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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

FOI Online Liturgy
Gaea, Initiations of the Earth
By: Olivia Robertson

Printable PDF File

Isis and Osiris: The Judgment

TWO PRIESTESSES and TWO PRIESTS wear priestly regalia in gold and silver. PRIESTESSES wear Isian crowns and hold wands: PRIESTS, Pharaoh headdresses and hold crooks.

 The two candidates, represent the EARTH and the MOON. Earth is portrayed by a man in a brown and ochre garment and sandals; his head is bare, and he wears the sigil of Earth. Moon is portrayed by a woman dressed in white with a white veil over her head; she wears the sigil of the Moon.

 Seven companions represent the seven sacred planets and are robed in these colours: MERCURY - yellow (Mercury carries a caduceus), VENUS - green, MARS - red, JUPITER - blue, SATURN - black, URANUS - grey, NEPTUNE - purple. PLUTO appears in robes of indigo as Guardian.

 All planetary representatives wear their appropriate planetary sigil.

 Twelve companions represent the twelve signs of the Zodiac; they wear star crowns and appropriate insignia and are robed in these colours: ARIES - scarlet, TAURUS - green, GEMINI - yellow, CANCER - violet, LEO - orange, VIRGO -  corn-colour, LIBRA - jade green, SCORPIO - crimson, SAGITTARIUS - sapphire blue, CAPRICORN - black, AQUARIUS - sky blue, PISCES - turquoise green.

 All other characters are robed as appropriate for their individual sun signs. The altar is draped in gold and silver and on it are the following: pictures or statues of Isis and Osiris, a twelve rayed star on a stand, seven candles, a laurel wreath, a crown of flowers and berries, three silver bowls of water, burning incense, a gong.

GUARDIAN strikes gong three times.

1ST PRIEST: Companions who seek harmony through uniting Justice and Compassion, we are assembled to seek peace for our earth. We repent of the follies wrought by mankind upon earth's creatures and plants. We would face the judgment of Osiris, that we may learn what we may do to restore the balance of Nature. We seek the compassion of Isis so that we may forgive others and ourselves. (Offers incense at altar and raises his staff) I offer incense to Thee, Osiris, Judge of the living- and the dead! Only when we face Thee may we bring our earth and ourselves to new birth. Grant us Thy Oracle!

Oracle of Osiris given through 2nd Priest

My son, know that there are four judgments: the divine decree of the all-knowing Deities: the judgment of your peers: the judgment of those under your authority: and your own assessment of yourself. The judgment of the Gods you accept with awe and humility. Your mind and heart are deeply affected by the judgment of your family and friends: to be disliked by humble folk, children and animals is painful: but what hurts you to the quick is to look into a mirror and hate what you find therein! You call upon me to advise you on your situation, and that I shall do when you meditate. But it rests with your companions and you yourself what you do with the knowledge given.

1ST PRIEST: We give thanks to the God Osiris for His Oracle.

1ST PRIESTESS: (Offers incense and raises wand) Holy Goddess Isis, loving daughter, wife, mother, You know what it is to be human. Our hearts fail when we see the destruction we have wrought upon rain forests, oceans, animals. Though we strive to undo the harm wrought by man, because of conscience and duty, yet we need your hope and joy to give us the heart to persevere! Without You we would relapse into inertia and despair. Bestow unto us Thy Oracle!

Oracle of Isis given through 2nd Priestess 

Happy am I that you turn to Me even at this eleventh hour! Know that My compassion is within your own selves. When you are angry at cruelty and greed, this is love changed to hatred. When you feel despair, this is because you once knew heaven. When you cease to feel, it is because you once have felt too much. Do not be afraid of your feelings! It is through your respect for honour and justice that Osiris brings true judgment to earth. For without justice, peace becomes weakness. But it is your love that brings ecstasy even if you live in a cardboard city, a polluted slum, a famine-stricken arid desert. Even could you open your hearts to me between two seconds you would know that all is well in eternal reality! Then you would see clearly how to bring this shadow earth into its true being, the Land of Heart's Desire! Know that Peace and Justice are One: perfection and Nature are One: Osiris and Isis are One.

1ST PRIESTESS: We give thanks to Isis for Her oracle.

1ST PRIEST: That Justice and Peace prevail upon earth, we need to invoke the Sovereign Sun. (Offers incense at altar and raises staff) Homage to Thee, O Ra, when thou risest in beauty. Thou passest over the height of Heaven and Thy heart is filled with gladness. The Sektet boat draweth on, and thou advancest in the Atet boat with fair winds. Grant that we may be among Thy favoured followers. O Lord of Beauty, bring us in Thy Boat of Millions of Years into Thy everlasting habitations.

