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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Isian News Issue 129
Fellowship of Isis News

From Olivia Robertson
Written by Minette Quick on July 21, 2008

Yesterday Olivia and I sat together in the sunshine down by the river in Bunclody behind one of her favourite restaurants, having spent a splendid day with the camera crew who had come over from Liverpool a second time to film her for a documentary they are doing at present. Together we ruminated over the events of the weekend, starting with the marvellous time we had at our Festival of the Twin Stars of Sirius, Isis the Bright Star, Osiris the Dark Star, the Union of Binary Energies - Activities & Stillness, Day and Night - the Uachat and the Horus.

I began to doubt my ability to remember all this and asked her please to jot it down on a little notepad I usually keep with me... We had an Investment of a Knight of the Noble Order of Tara, one of the earliest members of the Fellowship, who wished to keep his identity private. Olivia was delighted at her latest artwork in the Temple, she had painted the figures of Isis and Osiris, in profile, in white, with blue blue eyes, on the windows on either side of Dana in the Star Chapel, which of course can be seen just as clearly, from the High Altar, on either side of the Mother Isis - Hathor, who is twinned now with the Father Osiris in the Healing Chapel where Olivia prays every day for those in trouble. The profiles are exquisite - she had already painted Isis and Osiris, a little smaller, on the window which lights the stairs down to the Temple. Somehow, I had thought that they also looked like Olivia and Derry (her brother Lawrence, of course)! I loved them too! She is so brilliant at this, isn't she?

Painted Window
Painted Window - Medieval Stained Glass
photo © 2008 O. Robertson

Anyway, suddenly Olivia announced that now was the time to let you all know about something which happened to her at the end of March, shortly before her 91st Birthday. I happened to phone her niece one morning to be told that Olivia had had an 'accident', she had been down in the Temple, arranging things, as she so loves to do, and she had stepped back onto the wooden cover over the well, only to have it completely give way under her... The wood was quite rotten...and crashed below her, lodging far down. The Well is 17 feet deep and she plunged right in - the water was well up over her chest and she could barely reach the upper rim with the tips of her fingers, and she hung on there in shock under ground level, for about ten minutes before deciding what she could do. She knew that she would have to get herself out, nobody would even hear her shout. And she did it!! Her nephew had always said that if anybody were to fall in, they could never get themselves out, but Olivia did it. It was quite extraordinary.

She was shaken obviously, and the family certainly gave her brandy and hot drinks and helped her up to a hot bath and bed when she finally appeared in their quarters. But Olivia says now that amongst her family, local friends and neighbours, it has turned out to be the most 'popular', if you can call it that, of all her exploits over the years, and the story has been told and retold with amazement. They just cannot imagine how she did it. Can you? She says actually that even she doesn't know quite how she did it, but as she 'clung on, she says that the Goddess Statue gazed down with 'stone-cold eyes', reminding her in those immortal words of the Liturgy, that "We are with you, but cannot help you" She says: "I gather the message is that the Inner Sun helps you to help yourself..."

She naturally did not want to worry you about all this, and indeed she has totally recovered and is in terrific form and full of life as ever. However, as the story has been spreading like wildfire and she will be travelling to the US before too long, she felt it would be good to let you know all about it. And, as her niece said to me when first she told me.. "You'll never believe what Olivia said when she had got out and came in to us... (Honestly in my heart, for an instant before she told me, I knew what it would be!):

"I had always been told that you cannot be a true Druid,
unless you have been initiated by total immersion in a well!!!"

Old Cover - Druid Well    New Cover - Druid Well
Old Well Cover on Left - New Well Cover on Right
© O.R. & M.Q.

An Account by Archdruidess Minette Quick, Hon. Secretary, Circle of Brigid

It was a wild, wet, windy day for the Castle celebrations of the Summer Solstice, but the Temple was full to capacity with our members and their guests. Everything was filmed by a very sympathetic crew from the UK who were genuinely moved by the ceremony and loved the impromptu play with which we always start the day's events in the old Barn Theatre across the yard at the rear of the main building. Here Olivia wrote and performed in plays with her siblings as a child. Nowadays she regales us first with the latest horrific plot which the 'baddies' have dreamed up to destroy the world and remove the people from the influence of the Gods and make themselves 'loads of money' their ultimate aim, of course!

