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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

FOI Online Liturgy
Booklet: Tara of the Oracles,
The Alchemical Twins Face the Fates
By: Olivia Robertson

Printable PDF File

Rite 2: White Sun; Black Twin

"Life and death are one to the eye of vision."


PRIEST ALCHEMIST (TO TWIN APPRENTICES, AIDEN & ELAINE):  There is not a soul that does not fear Death.  But to enter into a greater sphere of being you need to pass through the portals of death.  To endure this ordeal you need to invoke the Goddess Melusina of the two Dragons of Light and Darkness.

PRIESTESS ALCHEMIST (RAISES WAND): I invoke the Goddess Melusina, Bringer in of ecstasy, Bringer in of Death.


Dear friends, without death you would have no life:  without deep sleep you would not awaken into greater realms of being.  Around my tree of immortality are my two dragons.  One descends its black coils from Divine Reality into the abyss.  The other rises from the abyss into ever increasing spheres of Light.

When these two dragons cross – they flow into a Portal of Non-being.  Through this portal are other spheres of Divinity.  Do not fear!  Every dark tunnel you face leads to the Light.  And when you are blinded by too much light into false ego – you fall into the dark arms of my death.

You never lose by death bravely endured.  Rather do you gain the discovery of your own Divinity.  For time and space are eternal.  You imagine they change, time passes: that space alters.  It is you who pass through them!  Your physical reality is only a solidified form of the energy you adore in the shining Deities.

As you wander through the cosmic maze, experiencing the flow of the dragons of duality – in reality you are walking in your sleep, discovering your originality, which is your divine Self.  When the time comes for you to awaken – you will find you have always been in Heaven!  But do not forget your adventures in the realms of delusion.  These give you the fruits of your life’s pilgrimage.

PRIEST ALCHEMIST: We give thanks to the Goddess Melusina for her Oracle.

PRIESTESS ALCHEMIST (TO AIDEN):  Are you willing to undertake the Ordeal of Melusina’s two Dragons?

AIDEN: Gladly do I accept the challenge.
(SHOWS HIM A TAROT CARD):  Describe this card.

AIDEN: This is number XVIIII, “Le Soleil.”  It’s nice that the yellow sun has a face!  It has rays of the five elements, red, blue, yellow, green and white.  These form drops that fall upon twins wearing cords round their necks, bare torsos and blue loin-cloths.  The card depicts the constellation of Gemini.

PRIEST ALCHEMIST:   When you enter trance, we shall be with you, but may not help you.


AIDEN:  I climb the Hill of the Temple of the Zodiac full of apprehension.  I really don’t understand the Oracle.  What about free-will if everything is there already?  I soon find the Portal of Gemini.  It is just as Elaine described it – plain with two pillars.  Disappointing – I hoped for some pictures.  I pass through. ***

I find myself in woodland – somehow I think I am in Europe – because I see a French style castle.  This is a bit dull – no danger – just a quiet landscape.  I might even be in Los Angeles with a fake French château – but no.  The castle is showing coloured flags and it is painted a glaring white.  The roofs are bright red and its windows have coloured woodwork.  My mind is very clear – I can work out what century by the architecture.  Twelfth century.  Perhaps I shall meet Knights Templar and discover their secret.  I feel so superior, being from the future!  Do I amaze them by predicting an eclipse?  Or show them my mobile phone?  Or enjoy their wonder at my digital watch?

Ah – yes – here are peasants approaching.  This is fantastic!  I’m in shining armour, with a tabard showing three Dragons Heads!  I shall enjoy this adventure. Just show me the Princess and I’ll deal with the dragon!

I can understand them fairly well, though this is mediaeval French. I am expected.  Their Magician, Avogardis, had predicted a saviour – obviously me!  I feel helpful, compassionate.  I find my trusty steed – a rather stocky square animal with mane braided with ribbons.  Quite easy to ride.  This is fun!  Off we go…

The castle is exactly as I imagined it – with a spacious hall richly embellished with tapestries of unicorns and damsels, and table rich with food.  I look around for the Princess.  But of course!  She must be imprisoned by a dragon…

Suddenly the atmosphere changes, I feel oppression.  A double door opens and a procession of black-robed monks files in.  At first I feel reassured. These must be Dominicans who will help me in my rescue.  But no – my heart turns to ice.  These are no human monks.  They watch me with eyes that are alien – cold – cruel – contemptuous.  And from their waists hang very futuristic weapons.  I am in danger – of my soul.  They establish telepathic communion.