1ST PRIESTESS: (Offers incense at altar, and makes sign of Hathor with her wand) Come amongst us, O Hathor, Who weareth the Sun upon Thy horned head. Mother Goddess, who dwelleth in the visible Heavens, Source and ruler of All, help us to bring harmony to our earth, that we may enjoy Thy gifts therein. Thou hast created the world and all that it containeth, through Thine own unaided force and energy. Thou hast breathed the power of life within us. Give us of Thy strength, that we may use it for good.

1ST PRIEST: We need the gentleness of Water to blend with Sun-fire. May the Water of Life be bestowed.

PISCES, AQUARIUS and CANCER, (using silver bowls of Water anoint each brow with these words): May true vision be with you.

2ND PRIESTESS: That power may come to us through Ra and Isis, let us radiate Sun-fire and Water in harmony.

2ND PRIEST and 2ND PRIESTESS face each other and bring palms of their hands together until energy is received. They then bestow this on the company, hands held outwards.

2ND PRIEST: Let us intone the sacred name of Isis of the Sacred Planets, each attuned to one of the Seven Cosmic Rays of Creation.


MARS: I call upon Morrigan of Eire, Goddess of Mars! (ALL CHANT "MORRIGAN")

VENUS: I call upon Kwan Yin of China, Goddess of Venus! (ALL CHANT "KWAN YIN")

MERCURY: I call upon Sophia of Byzantium, Goddess of Mercury! (ALL CHANT "SOPHIA")

JUPITER: I call upon Muth of Egypt, Goddess of Jupiter! (ALL CHANT "MUTH")

SATURN: I call upon Astarte of Assyria, Goddess of Saturn! (ALL CHANT "ASTARTE")

URANUS: I call upon Sarasvati of India, Goddess of Uranus! (ALL CHANT "SARASVATI")

NEPTUNE: I call upon Ngame of Africa, Goddess of Neptune! (ALL CHANT "NGAME")

2ND PRIESTESS: Companions of the Planets, may the music of your differing rays be brought into harmony through the Dance of the Planets!

Music. The SEVEN PLANETS dance; They end by rotating deosil around the altar, where they remain.

2ND PRIESTESS: Let the Twelve Sacred Names of Isis of the Zodiac be intoned!

PISCES: I invoke Ceridwen of Wales, Goddess of Pisces! (ALL CHANT "CERIDWEN")

ARIES: I invoke Durga of India, Goddess of Aries! (ALL CHANT "DURGA")

TAURUS: I invoke Maya of South America, Goddess of Taurus! (ALL CHANT "MAYA")

 GEMINI: I invoke Artemis and Apollo of Hellas, Goddess and God of Gemini! (ALL CHANT "ARTEMIS! APOLLO!")

CANCER: I invoke Tiamat of Babylon, Goddess of Cancer! (ALL CHANT "TIAMAT")

LEO: I invoke Sekhmet of Egypt, Goddess of Leo! (ALL CHANT "SEKHMET")

VIRGO: I invoke Dana of Eire, Goddess of Virgo! (ALL CHANT "DANA")

LIBRA: I invoke Tara of South-East Asia, Goddess of Libra! (ALL CHANT "TARA")

SCORPIO: I invoke Ama-Terasu of Japan, Goddess of Scorpio! (ALL CHANT "AMA-TERASU")

SAGITTARIUS: I invoke Brynhild of the Norse Lands, Goddess of Sagittarius! (ALL CHANT "BRYNHILD")

CAPRICORN: I invoke Terra of Rome, Goddess of Capricorn! (ALL CHANT "TERRA")

AQUARIUS: I invoke Eloh-igi-netse of North America, Goddess of Aquarius! (ALL CHANT "ELOH-IGI-NETSE")

2ND PRIESTESS: Let the Stars perform the Maze dance of the Zodiac!

MUSIC. The TWELVE CONSTELLATIONS of the Zodiac perform a Maze Dance; they end by moving widdershins in a circle around the SEVEN PLANETS. All other COMPANIONS form a third circle outside the other two. All three circles dance around the altar: PLANETS deosil; CONSTELLATIONS widdershins; COMPANIONS deosil.

1ST PRIESTESS: Companions, let us feel the rainbow flow of energies through our beings, so that we may shine like many-coloured stars, attuned to the Music of the Spheres.

MUSIC.  A song may be offered.

1ST PRIEST: We all need to face the judgment of Osiris, that we may attain the Second Birth. Our earth herself faces Initiation. Only Isis can help us face the Eye of Horus, Son of Isis and Osiris. To bring understanding to the soul, we offer a Mystery Drama of The Judgment. Let the Trial of Earth and its twin planet Moon be presented!

