes – except that the Centaur seems to enjoy his dual self and is aiming his arrow to reach the stars.  I am suspicious of the little girl waving me upwards and onwards with a white feather.  If I fall – it won’t help her, but be the end of me.

I find myself in a wild landscape with gorse and bracken.  I hear the howling of wolves – just what I would expect.  Like a Dracula movie.  But wait!  A friendly wolf approaches me.  And I’m not afraid.  Why?  It is ridiculous – but he is talking to me!  At least I can understand him.  He tells me the wolves are having problems with landslides. Could I place the pack’s complaints to the local Spirit of the earth?

I am astonished.  I didn’t know there was such a being.  I vaguely remember Irish Leprechauns.  Gnomes.  Children’s fairy stories.  I hear a cool voice speak quite distinctly and I look round.  I see the most extraordinary creature made of some ethereal energy.  He is about three feet tall and is weirdly thin, like a reed.  But what is bizarre is his hair.  It hangs down in a very thin plait nearly reaching his feet.  I think:  “I suppose this is the latest Elf fashion!”  To my embarrassment the creature answers my thought:  “No.  A few thousand years old.  We are bringing it through now to a human poet we like.”

I find the being has a clear logical mind.  I explain the wolves’ predicament, and he grasps the situation. He says they did not care to interfere with the earth’s crust, but they will look into the matter, and try to shift the problem elsewhere.  I thank him profusely and convey his message to my friend the wolf.  He is relieved.  He tells me they find it hard to get nature spirits’ attention. Their language is so high and remote.

I am beginning to feel in good heart.  I’ve done something.  People always like giving other people directions when they ask the way.  What happens next is completely surreal.  I see a small suburban house – well and good.  But gazing into the house’s second floor window is an enormous bird about fifteen feet tall.

“This is not possible!” I exclaim.

“Oh yes it is,” replies the bird.  “Remember the country-man on seeing a giraffe in the zoo:  ‘There’s not such a creature.”  “I’m here.  I’m a bird.  I’m peering through this window to greet the owner.  All that you get wrong is the date.  This is in your earth’s future.”

I sit down weakly.  “What can I do for you,” I ask.  “You seem capable of anything.”

“Not everything,” replies the eagle fixing me with a brilliant beady eye.  “We are having trouble with tornadoes in these parts.  They are reaching up to sixty thousand feet.  We can’t get hold of the Upsaras – Angels you’d call them.  Too distant a vibration.  Would you lodge our complaint?  The tornadoes are endangering our mating season.”

I’m beginning to get the hang of all this.  I’m being educated through a weird story.  It can’t be true.

“Oh, but it is,” comes a silvery voice.  To my amazement and awe, an exquisitely lovely Angel is floating before me with far-reaching wings, her lovely golden hair floating in a hurricane of wind.  “People have always seen us Angels, except for a short while when humans got entrapped by their own mechanical inventions.  What is your prayer?”

Funny, I feel vaguely sulky at having to pray to some Angel, however glamorous.  “It’s not my request.  It’s the eagles’.  Your tornadoes are endangering their mating season.  The Angel replies sweetly.  “We do not care to disturb air currents that bring monsoons.  But we grant your prayer.  We will withhold the tornadoes for the specified season.”

She vanishes in a blinding flash of light as swiftly as she had appeared.  The eagle said he could see the Angels but found it hard to converse.  He thanked me.  I felt useful.  I had made intercession at the Throne of Grace, and received Grace.  Mediaeval.  Very odd.

“Not so very odd!” says a voice.  I might have expected this, but it still makes me jump.  What I see is a lizard, a peaceful iguana attached to a tree, where it clearly remains for hours in peace and quiet.

“No longer peace and quiet,” says the iguana.  “I’m glad you passed by.  The earth is trembling.  There is a volcano destroying our part of this forest.  You know Pele.  Would you care to ask for Her help?”

To my disappointment I do not see the Goddess Pele.  What I do see is what I do not believe in.  No-one does.  The Phoenix, sole Arabian Bird that is reborn from its own fire, is seated far too near me, preening its feathers.

“You can’t always expect beautiful humans,” it says.  “Stop calling me ‘It’. I’m She…  Why shouldn’t Beings have bodies of pure energy?  I do.  Humans knew this for thousands of years, and are doing so again – after a short period when they were in denial, imprisoned in physical matter, and grey cellular ‘thought’.  Anyway, now you’re here, what do you want?  You needn’t pray.  Just speak distinctly.”

Suddenly light dawns.  “I know what all this is!” I cry.  “It is a story – made up by the new Indigo star children!”  “Correct,” says the Phoenix.  “But do you know why they do this?  They do it because we are real – as real, that is, as humans.  What do you want of me?”

“Nobody loves peace and quiet more than reptiles,” I say. “They are a wise, moderate race, especially iguanas.  These earthquakes are disturbing their peaceful wood.”

“Is that all?” exclaims the Phoenix.  “That is easily altered.  We don’t move our volcano.  We move the reptiles.  Dedicated human wild life workers will move them to another habitat tomorrow. Thanks for mentioning it.”  And she dives into her nest, and the iguana goes off to sleep again….

I find myself becoming very sleepy.  I sit down and shut my eyes.  I doze off and awaken to the sound of splashing.  I find myself on a seashore, and a baby seal is flapping by me.  “Don’t tell me!” I say.  “You are a seal woman in disguise.”  “Wrong,” says the seal.  “All seals can talk, though not as much as women.  We say what we have to say.  Listen!  We are sick and tired of tsunamis.  We somehow cannot get into touch with the Heavenly Dragon of the Eastern Ocean to stop them.  Can you try?”

“I’m willing to believe in anything now,” I say.  “After all, dinosaurs are a sort of dragon.”

“No they aren’t,” says a sharp feminine voice.  I turn and see a mermaid.  Well, a sort of mermaid.  She is greenish and has scales.  Her eyes are red-rimmed and she has gills.  For once I am not in danger of falling in love.

“You are not so attractive yourself,” she says, “a sort of jumped-up chimpanzee without their pathos.  Know that I am Lung Nu, Third Daughter of the Dragon King.  What is your supplication?”

I explain the seals’ fear of tsunamis, as they have their cubs among the rocks. Suddenly there is an amazing change.  The fish-girl transforms into a mighty Dragon made of living jade.  I hear her voice like the rushing waves: “Henceforth I shall issue a warning to all these coastal creatures when I send a tsunami.  Also humans will be warned so all will reach safety in the hills.”

She slowly fades into the sky becoming mingled with the stars. She changes into the Phoenix, the Angel, the Elf in rainbow colours.  I become part of Her as a human, yet I am as individual as each of them.  So this is our future earth. *** It is here awaiting us in the eternal Now.




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