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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Fellowship of Isis Bookstore
FOI-Crossroads Media

FOI-Crossroads Media is an authorized publishing outlet for books and recordings created by Olivia Robertson for the Fellowship of Isis. All Liturgy books are reprints of original versions written by Olivia Robertson, first published through Cesara Publications in Ireland. The books available through Amazon are published in trade paperback format and may be purchased through online bookstores, as well as ordered through your local bookstore. They are available through public and academic school libraries as well.

The complete FOI Liturgy may always be read for free online in the Liturgy Section of this website.


Fellowship of Isis Manuals: A Compendium: All of the 21st century manuals of the Fellowship of Isis are brought together in this one book: 1) Fellowship of Isis Manual, 2) Iseum Manual, 3) College of Isis Manual, 4) Noble Order of Tara Manual, and 5) Druids of Dana-Druid Clan of Dana Manual. (The original 1992 FOI handbook and COI manual also included as a bonus in the appendix.) There is commentary by Olivia Robertson on all aspects of the FOI as she created it, as well as her drawings. Also included is current procedural information and consecration rites for each one Societies within the FOI, all of which is freely available within this website: (FOI Societies & Policies and Liturgy & Consecration Rites) (This is Version 3, released in August 2015, and this update includes letters from Cressida Pryor and information on the Circle of Brigid.)

Purchase the Compendium: Order from CreateSpace

Goddess Art of Olivia Robertson: Authorized by Olivia Robertson in 2006, this booklet is made up of 40 illustrations that she created for the Fellowship over the years. Each page highlights a different drawing and almost half of them are in full color. Also includes a preface and introduction by Olivia, who wrote: "My writing expresses my mind and spirit: art for me shows forth my intuition and heart." (not a trade paperback - 7 x 8.5" saddle-stitched booklet) *Temporarily unavailable*

Isis of Fellowship: How the Fellowship of Isis was Founded: Olivia Robertson's personal account of how each aspect of the Fellowship of Isis came into being, as she experienced it. An original Oracle of the Goddess and illustration begins each of the nine chapters, which include: 1) Foundation, the Throne of Isis, 2) Return of the Priestess, 3) The College of Isis Revived, 4) Spirals of Light, 5) Dana's Land of Immortality, 6) Ladies & Knights of the Green Earth, 7) The Goddess Has New Helpers, 8) Isis Prophetis, 9) The Muses Symposium. (read foreword)

Purchase Isis of Fellowship (via Amazon):   United States    ~   United Kingdom    ~    Germany    ~    France    ~    Italy    ~    Spain    ~    Canada    ~    Japan

The Call of Isis: The spiritual autobiography of Olivia Robertson where she describes her adventures in the occult and mystical fields working for many years with groups in S. Ireland and London specializing in guided meditations. Three sections: 'The Temple of the Moon' explores psychic development and the control of emotions ; 'The Temple of the Sun' introduces using vital force for healing and creativity, and 'The Temple of the Stars' deals with mystical experiences and the safe development of cosmic consciousness. Cover photo is of the High Altar at Clonegal Castle. Olivia wrote on March 21, 2011: "Thank you for giving me a new Call of Isis! It is superb as a production with enough space for print and pictures. It means a lot to me. In the future people will want it. It's how it all began." (read online) (Original 1975 edition, with illustrations added by the author.)

Purchase The Call of Isis (via Amazon):   United States    ~   United Kingdom    ~    Germany    ~    France    ~    Italy    ~    Spain    ~    Canada   ~    Japan


Dea, RItes & Mysteries of the Goddess: Twelve rites of the FOI. From the introduction: "The mysteries here presented in new form are among the most ancient known to the human race. Any of these may be used for initiation: for a change of state." (read online)

Purchase Dea (via Amazon):  United States    ~    United Kingdom    ~    Germany    ~    France    ~    Italy    ~    Spain

Fortuna, Creation Through the Goddess: From the introduction: "[The rites] involve a 3-fold woven plait derived from alchemy, myth, and astrology. A succession of cards from the Tarot have to be interpreted to give the candidate a symbolic key. Having interpreted the Tarot symbolism, the candidate is offered a mystery drama, drawn from world mythology. The third strand involves a series of magical journeys through the 12 zodiacal houses." (read online)

Purchase Fortuna (via Amazon):  United States    ~    United Kingdom    ~    Germany    ~    France    ~    Italy    ~    Spain

Gaea: Initiations of the Earth: Two rituals, with introduction and preface. It includes the elemental initiation rite for a Knight/Dame within the Noble Order of Tara, as well as the planetary initiation rite of "Isis and Osiris: The Judgment". (read online)

Purchase Gaea (via Amazon):  United States    ~    United Kingdom    ~    Germany    ~    France    ~    Italy    ~    Spain

Isis of Alchemy, Transformation through the Goddess: Eight rites, with introduction and illustrations by Olivia Robertson, who wrote: "As to my own quest, it has led me home. I have discovered the hidden sun within the transforming fire on Brigid's Hearth." (read online)

Purchase Isis of Alchemy (via Amazon):  United States    ~    United Kingdom    ~    Germany    ~    France    ~    Italy    ~    Spain

The Isis Wedding Rite: The Wedding Rite of the Fellowship of Isis. "'To find the Other is to find Oneself: All Nature is expressed in one loved face." (read online)