(GUARDIAN strikes gong twice)


MERCURY: (holding forth his caduceus) Companions of Olympus of the Cosmic Hierarchy, hearken to Jupiter, Father of Gods and men!

JUPITER: We are here assembled to judge whether to accept the planets Earth and Moon as Candidates for Planetary Initiation. Is it the will of our Olympian Company that these should be summoned?

ALL: It is!

JUPITER: Let Mercury, Psychopompos, Guide of Souls, conduct them before us.

(MERCURY guides EARTH and MOON before the assembly.)

SATURN: (to both) Know me as Saturn and Titan. (To MOON) Do you, Moon, seek to undergo the ordeal of Initiation into the Celestial Company of Planets? Planets are the offspring of the Constellations. Through the rebirth of initiation you may attain a new Sphere of Being.

MOON: Long have I dreamt of this offer, but not to gain greatness. I long only for fruitfulness, the joy of caring for trees and creatures of every sort.

SATURN: (to EARTH) What say you, Earth? Would you be a Candidate for Initiation, to be reborn into the Celestial Company of Planets?

EARTH: First, I haven't heard of this Celestial Company! I'm a planet already, as far as I know. What benefit would I get?

SATURN: You are but the shadow of a planet, the shape of what shall be, inhabited by ghostly denizens who are as transient as a dream. It is because your planetary dream has turned to nightmare that you need premature initiation. When evil overcomes good, free will is lost and divine intervention takes place in some form or another. You face corruption, and have drawn the Moon into like danger.

MOON: Already, although I have done not harm, I am poisoned by the creatures of Earth. Let us both be tried by the Cosmic Hierarchy! Gladly will I endure the consequences. Nothing could be worse than my present pollution.

EARTH: It's all right for you! As you say, you haven't done anything! But that's easy enough when you haven't had the opportunity, the ability, nor the power. But how do I know what will happen to me in either case, win or lose? If I lose, they say I'll be corrupted - which sounds unpleasant, but not an entire surprise. It mayn't be too bad. If I win, I'll get absorbed into the Cosmic Hierarchy, whatever that is. It wouldn't do the Hierarchy any good, and it would be the end of me! (to SATURN) What happens if I refuse, and let things go on as they are - even if corrupt?

SATURN: Self-destruction.

EARTH: (sulking) It seems I have no choice. O well, to dare - to do and not to care about the consequences - that's me. (points to MOON) She can't say I'm a coward. Go ahead with the trial - not that I like the supernatural.

JUPITER: Let Earth's Accuser stand forth!

(VENUS comes forward)

VENUS: Tragic it is that I, Earth's Mother Venus, should accuse him, I who brought him forth! Yet I have no choice, to save my other children. Polluted is my once lovely world. Silent is the Spring. The air is so poisoned that birds fall in flight, and ships plough their way through dead fishes. Rain forests are felled, and their wild creatures die in deserts. Animals are tortured for arid knowledge. If Earth be admitted to our company, he might abuse the Powers entrusted to him, and wreak still greater destruction on those weaker than himself. Rather should Earth be cleansed by the sacred elements of Fire, Air and Water, and life begin again in a better cycle.

SATURN: Let Earth's Defender stand forth and speak for him!

(MARS comes forward)

MARS: I speak for what Earth could be. What use is the talent buried? Moon needs no defence. Nor hath she any virtue born of struggle. Earth works long and hard entirely for his own benefit! And why not? This is a sort of goodness. For with Earth's limited consciousness, to us no more than that of a gnat, he only knows God as himself. It is the only God he knows. He needs to experience the God in someone else - say, Moon - and he will become what he was intended to be: a practical custodian of his own creatures and plants.

Noble Companions of Olympus, I plead that Earth be a Candidate for Initiation. Not because he is worthy - we all know that he is not! But because he needs it. Let him face the ordeal and be educated by ourselves, not because of what he is, but for what he could be. Thus he would not abuse our Powers.

URANUS: What would a repentant Earth be like? It is hard to imagine!

MARS: May Neptune give us a vision of the Earth's possible apotheosis.


NEPTUNE: I sing of the future of the Earth and all that dwell therein. Behold, in your mind's eye see lofty cities arising with many-coloured towers and still fairer trees reaching into the skies. Flowery streets are bordered by fish-filled streams, and wild beasts roam at will and harm none. In Halls of Learning, men and women study the Mysteries; and in fields laden with fruit trees, young people laugh and dance and sing! Those who practise the arts of agriculture dwell in bowered villages set amidst fair hills. And lost within mighty forests in valleys between snowy mountains, dwell Magi, who commune with beasts and birds and Nature Spirits in the language of the Deities (which is Thought). They draw forth visions of a still nobler life to come. It is they who give me this vision.

