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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Olivia Robertson as the Oracle
Photo © Logic Reality from Olivia, Priestess of Isis

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February 2016
Oracle: Goddess Neith
Booklet: Urania, Ceremonial Magic of the Goddess
By: Olivia Robertson

Audio: Invocation by Lawrence Durdin Robertson & Oracle by Olivia Robertson
(mp3 file / 1.7 mb/ 3:40 mins)

Resplendent Lady, Neith, Goddess of the Starry Vault, Goddess of Magic, give us Thy Oracle! Thou who were worshipped in Atlantis and in the Two Lands of Khem, sayeth: "I am All that was, that is, that shall be. None may dare lift My Veil and live." Therefore with Thine own Hands lift Thy Veil for us, who adore Thee as the White Light of Truth. So knowing All-Time, we may more fittingly serve Thy Divine Purpose!

Do not bargain with the Deities! You cannot deceive Truth but rather your own selves! Be honest. You know not why you seek occult knowledge, but seek it you must, with an unquenchable longing! You serve My Divine Purpose in any case, whether you do ill or well: for if you do ill, the Deities transform the ill to good: and if you do well, it is the same for the Purpose but pleasanter for yourself.

It is usual for humans to pursue Love with pride: and to treat Truth with humility. For Love shows so lovely a face that all fly into her arms. Yet to do so is to court destruction from consuming passion. But Truth is believed to be so hideous that she is seen as a Gorgon's head entwined with venomous serpents and so much be avoided at all costs! It is regarded as safer to prostrate before the veiled Goddess, rather than to lift her Veil. Many fear the fate of Oedipus, who gave the factual answer to the Sphinx's riddle, not knowing the true meaning and so perished from his own ignorance.

I am amused that you should ask Me to lift my veil; and because I am entertained I shall do so, according to your true need, but not for the satisfaction of your curiosity which you dignify with the name of science. For wit is my prerogative and humour is my salt. The shock when I lift my veil often brings laughter more than the tears induced by Love. And you fear laughter, when it is directed against yourself. It is to be reduced to your relevant size, your true degree. And this in one second kills self-deluded dreams of your importance in relation to others, your high stature that diminishes your rivals.

However, do not fear, though there is much to be feared! Only fear self-deception. For in reality Truth bears the most beautiful face of all the Deities. When you gaze into my mirror you may first see the Gorgon's Head of your follies: but through this mask you will with the eye of discernment see your own immortal beauty. And so you will also see the immortal beauty hidden in all beings.

(c) Olivia Robertson, FOI co-founder
All Rights Reserved
Note: Oracles and audio files are copyright protected.
Please keep this notice, as well as the above copyright and Yahoo link intact when sharing. Thank you.

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