Over the years we have developed from shrinking violets to spirited and vocal participants, and much fun is had as the Gods and Goddesses protest, the goodies grow in strength and conspire to overthrow all wickedness with their spirituality and inventiveness! All ends in a spiral dance with everyone present, accompanied by cheerful chants sung by all. Afterwards in the Temple, invocations are made by the Priesthood and Blessings of the Goddess with water from the Well, are shared with all and many hearts are touched by the personal messages which individuals are surprised and delighted to receive from those giving the Blessings.

This being the Summer Solstice, two members of the Priesthood were invited to perform the Midsummer Marriage Rite which is solemnised every year, often with people who have never met before! However as Lady Olivia explained, this is a Rite which does not bind the participants. Together they create a powerful Sun Blessing which they offer to the world with their personal intentions. This year these were for co-operation and love. Lady Olivia's guided journey took us on a journey to the Fates and to the very centre of the Universe. Many people stayed to receive healing and counselling, before repairing to the Village for tea and lots of enjoyable conversations with new and old friends.



Compact Discs of the cassette tapes that have been recorded over the years by Olivia Robertson at Clonegal Castle will now be made available. These CDs are digitally remastered to improve the original sound quality and are colorfully presented with Olivia’s artwork in a slim case. Prices and ordering information may be obtained at the above URL, or go to the “Books & CDs” link on the left-hand column of the Fellowship of Isis Homepage. Please note: cassette tapes will no longer be available from the Foundation Centre.

By: Rt. Rev. Caroline Wise, AU

The Star of Elen forms a link with our first global circle, the Star of Isis in the USA, the Circle of Brigid in Ireland, and the Circle of Isis in the USA. All boards have equal standing within the Fellowship and work together in goodwill. The Star of Elen, although international, provides a focus for members in the British Isles and Europe, especially those discovering and exploring the goddess through the arts. The Star of Elen is limited to eight members. The Star of Elen board: Olivia Robertson, Caroline Wise, Cressida Pryor, Storm Poorun, John Merron, Laura Janesdaughter, Michael Staley, 8th candidate to be announced.

Olivia Robertson writes "The Star of Elen forms a global circle linking the Circle of Brigid in Ireland, and the Star of Isis and the Circle of Isis in the USA. Owing to the extraordinary expansion of the Fellowship of Isis it has been necessary to form such Circles. The Circle of Brigid was formed to facilitate events at Clonegal Castle, the others organise Global websites which have already brought the FOI to 123 countries."

Caroline and Olivia have exhaustively planned this new site to have a global website and magazine in the British Isles which extends to any members throughout the world with goodwill to all. The individual emphasis is on the arts so integral with the culture of Europe, especially London with its links to the Golden Dawn and so many other distinguished societies.


April 23 & 30, 2008:
"FOI and the Druid Clan of Dana have no affiliation to any other organisation. No member of the Druid Clan of Dana is authorized at any time to represent the Clan in any other organisation."
Blessings of Dana,
Olivia Robertson

November 21, 2006:
"The Noble Order of Tara, F.O.I., has no affiliation with any other Order of Chivalry. Druid Clan of Dana, FOI, has no affiliation with any other Druidic organisation."
Olivia Robertson

Note: These clarifications apply equally to all Foundation Centre Societies within the FOI, including the overall Fellowship of Isis itself. As per the Manifesto, the FOI has a policy of "no particular affiliations." Members or their individual centres are encouraged to join organizations of their choice. However, the Fellowship of Isis itself (or any of its Societies), is not to be represented by any one person or group.


Thanks to Olivia Robertson, Minette Quick and Martin Dier, many new photos have been added throughout the Homepage Photo Gallery, including those in the new sections: Mirrors & Windows, Olivia’s Drawing Room, and Passageways and Doors.

Olivia at the Haroldstown Dolmen
Olivia at the Haroldstown Dolmen
(on the bank of the Derreen river, 4 miles NE of Tullow, Co. Carlow)
photo © 2008 Martin Dier

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