Music ends.

EARTH: (IN DISGUST) Count me out! If I am reborn, I'll think up something a bit more interesting than that!

SATURN: Is there an Accuser of the Moon?


JUPITER: (to MOON) There is none who will speak against thee.

MOON: I am reborn in Light! A mystic joy sweeps through me. Yet I still long for fulfilment with Earth. I cannot leave him. We are twins.

EARTH: Don't let me drag you back from some fairy heaven you've dreamed-up! I don't see this Light you're talking about. In any case, I don't like the word repentance. But I do feel rather bad about what is happening under my auspices, so to speak. I don't like people; I much prefer animals. Still, I like a few people - and a lot of children. (suddenly) I'll accept Rebirth if offered! On one condition!

JUPITER: Would you strike a bargain with the Gods?

EARTH: Of course! Even if I'm initiated, no Heaven for me! I'll stay where I am, third from the Sun.

MOON: (ardently) And I with you!

JUPITER: Fellow Planets and Stars, now is the time for us to consider our verdict.

CAPRICORN: Hearken to Capricorn, the Assessor! The Star Deities accept the Moon, as do the Planets, for none spoke against her! Moreover, she has received the Sophia, The Divine Light, as a sign from Heaven. It is left for us therefore, to decide whether Earth shall also be accepted as a Candidate for initiation into the Celestial Company. The Planets have already spoken, through Venus and Mars. Now, the Starry Constellations speak!

VIRGO: Hear the wise counsel of Virgo. If we accept Earth, he is likely to fail the ordeal, and so be at a greater loss than now! But if he were to pass the test and receive our Life Force, he could misuse it for selfish purposes, and so contaminate our solar system and even beyond.

SAGITTARIUS: Let Sagittarius put the other side, and be daring rather than cautious! We could risk the danger of the abuse of power for a noble goal. Earth united with Moon could bring us all the riches of strength in harmony with gentleness, will combined with awareness, passion and stillness.

LIBRA: I am Libra of the Scales. Let us with fair judgment meditate upon each side and bring forth a true verdict.

All sit. MUSIC. Meditation, followed by reports. A discussion, with JUPITER in chair.

JUPITER: Let all who accept Earth as a Candidate for Initiation, raise their right hands. (Those who assent, do so.) Let Mercury make the count.

MERCURY counts and gives the verdict to JUPITER.

JUPITER: I declare that the (yeas/nays) have it. Earth is (accepted/not accepted).

AQUARIUS: Hearken to Aquarius of the New Aeon! We, the Star Deities, accept your choice. However, we had already decided upon our greater judgment, whether Initiation be speedy or long delayed. All that is evil on Earth and Moon shall be dissipated and dissolved into the nothingness from which it emanates. But all that is good is part of Eternal Reality, and shall be forever of our Company.

ARIES: (to EARTH) In token not of what you are, but of what you shall be, I, Aries, Shepherd of the Starry Flocks, crown you, Earth, with the laurels of Victory. (ARIES crowns EARTH with the laurel wreath.)

CANCER (to MOON) In token not of what you were, Moon, but of what you shall be, I, Cancer, who guardeth past aeons, crown you with the flowers and berries of fruitfulness! (CANCER crowns MOON with the crown of flowers and berries.)

GEMINI: In the name of Gemini, twin God and Goddess, let the Celestial Company rejoice! The Stars and Planets are One! Isis and Osiris are One! Earth and Moon shall be One in everlasting joy!

AQUARIUS: Let us perform the Dance of the New Aeon!

MUSIC. All perform a spiral dance, linking the three circles. When the dance ends, the GUARDIAN strikes the gong once.

1ST PRIESTESS: (makes sign of Ankh) Know that the Judgment of Osiris and the compassion of Isis bring into harmony Justice and Peace within each mind and heart. When our time comes may each of us awaken into our Body of Light while standing upon earth. So shall we see earth as it truly is: perfect. Go forth with the Blessing of Isis.

1ST PRIEST: (makes sign of Crook and Flail, an X) In the Name of Osiris, Judge of the living and the dead, may truth and justice prevail upon the earth for all its creatures. Go forth with the Blessing of Osiris!

GUARDIAN strikes gong once.

End of Rite.

Sources: "The Book of the Dead", Wallis Budge, Routledge Kegan Paul. "Hesiod; Homeric Hymns" Heinemann, Harvard.

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