Purchase the Wedding Rite (via Amazon):  United States    ~    United Kingdom    ~    Germany    ~    France    ~    Italy    ~    Spain

The Many Voices of Isis: Oracles of Alchemy: Companion volume to "Sibyl, Oracles of the Goddess" (found below). The remaining 114 Oracles from the FOI Liturgy, as well as 10 illustrations, all by Olivia Robertson who writes: "the Oracles have returned to aid us." (read online)

Purchase Voices (via Amazon):  United States    ~    United Kingdom    ~    Germany    ~    France    ~    Italy    ~    Spain

Maya, Goddess Rites for Solo Use: This book consists of five rituals written specifically for solitary Fellowship of Isis members by Olivia Robertson. (read online)

Purchase Maya (via Amazon):  United States    ~    United Kingdom    ~    Germany    ~    France    ~    Italy    ~    Spain

Melusina, Life Centres of the Goddess: Twelve rituals of the FOI. From the intro: "There is only one source of Power; Deity. Yet this Power works through the etheric vehicle around which the earthly body is built. Its force has been termed Kundalini in India, Manitu with the North American Indians, Mana of the peoples of Oceana, Melusina to Westerners, and Buto to the Egyptians. We realise it is not, as electricity, to be evoked according to our will, but respectfully to be invoked as Living Deity, Life Power." (read online)

Purchase Melusina (via Amazon):  United States    ~    United Kingdom    ~    Germany    ~    France    ~    Italy    ~    Spain

Ordination of Priestesses & Priests: The Ordination rite of the Fellowship of Isis, including preface and introduction by Olivia Robertson. (read online)

Purchase Ordination (via Amazon):  United States    ~    United Kingdom    ~    Germany    ~   France    ~    Italy    ~    Spain

Panthea, Initiations & Festivals of the Goddess: Twelve FOI rituals. From the intro: "Our first four rituals concern Birth, Initiation and experience of other spheres. They culminate with the death of the body, when the soul enters a new spiral of life through the Matrix. The subsequent eight Festivals are illustrated in the diagram by the year's cycle of the earth rotating round the sun, each ray marks the ensuing seasons." (read online)

Purchase Panthea (via Amazon):  United States    ~    United Kingdom    ~    Germany    ~   France    ~    Italy    ~    Spain

Psyche, Magical Journeys of the Goddess: Twelve FOI rituals. From the intro: "The aim of these magical journeys is to bring the voyager as wide a range of experience as possible, through the spiral of Tiamat: but also to offer a guiding light of truth through the straight paths of Ishtar. These magical journeys begin with the spiral of Tiamat in four stages, followed by eight Paths of Ishtar." (read online)

Purchase Psyche (via Amazon):  United States    ~    United Kingdom    ~    Germany    ~   France    ~    Italy    ~    Spain

Rite of Rebirth: The ritual of the Descent of Ishtar written for the Fellowship of Isis by Olivia Robertson: "This myth is a representation of our descent into the womb, and our ascent from it." (read online)

Purchase Rebirth (via Amazon):  United States    ~    United Kingdom    ~    Germany    ~    France    ~    Italy    ~    Spain

Sophia, Cosmic Consciousness of the Goddess: Twelve FOI rituals. "The present zodiac contemplative ceremonies introduce the seeker to the Higher Sophia of the Trino-Sophia, thrice holy gnosis of wisdom." (read online)

Purchase Sophia (via Amazon):  United States    ~    United Kingdom    ~    Germany    ~    France    ~    Italy    ~    Spain

Sphinx, Goddess Myths & Mysteries: Eight FOI rituals. "My aim with these Mystery Plays, related to the eight sacred planets, is to bring into harmony physical facts with inner spiritual reality." (read online)

Purchase Sphinx (via Amazon):  United States    ~    United Kingdom    ~    Germany    ~    France    ~    Italy    ~    Spain

Sybil, Oracles of the Goddess: Forty-eight Oracles from the FOI Liturgy, as well as six illustrations, all by Olivia Robertson who wrote: "These Oracles are for those who are willing to accept guidance in their efforts to bring the Divine Plan to fruition on earth." (See also "The Many Voices of Isis" above for the companion volume to this book.) (read online)

Purchase Sybil (via Amazon):  United States    ~    United Kingdom    ~    Germany    ~    France    ~    Italy    ~    Spain

Urania, Ceremonial Magic of the Goddess: Twelve rituals. From the introduction: "The Rites in this Liturgy are not subjective, though they have subjective elements. The Powers described have been experienced, the visions seen, the effects gained through causes put into operation . . . In these Magical Rites the Gods are associated with the Outer Arcanum: the Goddesses with the Inner Mysteries." (read online)

Purchase Urania (via Amazon):  United States    ~    United Kingdom    ~    Germany    ~    France    ~    Italy    ~    Spain

You may read the entire Liturgy & other FOI books here:

Online Liturgy

N.B.: This website is authorized to publish these works at the request of the author, Olivia Robertson. She wrote: "I am absolutely delighted with the book covers.. . Amazon is very useful, as were the Amazons!" (5/2013)

FOI-Crossroads Media was granted the right to publish the Liturgy by Olivia Robertson in 1999.
The Iseum Manual was the first booklet published by FOI-CR Media in 2000.
Our first liturgy booklet "Nuit of the Milky Way" was published in 2004.

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