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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

FOI Online Liturgy
Booklet: Tara of the Oracles,
The Alchemical Twins Face the Fates
By: Olivia Robertson

Printable PDF File

Rite 1: The Cosmic Cauldron

"Face your fear and it becomes your shield."


PRIESTESS ALCHEMIST (TO TWIN APPRENTICES AIDEN & ELAINE): Many feel faint-hearted when they face the New Age, which some call the Fifth world and others, Aquarius. We need to help create the new aeon ourselves, and so work with the Deities. Let us invoke the Goddess Ceridwen, who creates the Cosmic Matrix.

PRIEST ALCHEMIST (RAISES HIS STAFF): I invoke the Goddess Ceridwen – of the Cauldron of Creation. We, who face rebirth, call to Her who from Her Depths brings forth new life.


You face with fear and disbelief the mighty black abyss that reigns within the heart of your Milky Way Galaxy. Yet each one of you is born from the abyss which lies within the body of the humblest mother on earth – a cat – a reptile – a caterpillar! You think of heights and depths, greatness and smallness, light and darkness, past and present, caught up in the duality that divides you from the All.

Know that there are no divisions, no heights, no depths, no greatnesses, no smallness within Divine Reality. Love glows as warmly in a mighty star as in the heart of a rose. Truth shines clearly in the eyes of a snake as in the gaze of a God.

Look for quality, not quantity. Then you will discover that there is no difference between the old and the new, past and present. If you wish to know the future, remember what did happen! For all rotate in my Cauldron that bestows Inspiration, Prophecy and evolutionary Shape-shifting. Love yourself and you will love others. All are One.

PRIESTESS ALCHEMIST: We give thanks to the Goddess Ceridwen for Her Oracle.

PRIEST ALCHEMIST (TO AIDEN): My son, you have ever aspired to the stars; yet to achieve stellar consciousness you need to experience fully your physical incarnation. Are you willing to undergo the Initiation of Ceridwen’s Cauldron and learn to become the Bard Taliesin of the shining brow?

AIDEN: I have always loved that legend. I am willing.

PRIEST ALCHEMIST: You will find it is more than a legend. (HE HANDS AIDEN A CARD FROM THE MARSEILLE DECK) Describe this card.

AIDEN (EXAMINES THE CARD): Anti-church! It depicts ‘La Maison Dieu,’ House of God, as a tower broken at the top. Two youths are thrown downwards. I wonder…… The tower is destroyed when celestial fire breaks open its roof. And the youths reach for green shoots growing from the earth. The four elements glow around them as coloured spheres.

PRIEST ALCHEMIST: Well described! You are ready for the Initiation. You may enter trance. We will be with you but may not help you.

* * * TRANCE JOURNEY * * *

AIDEN: I make my way eagerly up the Hill of the Zodiac Temple. I love a guided Initiation! It makes me feel safe somehow. I enter the Temple and pay my respects to the Vestal Flame. I notice for the first time a small stream is flowing from the central altar and flows around the Temple. Yes! It is leaving the Temple, flowing through the Portal of Aquarius. I make my way there.

Above the Portal is the painted figure of a woman pouring water around the door. She is the Source. On the left is a family of monkeys; above them is a tree, with birds. A snake is gliding at the foot of an oak tree. On the other side is a painting of Adam and Eve, black-skinned and naked. They are eating apples – of course. The apples on the ground are sprouting shoots. This is orthodox. I feel reassured. I part the blue-green curtains and pass through the Portico. ***

How horrible! I am a crowded dark cave – or is it a cell? Judging by the costumes, I am in the nineteenth century… Are we trapped coal-miners? No. They would hardly have women, with babies and very young children here. I feel their fear. Disease and death are here – I share their despair. I gather that for a political reason they have been drawn from their homes – whatever they were like – for transportation. I cannot understand their language – they are being removed on racial and religious grounds from some territory newly designated as belonging to another race. I give my sympathy. So they start telling me their stories. And as they speak I begin to see where they come from – happier times in their homes. Also I begin to see their other lives in other times. ***

I never realised I had wanted to make television programmes! But I do. Here is my chance. So I begin to tell these people a long and very involved story. It has lots of love in it and violence and courage and hope – and parties and drinking – then I decide, seeing how happy and interested they look – I hand on the story to a woman who eagerly continues.

This is wonderful! She brings us to Ancient Egypt! Hers is a glorious adventure involving sunlight, passion and a noble death by being buried in sand with her lover. Her hearers love this as they too have suffered passion and immolation, and in this cold cell, they could do with sun. ***

Strange. As I think this, a ray of sunlight gleams through a fissure in the wall. I find the people are changing. Suddenly there is a terrible noise and all goes dark – a blackness unknown to me before. The cell is rotating. We are descending into a pit. But I tell them all that this is a tunnel leading to a most wonderful land – they believe me and stop screaming. One of the children says he can see the land – lots of berries are there to eat.

The noise and rushing ceases and we find ourselves seated under a spreading oak tree eating berries. We are laughing and talking as if nothing had happened! A smiling woman with long hair and a blue dress speaks. “This meditation has been a great success,” she says. She addresses me. “I am Arianrhod of the Silver Wheel. How did you enjoy your stay with my sister Ceridwen within the earth?”

I am about to burst into rage about the dreadful cell – but I remember all the wonderful stories we lived through. I say cautiously: “We lived in interesting times.”

She looks thoughtful. “You take things so seriously, like your twin,” she says. “These are all dreams you create yourselves. I think you had better leave here amongst the stars, and be with my niece, Creirwy, beloved daughter of Ceridwen, Healer with Lavender.”

I like the gyrations of Arianrhod’s Silver Wheel in Her White Vortex as little as I enjoyed being with Ceridwen’s black matrix. I feel so sleepy. *** How lovely it is, to sit in an old-fashioned Victorian garden amongst lavender bushes. A little girl is busily planting primulas. She gives me a sprig of lavender. 




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