Their words are direct and clear: “These people are a primitive human race. We are using them for our biological researches.  We transmute energy into matter.  We are not to be disturbed.  Leave here.”

Suddenly by my side is a most beautiful woman in long flowing white robes, her long hair falling in golden waves nearly to her feet.  She is followed by her maidens who also have long flowing hair, black, red, yellow and white.  They also are not human.  This Queen is an Angel!  She gazes deep into my eyes with her own sapphire eyes and I am one with her.  Her voice is soft and entrancing.

“My dear friend, long have I awaited you.  I am daughter to the Divine Medusa, our Mother.  What these evil creatures wish to do is to draw on Her all-powerful rays of the White Sun and to draw them into their own Black Void that swallows up all that is alive.  I am helpless.  Save these people by drawing aside the Veil of Medusa!”

The French nobility and their serfs are standing around me, and plainly cannot see either the black procession of monks as evil, nor the Queen and her followers as good.  All they see are their local monks and their Queen and her ladies.  Not having the gifts of clairaudience, they cannot discriminate as I can between good and evil.  They incline to support the monks and distrust their Queen.

The Father Superior of these terrifying monks speaks to me.  “Do not be deceived by this woman,” he says, “who is a daughter of the infamous Medusa, the Gorgon who kills anyone who lifts Her veil.  We wish to destroy the Gorgon’s power and use the energy flow to maintain our Galactic Federation.  This is a battle between good and evil.  We are of pure Mind, Nirvana, the Void.  Lose yourself in our ultimate nothingness and you will attain Peace Eternal.”

This is metaphysically attractive; to be a dewdrop losing myself in the Sea of Non-Being… The Ultimate Void.  I might try it.  But could I get out again?

I feel the beautiful influence of the Queen.  “Oh yes, these monks are correct in one respect.  This is a battle of good against evil. They stand for annihilation of personality, the destruction of the individual soul – the dissolution of all Gods and Goddesses. Fight with us and unveil My Mother. She will destroy them utterly.”

How true this is!  It is evil to destroy our souls by denying their existence – to break up all Divine Forms – Never!  Her form is too lovely to destroy.  The monks are urging these mediaeval fools to burn the Queen as a witch.  I must save her!  I make up my mind.  I’m here to rescue a Princess.  Here she is!  “Show me the Medusa,” I cry to her.

In a dark alcove in a chapel is a shield which is veiled.  There is a dark glow around it.  Shall I do this?  What shall I release?  A power that will destroy the monks but maybe everyone else as well?  But I must be a true knight and rescue the Queen. I withdraw the veil.

Oh glory!  I am in ecstasy!  The alcove, the Queen and her followers – the monks and the mediaeval crowd – have vanished.  And my own body is lying dead.  My Spirit is filled with heavenly light.  Melusina appears to me with long flowing hair like the waves of the sea.  With Her right arm she holds a golden dragon that descends in luminous coils of galaxies through the spheres to the abyss.  In Her left hand she draws forth a black dragon that rises in the dark coils of space upwards to shining constellations.  I hear her voice, gentle, loving.  “Aiden,” she says, “Thank you so much for rescuing me!  That is what all this is about.  You did what you believed to be good.”  Her voice now sounds far away.

I am falling down a pit into an abyss.  Yet there is light at the end – not from a glorious sun – but from one small candle on our altar in our little Temple.  I am back.  I am happy.





SOURCES: “Don Quixote,” de Cervantes Saavedra, trans. Motteux, Everyman’s Library. “Le Comte de Gabalis,” Montfaucon de Villars, Biblioteque Nationale, Paris. “Melusine, Une Feé venue du Fond des Temps,” pub. in Troyes, 1677. “Egyptian Magic,” Studies in Hermetic Tradition, Farr, The Aquarian Press. Marseille Tarot, 1748, B.P. Grimaud, Paris, 1930.

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