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Fellowship of Isis key
This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Letter from Cressida Pryor
October 31, 2014

Statement re FOI recent developments:

Dear Companions in Isis,

There has been much online discussion regarding the FOI’s management style and content; such involvement and energy is to be welcomed even if it has at times been uncomfortable at the receiving end.

I would like to address one or two particular issues; relating to my role and that of the Circle of Brigid which I hope will clarify some of the issues.

Olivia entrusted me, together with her closest confidants and companions in Ireland to take the FOI forward after she died; knowing there were many loving hands holding the FOI, the same hands that had held hers in the final days and weeks allowed her an easier passing. She also, of course had many close and valued friends and colleagues worldwide. The issues that concerned her greatly, in her final months, were the FOI’s standing and integrity and support for the ‘seers’ in our community, enabling the ultimate goal: that of service so divine purpose could be achieved. Her faith in the latter was always her prime focus, as it is mine.

In creating a new role it took a while to find the right word to best describe my position and function in relationship to the FOI; until the analogy of an aeroplane’s ‘chief steward’ came to me. This felt appropriate and right as it allowed space to consult with the FOI’s collective wisdom and higher spiritual powers to decide our ultimate direction of travel. My initial task, together with the flight crew of the Circle of Brigid has been to oversee the review of our safety procedures (code of ethics) and using the plane analogy further, make sure all who enter are getting comparable service (basic training guidelines are consistent and appropriate). Once on board this safe craft and all passengers agree to follow the manifesto’s ethos (e.g. be respectful to other passengers, one example amongst others) you are autonomous in your Iseum, Lyceum or sole practice...and have the opportunity to enjoy the journey of support, fellowship and inspiration which is what being on the plane is all about. Occasionally we hit a turbulent patch and the safety belt sign comes on; a reminder of our ultimate fragility as we travel around this beautiful earth and emphasises our need for prayer and good safety procedures.

The Divine Feminine was always chief pilot in Olivia’s time, and still is (personal contemplation, reflection and prayer to make inner spiritual connection was an important part of Olivia’s guidance, as it is mine) My aunt was co-pilot and had invited many others, during her long and eventful life into the cockpit...it got very crowded, the chief pilot indicated it was getting unmanageable and potentially a distraction to the real task in hand and I was asked to create more space there for our safe onward flight. Those invited into the cockpit as her close colleagues can, of course, keep the titles she bestowed as these have personal resonance and importance to them. The other groupings have not been affected at all, so the Noble Order of Tara and the others are still important and as active as they ever were.

My style is consultative...the FOI, in terms of central issues, cannot be fully democratic in the full sense of the word as the mechanism of voting would be logistically difficult with over twenty thousand members. You are the fellowship and your Iseums, Lyceums, hearths and groves are autonomous within the ‘creed’ of the manifesto. The ‘central FOI’ has a limited but important function and is manifested through the Circle of Brigid as envisioned by Olivia at Foundation Centre in Clonegal. The whole Clonegal FOI Temple; the well and high altar especially are held in the highest respect by all members of the resident family. They are devout people and know the importance of revering sacred spaces. The FOI respects all faiths and holds a position of love and tolerance. I hope this provides some helpful clarity.

With the blessings of Samhain, and Olivia’s Isis prayer:

“Holy Goddess Isis, Mother of All Beings, come to our hearts. Grant us Thy Children, Love and Joy, Wisdom and Abundance. We offer Thee our loving care for all who are born of Thee.”


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The Circle of Brigid

(Our thanks to Cressida for sending this letter.)

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