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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

FOI Online Liturgy
Booklet: Tara of the Oracles,
The Alchemical Twins Face the Fates
By: Olivia Robertson

Printable PDF File

Rite 2: The Goddess of Aquarius is Here

"The art of magic is to transform evil into good."


PRIEST of ALCHEMY (TO TWIN APPRENTICES AIDEN & ELAINE): There are two spirals of the life flow: that which descends, and that which rises. To pit these two against each other is the way of madness, for in verity they are One, coiled around a central axis. But to the Awakened, this axis is a single point, that pierces all spheres, and the two spirals form an ever-renewing circle. To undertake the magical work of union, we need to invoke the Goddess Dana, who is Mother, Mystic, Omnipresent.


Place yourself in the centre of Divine Reality and you are immortal! You only die because you lose connection with the Holy Being that you derive from the Mother of All. Blessed by the life-giving energy of the Divine Father, the Mother expresses Herself in as many ways as there are beings. I speak to you on behalf of Deities who take the name of Mother, in manifold religions.

Without one single atom, the body of the Cosmic Goddess is incomplete. Deity manifests itself in minute details not through numbers. Numbers give you the outer assessment: it is the soul that shows forth each individual Spirit.

There are many Families of Beings. Angels do not incarnate in physical form. Only very few creatures have the courage to do so! You are each of you very brave! You accept painful challenges, frightening evil, so that great Good can come through such ordeals.

Have no fear! All are saved, not through virtue alone but through Divine Love that rejects none: accepts all.

PRIEST ALCHEMIST: We give thanks for this encouraging Oracle, the very essence of Alchemy.

PRIESTESS ALCHEMIST (TO ELANE):  Elaine, you rush into situations, your flag flying, without the necessary understanding of both parties in a dispute. Are you willing to endure the Awakening of the Aquarian Goddess, that you may face even alarming new ideas?

ELAINE: I’ve become aware I’m a bit set in my thought. I accept the challenge of change.


ELAINE (GIVES AN EXCLAMATION): This card has affected my life since I was about three years old – I saw it lying on a railway carriage seat. It is called “L’Etoile – the Star.” I loved the lady having blue hair and no clothes on! Though my nurse turned it upside down at once. The girl is kneeling with her left knee on the earth: her right foot is in a stream. She holds two jars: one she is pouring back into the water: the other she empties on the earth. As a child I loved the stars best! There are seven, red, blue and yellow. In the centre is a big star with eight yellow and red rays. I would surmise this represents Aldebaran, principal red star of Taurus. The woman is bringing green trees and plants to a dry land.

PRIESTESS ALCHEMIST:  We are glad you relate psychically to this card already. You are prepared for trance. We shall be with you but may not help you, as you know.

* * * TRANCE JOURNEY * * *

ELAINE: Full of hope for wonders, I climb the hill of the Temple of the Stars. *** I enter and honour the Vestal Flame. I follow the little stream flowing from the central Altar to its exit through the Portal of Aquarius. The Portal is much as Aiden described it, except that the Aquarian Goddess pouring forth the water seems to have eyes that look at me! So rather quickly I pass through the portal to avoid her gaze. ***

In vain. She is there, waiting for me at the other side. Why! She is the woman in the Tarot card – blue hair and all. I can hear her voice, which is clear and cool.

“No, Elaine,” she says. “I am not a projection. I am real. However, I do not incarnate as human; but we of the Sidhe – Devi – Angels do project in many forms. It would be so tiresome to go through the physical birth process – and so forth. . ."

I ask, “Who are you? Are you a Goddess?”

She replies: “I am a fifth Element Devi – Angel – Sidhe. We have many names on the fifth level. We roughly approximate to the human. We evolve not through physical matter, but through the inner elements – in various ways. I’m a bit like you – I evolved through earth, air, fire and water. And I propose to take you on a little trip through all four! The fifth is the ether that encompasses All. The Goddesses and Gods are beyond this. They extend into other dimensions beyond our capacity to understand. But they help us, sometimes through incarnation into physical form, but more often by projection, as we do.”

“So you always project as the most advanced humans?" I ask. “Masters of the Wisdom – those sort?”

“Not at all”, she replies. “We enjoy manifesting as faeries, unicorns, dragons, cats, owls – a whole range of mythological creatures. We have power over the physical realm. You know, you are like your twin. You try and delay happenings through conversation. What is book learning compared with experience?”

