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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

FOI Online Liturgy
Booklet: Tara of the Oracles,
The Alchemical Twins Face the Fates
By: Olivia Robertson

Printable PDF File

Rite 1: Wheels Within Wheels

"Have moral courage and you stand alone."


PRIESTESS ALCHEMIST (TO TWIN APPRENTICES, AIDEN & ELAINE):  To gain the Hermetic wisdom that is your true Ruler, you need to invoke the Goddess Juno, Queen of Heaven.

PRIEST ALCHEMIST (RAISES STAFF):  Divine Goddess Juno, Queen of starry constellations and of every atom, bring us to your eternal Heaven.


You have enclosed yourselves in the Wells of Persephone of the Piscean era.  In these pools you find security in those spiritual dogmas you hold to be safe and possibly true!  But at the end of this age of material knowledge, your pools have become stagnant.  You turn to the transient knowledge given by exact sciences of your physical world.  Neither received religions nor practical sciences fulfil your hunger for spiritual reality.

The onrushing waters of Aquarius, pouring through the Portals of the Stars, terrify many of you!  But have courage!  If you dare to stand on your own truth you will discover your Inner Being. And that Being is of Deity, and none should trample upon it.  So open up your pools to the Divine Inspiration that comes from this new aeon of the Goddess within!  By Her, is the Divine Presence of the God.  Open your circles so that they form spirals that open to the starry heavens, and to the reflective planetary realms that you fear as your past.

I am the Goddess of the rainbow of communion with all that is.  My rainbow is not closed to any who truly seek me.  My circles are as open as the eyes of My Peacock.  Come!  Join the cosmic dance of the spheres, for at last your earth is awakening.

PRIEST ALCHEMIST:  We give thanks to the Goddess Juno for Her Oracle.

PRIEST ALCHEMIST (TO ELANE): Elaine, you find within yourself an ever increasing responsibility for the care for others. Yet you do not know when to act, nor how to know Truth from falsehood.  Are you willing to undergo the Awakening of Juno of the Starry Maze?

ELAINE: I accept the challenge.  I sorely need understanding.



ELAINE: This is from the Marseille deck and is numbered III.  It shows “L’Imperatrice.”  I feel the Empress relates to Gemini, for she holds a heraldic shield depicting a gold eagle on her right arm.  Her left hand holds the emblem of earthly sovereignty, a mace surmounted by a globe.  Above it is an equal-armed cross representing the four elements.  Behind her are wings, or two supports of a throne.  Her blue over-mantle is worn over a scarlet robe, and she wears a gold pectoral.  She represents earthly Power of the Goddess.

PRIEST ALCHEMIST:  A clear exposition.  You will now enter trance to begin your quest. We shall be with you but may not help you.


ELAINE:  I climb the Hill and enter the Temple of the Zodiac. I pass through the simple Gemini Gateway.  Now at last I am beginning to understand!  When I am in trance I project into somebody else, who accepts me.  I suffer yet cannot alter things – unless the person I am with is willing to act.  And that I now realise is extremely difficult.  I am a Guardian Angel.  Well, I hope angelic…

Yes, this is again the future.  Easier to change than the past.  I am with a charming girl living in a very pleasing future.  I realise that humanity is now safe and far smaller, as if people were living in cultural islands.  It is really very relaxing.  I do like this girl.  She is much better than me – kindly, peaceful – really good.  I never feel like that… I keep walking on people’s toes.

Ah – this is a special day.  I really feel the Empress is a beneficial card, and that this will be an easy and happy experience.  Yes – I am now her.  A pleasure to be so good for once.  I am looking forward humbly, overcome with gratitude, to initiation into the Inner Circle of the Hierarchal Web.  What an honour!  I am robed in a beautiful white robe like a Bride’s, and my hair is drawn into a coronet gleaming with pearls on silver. My mother is so proud of me!  She is giving me last minute instructions.  She is an Elder, and wears deep violet with amethysts in her crown.

