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Fellowship of Isis key
This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Fellowship of Isis Timeline

1976: Founding of the Fellowship of Isis, Vernal Equinox (more)

1977: First FOI Iseum: "Iseum of Rhiannon of the Wild White Horse", U.K.

1986: College of Isis (more)

1989: Noble Order of Tara (more)

1989: 1st FOI World Convention, London

1992: Druid Clan of Dana (more)

1993: Parliament of World’s Religions, August (more)

1994: 1st Annual USA Convention, Chicago (more)

1995: 1st FOI Website online: Isis-of-the-Stars Lyceum, USA

1996: Temple of Isis/Isis Oasis Legal Status (more)

1996: 1st FOI central website: London, UK

1999: Decentralization of FOI & formation of the Archpriesthood Union (more)

1999: Fellowship of Isis Homepage

1999: Restructuring of the Fellowship of Isis (more)

1999: Spiral of the Adepti (more)

2000: Druid Clan of Dana & Noble Order of Tara Structures (more)

2001: Helpers of Isis Special Projects (more)

2003: Star of Isis-AU, August (more)

2003: Spiral of Alchemy, October (more)

2004: Isis-Seshat (more)

2004: Circle of Brigid, Clonegal Castle Gatherings, May (more)

2004: Circle of Isis & Global Websites, October (more)

2004: Isis Theatre Company, Clonegal Castle, December (more)

2006: FOI’s 30th Anniversary, Spring Equinox (more)

2006: Spiral of Isis, September (more)

2006: Circle of Pelagia, October (more)

2006: Round Table of Tara/NOT, November (more)

2006:Nemeton of Dana/DCD, November (more)

2007: Olivia Robertson's 90th Birthday, April 13th (more)

2007: The Muses Symposium (more)

2008: The Star of Elen (more)

2009: Foundation Union Triad, October 2009 (more)

2011: Cressida Pryor named Olivia's successor (more)

2013: The Hon. Olivia Robertson passes to Spirit Sphere (more)

2014: Updated Code of Ethics (more)
     Dissolution of the FOI Union Triad (more)

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