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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Olivia Robertson as the Oracle
Photo © Logic Reality from Olivia, Priestess of Isis

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February 2015
Oracle: The Goddess Ariadne
Booklet: Isis of Alchemy
By: Olivia Robertson
Listen to Olivia Robertson give the Oracle
(mp3 file/670 kb/2:51 mins)

I invoke the Goddess Ariadne of the Crown of Stars and the Labyrinth of Earth!

How beautiful is the sea with softly rising waves topped with foam in the light of the full moon! There, contemplating perfect beauty, the soul is at rest. The torture of the questing mind is the burden of the philosophers. Drawn upwards into metaphysical speculations, the idealist is in danger of losing touch with the earth, which also has her mysteries. The intolerable fire of the stars appears meekly when reflected in a still pool. In the circles of time the powers gained by the intellect disperse like motes of dust. But noble ideals when brought to fruition through kindness and understanding are eternal.

Eternity is not infinite duration. It could be more aptly called infinite shortness! Divinity may be enjoyed between seconds. So abandon the never-ending theories and dogmas that may lead to frustration and even to wars. Not one life should be sacrificed for a creed, for this annihilates the very purpose of the creed.

I am Mistress of the labyrinth and not its prisoner: for the labyrinth is the human brain. Your brain is a tool, not an end in itself. Use it to assess your visions, not to inhibit them. Art is both the Daughter of Nature and of Mind. Unite these qualities and you will drink from the Cup of Creation. I am with you when you dream, and I inspire you when you bring your dreams into being. From such wisdom comes ever-renewing life.

(c) Olivia Robertson, FOI co-founder
All Rights Reserved
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