“This is the last time you will be an ordinary girl,” she says.  “You will be a Psyche today.  You will be guided by the Elders with your fellow candidates to the Divine Presence of Eros, God of Love.  You will need to shield your eyes from His Light.  With Him will be the Fates, the Goddess Demeter, Juno and Venus, also shining brightly.  They will put you through various tests to judge your worthiness to join the Web.  To pass will be to enjoy all you crave for – success, untold wealth, love and respect from us all.

I ask tremulously: “And if I fail?”

“Oh nothing dreadful,” my mother replies evasively.  “You will be found some occupation out of sight.  But remember all I told you. Repeat!”

I find myself reciting:  “I must believe and trust in the Blessed Deities, who will be present through the forms of the Priesthood.  I must obey them at all times.  All that I experience must be kept secret, for I am to be entrusted with the GREAT SECRET.”

“Do you know the Great Secret, mother?”

“No-one save the Adepti knows it,” replies my mother.  “But even studying it has given me this gorgeous house, a powerful Ruler as husband and you, my dear daughter.”

I feel very pleased.  I really am good at last.  But even as I think this my mother looks apprehensive.  “Chloë,” she says sharply.  “I feel an alien Presence in you.  You know what happens to those who harbour Entities.  Your mind will be made as blank as a child of two by the Hierarchical psychotherapists.  Their injections are extremely effective.”

“When I get initiated,” I ask, “Will it hurt?  What happens?  I notice a queer mark on the left temple of Psyches.  Are they going to do things to my brain?”

My mother puts her arm round me. “Don’t be afraid,” she says.  “They just put a wonderful implant in your brain that makes you part of the Web of the New Human Race, far superior to the old.  You enjoy your mobile and computer?  This will just be inside you.”

Suddenly I am on my guard.  The welfare of this girl is in my hands.  I must not let my presence be detected, so I veil myself with silver light…The girl is led forth in procession with other candidates to the Temple of Light.

How superbly produced all this is!  The music is high and pure and we are watched by silent crowds, who are curiously expressionless.  The Psyches, preceded by Heralds, are led up a very long and high white stairway to the lofty pillared portico.

Within the temple are ranged the Hierarchy, magnificently crowned and robed.  Above them on a dais, are enthroned the God Eros and the Three Fates, the Goddesses Juno, Ceres and Venus.  Their light is dazzling – but the light is not from their auras.  They are cleverly spot-lighted from a concealed energy source.

I scan the area psychically, and become aware of dark clouds of hatred emerging from the uninitiated outside the temple precincts.  They are enraged by the monopoly of power and wealth, controlled by members of the Hierarchy.  They really have a secret – how to control their victims by manipulation of their minds and emotions.

I pray to Juno.  The Goddess advises me to wait until the exact moment of my Initiation.  It will be dangerous. These people are no fools.  I accept the offer of Juno to manifest through me.  The girl regards me as an angel, and also accepts divine help.

A bell tolls and alone I advance before the so-called Deities.  I kneel.  I endure their mind probe.  I open myself to Deity.

A miracle happens!  Emerging from the darkness of the Matrix there descends the Lightning Flash of Juno through my mind and heart.

I speak:  “Your time is over.  For too long you have put upon you the usurped robes of the Deities.  This lightning has destroyed all these cunning devices you have implanted into your followers.  From henceforth each of you shall find within yourselves your own innate Divinity.”

I have my answer!  I share in this new-found freedom, as all my conditioning falls away from me.  I am Elaine. I am Me.

I leave a scene of pandemonium behind me – somehow I often do this.  I am back and honour each one of you.  Only in your difference from others do you show forth the Queen of Heaven!

*** END OF TRANCE *** 




SOURCES: “Homeric Hymns”, Hesiod, trans. Evelyn-White, Heinemann, Harvard. “Theogeny,” Hesiod, trans. Most, Harvard. “De Divinatione,” Cicero, trans. Falconer, Harvard. “The Golden Ass,” (Story of Eros & Psyche), Apuleius, trans. Graves, Penguin Books. “Eleusis”, Kerenyi, trans. Manheim, Routledge Kegan Paul. “An Enemy of the People,” play, Ibsen, Everyman’s Library. “The Demi-Gods,” Stephens, Macmillan. Marseille Tarot, 1748, B.P. Grimaud, Paris, 1930.

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