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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

FOI Online Liturgy
Booklet: Tara of the Oracles,
The Alchemical Twins Face the Fates
By: Olivia Robertson

Printable PDF File

Rite 1: The Victory

"The wise ruler heeds the inner voice."


PRIEST ALCHEMIST (TO TWIN APPRENTICES, AIDEN & ELAINE):  To learn to listen to the inner voice, we need to invoke the Goddess Themis, who whispers in the ear of the God Zeus.
PRIEST ALCHEMIST (RAISES SCEPTRE):   Holy Themis, greater than the great, Voice of the Silence, be with us and with your wisdom guide us to prepare for the New Aeon.


You have the voice of wisdom within yourselves if you will but heed it.  Every being, every creature, has a fractal of Divine Source.  There is no God, no Goddess, who has not a being greater than themselves in the Cosmos.  When Divine Guidance is ignored because of limited awareness, the soul is cut off from true Being.  More and more outer power is sought because the source of Power is blocked – not by the Deities, but by limited egotism.

The more any individual being seeks power for him or herself, this indicates that the person – however splendid seeming – is in fact weak.  Those who demand love have lost love within themselves.  Happiness cannot be found by any outside training or practice, or even outer belief.  Be wise and happy now – and this extends throughout your time and space.

My counsel is for you to create your own sacred space, which unites both Heaven and Earth within even the corner of a room.  You will find eternity in a butterfly you release from battering itself against your window.  As you gain in awareness through contemplation, you will hear my voice through the wind and through the flow of water, for you will be heeding your own true Self.

PRIEST ALCHEMIST:  Thanks is given to the Goddess Themis.

PRIESTESS ALCHEMIST (TO AIDEN): Aiden, you often lament that the poet, the musician, the artist – such as yourself – have no real effect to help the outer world.  Men are expected to be active – to direct – to make decisions and to act upon them.  You may find your answer.  Will you learn to act with courage, by facing the challenge of the Portal of Cancer?
AIDEN: If this cures me of reluctance to act in case I may be mistaken, I will face the ordeal.


AIDEN (EXAMINES CARD):  It is numbered IV in the Marseille pack – Number of Jupiter.  It is entitled “L’Empereur.”  An enthroned Emperor is holding aloft the symbol of earthly rulership, the equal-armed cross of the four elements over the orb.  Emblazoned on a shield is an heraldic eagle.  I notice the Emperor is in the Adept pose – his right leg crossed over the left.
 This is your emblem.  As you enter trance, we will be with you but not help you.


AIDEN:  Eagerly I climb the hill to reach the Temple of the Zodiac.  As I draw near it towers over me in majesty.  I had not noticed before its magnificent architecture.  I enter.  I pay my respects to the altar of the Goddess Vesta with Her fire which is present in all that is…All here is so clear, so comprehensible.  Easily I find the Portico of Cancer.

*** What a warm climate here!  This is a lovely landscape – as I imagine Arcadia.  There are pleasant meadows and small hills crowned with groves.  Happy young men and women in Greek costume are making garlands for some festive occasion. I can understand them somehow.  A stately matron informs me that they are preparing for the choice of a new King, to be appointed by the Olympians.

I notice now that they are making procession – old and young – towards a dazzlingly lovely Temple, its columns painted red, surmounted by gilded pediments.  It looks like the Parthenon, but more graceful and ethereal.  I ask apprehensively are there to be animal sacrifices?  There are often some snags to these proceedings… But they say I am in Elysium where there is no death.

I am led into the Temple where the Deities are assembled.  I recognise most of Them: Hermes with his caduceus, Pallas with her helmet, Hera with her peacock – and above all, the God of the Temple, Great Mighty Zeus, the Thunderer.

Hermes steps forward and amazes me.  He declares that I am to be the divinely appointed King of some island or other.  Do I accept? 

I do.  I feel I could make a sensible king with my modern ideas.  I might even introduce some elementary technology.  Harmless of course, like electricity for peaceful purposes, like lighting.  I gather the island is on the physical plane of ancient Greece.

Suddenly I am held by two stalwart men-at-arms, their faces shielded by gold masks.  I ask why?  I have accepted the Kingship task.  I don’t like the way one of them laughs… I am dragged along a tunnel leading downwards *** The guards release their grip – and I find myself back in a throne-room.  Someone is giving me a glass of wine with a reference to my “falling sickness” – whatever that is.

Yes – I am King!  I am wearing an uncomfortable crown that is hurting my forehead.  Round my waist is a heavy jewelled belt with a cumbersome sword attached to it.  There is a noisy throng around me demanding Justice!

There are two principal complainants – a powerful looking soldier with a black beard and some foreign looking helmet.  He is telling me that the merchants and nobles are pushing his tribe into the sea by heavy taxes from a tyrannical government.  The other group is represented by a crafty looking individual in rich robes, holding a parchment.  I’d recognise a lawyer anywhere.  He is speaking smoothly.  Apparently he is financing the prosperity of the island through foreign trade.  Imported goods were cheaper – I was to give the decision – to be enforced by an alarming lot of guards fully armed, surrounding my throne.  Apparently they are my relatives.
Suddenly I am determined to give judgement, and to act upon it.  It is my chance to show what I can do.  I declare that the two tribes, island and foreign, are to get together and debate the issues in a fair-minded way. Even as I speak the words “fair-minded” I enter an altered state of consciousness.  I am elated.  The people heed my words.  This is Victory.  To give Olympian confirmation, I feel a stinging pain brought on by a flash of light – this must be the famous "Lightning-flash of Zeus!"

Triumphant, I find myself once more in Elysium facing the Olympians.

“Congratulations,” says Zeus, heartily.  “You have achieved success.  The contending tribes have made peace.  The priests have declared you a God.  Now you are one of Us.”

I am pleased but puzzled, and exclaim – “I hardly had time to say anything!”

“Enough!” says Mercury.  “You were assassinated! One of your subjects stuck a dagger in your back.”

In shock, I awake from trance.  Do I get my degree?  After all, as a King I did nothing.  I’m more useful as an artist.

PRIESTESS ALCHEMIST:  That was the lesson.  Do you understand it?




SOURCES: Greek Poetry. “Elysium,” Pindar. “Theogony,” Hesiod, Everyman’s Library, Harvard. “The Homeric Hymns,” Hesiod, trans. Evelyn-White, Heinemann, Harvard. “Return to Elysium,” Grant, Methuen. Marseille Tarot, 1748, B.P. Grimaud, Paris, 1930.

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