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Fellowship of Isis key
This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

In honor of the Rt. Rev. Laura Janesdaughter,
who passed to Spirit Sphere on May 27, 2013

Brigid Detail
© M.Q.

Our sincere condolences and prayers go out to Laura's friends and family, and all members of her many centers and groups. If you would like to add something to this page, please feel free to contact us. May the Wings of Isis bring comfort to each of you.

A message from Olivia Robertson:

Our thanks to the Rt. Rev. Caroline Wise, for posting this on our Facebook Page:

Here is FOI co-founder Olivia Robertson's tribute to Laura Janesdaughter relayed to me over the telephone from Foundation Centre:

"We have lost one of our great Priestesses, The Rt. Rev. Laura Janesdaughter. She had the gift of total integrity. She brought the goddess into her life and her work, and the lives of others. She brought Isis to Los Angeles. The rituals she led on the beach with Isis Pelagia were well known as were the meetings she led for the community. Laura Janesdaughter was no snob, she could mix with everybody. She stood up to injustice whenever she saw it with moral courage. She was a great friend. The Priestesses she taught are brilliant, and they could rely on her for truth and moral courage. I am sure that she will be happy to continue her work and help us in the Spirit World."

Olivia Robertson

Shared by Letecia Layson, via Long Beach WomanSpirit:
Dear All,

Laura relaxed and stayed steady through the night. She took her last breath at 5:03AM while the sun was rising in the east and the moon setting in the west. After a few moments of silence the first morning bird began to sing through the window behind the altar.

Encircled in red ribbon, wings draped across her breast and torso, Catherine, Cat and I at bedside read together, "To Isis, Wings - En Iset, Denhwy" from Offering to Isis by Isidora Forrest, spoke the Hymn we have heard Laura speak in ritual for over 20 years:

Open Heaven's Gates, draw back the bolts
We have come to sing for Isis!
We have come to praise Your Name, O Flame!
We have come to adore the Great Speaker of Spells.
How beautiful Her Face, happy, renewed, refreshed
As the day Her Mother first fashioned Her
All Praises to the Queen of Heaven and Earth.
All Hail the Goddess Isis
All Hail Laura

Then sang the Knot of Isis (adapted from the translation by Normandi Ellis, music and arrangement by Jeni, Denise and Diana) http://youtu.be/ndssa0FBXmA. Thanks to ElfKat for the video.

Love and Blessings to Laura's beloved family, Linda, Earl, Walter, Catherine, Evan, Tackett, Alden, Evelyn and Ashia. Thank you for sharing her with us.

A Memorial Service is taking shape for sometime in October the month that Laura was ordained as a Priestess of Isis in the Fellowship of Isis (October 27, 1993) and the Temple of Isis (October 12, 1996). Currently the plans for the service are to take place at the UU Church in Long Beach, CA. The family is planning another in Grants Pass, Or.

Thank you all for your love in the Temple.
In Her Service,
Letecia, Catherine, Cat

A lovely article about Laura, written by Joanne Elliott: Founder of Temple of Isis/LA shares the story of her spiritual journey

The June 2013 Oracle of the Month is dedicated to Laura: Read Oracle

Laura's Groups:

Iseum/Lyceum of Isis Pelagia - The Circle of Pelagia

Temple of Isis-Los Angeles

Long Beach WomanSpirit

The Knot of Isis

LBWS-TOI-LA Yahoo Group

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