“In any adventure, remember yourself. In difficulty, remember the Tarot card.” ***

The whole scene abruptly changes. I am involved in a horrible traffic accident. A drunken driver has driven straight into a pylon supporting a railway bridge. I feel a strong impulse to run away. The man and his companion are obviously dead. I feel caught between two situations – one, home and peace, the other being called as a witness in a police court. Suddenly a train roars overhead on the bridge – and I suddenly remember a magical card on a railway seat. I remember my real self. I don’t run away. The lady had her foot in water. So I run up to the car and truly, the men are dead. But then I see one of them leave his body like mist but human in form. He quivers – the first ghost I have ever seen. He is terrified. Then he sees me and I reassure him. I tell him his wife has been waiting for him. I know she is ‘dead’. He visualises her and she is able to come to him.

Yet I am back with the Devi. “You see how an emblem works”, she says. “And you have others, so that when all fails and you lose hope – your real self – these will help you.”

I think a bit. “Yes, I remember”, I exclaim. “I used to get my father to play music from Mozart’s Magic Flute opera. I loved the music that got the lovers through fire and water.”

This time the projection was instantaneous. I heard the most hideous noise. It was a violent quarrel between members of two families. The recriminations, accusations, rage, all centred round a young family member arrested for some offence. Noise can be disrupting – evil. I rushed to the window and opened it. The view showed only tall buildings blotting out the sky. But then I heard a metallic rendering of the Mozart flute music that I loved. At once I found myself. I returned to the quarrel, but now took no sides. I did not speak. Instead, I listened. And as I listened – there came heavenly tranquillity.

I left the projection and was with the Devi. “I’ve had earth and air,” I said. “But what about fire?”

“That should be no problem. Whenever you feel the electric-magnetic fire rush through you, you will remember who you are.”

With despondency I find myself where I must hate – in a society party. Everyone except me is mildly drunk. They are talking rubbish. They are, I decide, snobs, tedious – stupid – and I hate them. Then one man comes up to me and says: “I know what you think of us. You despise us.” I feel guilty. He knew. I am adding to the depressive atmosphere. But suddenly I feel a rush of Fire Power. I burst out laughing. “You don’t know,” I say, “But you are about to find out! You are all wonderful!” Filled with psychic knowledge, I proceed to give all present psychic readings. The room is filled with waves of excitement.

I am getting the hang of these projections. These had been past episodes, but I am certainly improving my behaviour!

“This is all very well,” I say to the Devi, “But what about prophecy – upcoming disasters?”

“There is only one way to deal with gloom and doom” she declares cheerfully.

“To deny them?” I suggest, “And say that all will be well if we take a positive viewpoint?”

“Not at all. This never works, because disasters do occur. For instance we all die – quite often in fact. No. The answer is - to go with the flow. You have always loved paintings of the Aquarian water-giver, pouring forth the water of Aquarius. And, remember this, prophecies help – do not hinder. They give magical underground streams that bring you to new dimensions.”

I find myself in a meeting dominated by fearful prophecies. At first I agree that everything is awful – the establishment is busy trying to kill us with weapons of mass destruction – doctors are inventing new diseases through antibiotics – that sort of thing.

Suddenly an angry prophet knocks over a glass of water. It pours onto the floor making a reflective puddle. He is furious – but I laugh! I remember the painting. “We are all having a splendid time, denigrating everyone else! All around us is wickedness – but not us. How lucky we are.” Suddenly the furious man laughs. We all laugh. Nothing brings more enjoyment than gloom and doom. Horror movies pay.

I return heavenwards. “I think I get the message,” I say to the Angel – Devi “We create our own tragedies – horrors – adventures, to explore life itself in all its mysteries. But when we think we’ve had enough drama creating – what is the next step?” “Admit that you are empty,” she replies. “Pray to be filled from the Divine Source.” *** “Now, watch the sea.”

I am on the shore of a tide-less sea. Slowly rising from the sea is the divine form of the Goddess Dana of the Atlantic Ocean. She is very tall, has long waving hair spread out about her. Her robe is a turquoise blue. Around her are sea creatures – dolphins, sea lions – small fishes.

As I watch a White Star descends upon Her from the stars of Aquarius. I find all my emblems – the Tarot card, the flute music – I feel the onrush of divine energy, which I share with all.

The Devi brings me back to where we met, at the Portal of Aquarius. And I thank Her and say: “I like the shape of things to come."




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