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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Olivia's Letters for the Homepage

The Honorable Olivia Robertson
Olivia's Blessing
© CRLyceum 1999

"It is with great happiness that I write this Introduction. The central world-wide Homepage is vital for the presentation of the Fellowship of Isis in our twenty-first century global community. People are awakening to various spiritual and psychic gifts that often perplex the more materially-minded folk amongst whom they live and work. Our Homepage provides a rainbow network that lucidly explains the unexplainable! One needs to attune to Isis in order to experience Her many-faceted Star-Light, warmly glowing in the matriarchal cloak of Outer Space. Joining FOI is to join a family, linked through empathic telepathy, language of our new Aeon of Aquarius." (Olivia Robertson, 1999)

Olivia and the Maytree

3rd Day of Eleusinian Mysteries, 2010
Spring - 3rd February 2010

I congratulate you on the clear, valuable and essential archives you present - it is what the Fellowship of Isis requires for those searching for elucidation as to the Liturgy, Degree systems, the Priesthood, the Druid Clan of Dana and the Noble Order of Tara. What you do is to present a bedrock of archival information which in no way is in contradiction to the valuable contributions of our other global centres. You have of course permission to use the printed material of my brother and myself and can provide these to those who wish to use the FOI archives going back so far in the last century.

Blessings of Isis on the Homepage Archive!
Olivia (Robertson)
Co-Founder, F.O.I.

N.B.: On December 1st, 2008, the manager of this website requested an emergency sabbatical from all public FOI work due to a unexpected increase in family responsibilities. At that time the Homepage added the word "archive" to the end of its name and the pages were redirected to the CRLyceum site so that members could still access its information. Olivia wrote: "I am deeply sorry - I of course understand why you give up the Homepage which was so brilliant. . . I feel that the publications, tapes, files, etc. as you describe could continue with a link from the Homepage site so we don't lose those who loved your Homepage. . . Thank you for all you have done. Love and Blessings of ISIS." Olivia also later wrote: "I am so happy the photos and my publications are still online. Every Blessing for you and your family."

This site resumed full active status in January 2010, with the authorization of Olivia Robertson who wrote: "Please go ahead with all my support and blessings of Isis! Blessings for the New Aeon - starting at 2010!" We requested that the word "archive" be retained, as it best illustrated the original and ongoing objective for this website - to preserve the information and work as originating from the FOI Foundation Center and its founders.

Additional notes of support from Olivia: "Yes, do continue peacefully as you are now with [the] Archive. I am happy with what you DID and now DO! I am so happy the site is as popular as ever. It is great people join via your Web. Do develop it as you feel fit." She also wrote later: "I admire your website and respect all the hard work that went into it." and, "Your Web Homepage is so fully appreciated all over the earth now! Love & Blessings of Isis, Olivia"

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