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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Message from Olivia Robertson
Co-Founder, FOI
October 2001

NOTE: FOI Registration was returned to the Foundation Center in 2011: Current Registration Procedures

Message from Olivia on August 23, 2011:
(via email from Minette Quick)

"It is the usual practice to wait for a year and day before registration, however exceptions can be made to this according to the good judgement of the Presiding Priestess."

Background information: Olivia's note which preceded her Year-and-a-Day announcement.

Note text:
"Kadea will be emailing this new procedure which, on obtaining your agreement, would be sent forth on the website.
It is an essential addition to the responsibility of AU, THUS:
After AU has registered a new Priestess/Priest it is required that the new Prs/Pr should wait 1 year & a day before registration. i.e. the Ordination is spiritually valid, but the dedication of the new member of our FOI Priesthood should be tested! Pretty necessary. . .
Lots of Love,
Olivia Robertson

Priesthood Ordination Year-and-a-Day Policy
(Also included in issue #103 of Isian News.)

As part of the continuing decentralization of the Fellowship (see note at bottom for current information), Olivia Robertson has handed over the registration of new Priests and Priestesses to the Archpriesthood Union. The AU will now keep individual registration lists of all new Priesthood members. The total number registered will be reported to Olivia on a quarterly basis by the members of the AU. (Addendum: This procedure has since changed. Please see this page for the most current Registration Procedures)

For those who wish ordination within the Fellowship of Isis, a training course is first required [either in person or through correspondence]. Application is made to a member of the F.O.I. Priesthood within an active centre. The recommended training period is 9 months to 2 years. Spiritual Vocation on the part of the Candidate is essential. At the end of the training period, the Rite of Ordination is performed, either in person or through attunement, by a Fellowship Priestess or Priest. This completes the first phase and confers direct Spiritual Ordination.

After the Ordination Rite, the Fellowship will now require a formal year and a day to pass before registration of the new Priest/ess is allowed. This procedure will validate their ministry in practical life through conscious participation in their Vocation.

After the required year and a day, if s/he wishes formal registration in the Fellowship, the new Priest/ess will contact the person who ordained them. The ordaining Priest/ess will then issue a Fellowship of Isis Ordination Certificate, and then provide an AU member with the appropriate information in order to register them. (name, address, date ordained, etc.) The AU member will record this information, and then provide the information to the Central Register and notify the member when this is complete. (Addendum: This procedure has since changed. Please see this page for the most current Registration Procedures and this page to read about the dissolution of the Archpriesthood Union)

Important note: Only after formal registration is the ordination valid within the Fellowship of Isis. Registration is required before a Priest or Priestess can train and ordain other candidates into the Fellowship of Isis Priesthood.

This procedural delay was used many years ago by Olivia and Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, and is now being required for all newly ordained Fellowship Priest/esses.

This decentralized ordination policy is effective October 18, 2001. Please pass this letter on in full to all Priests and Priestesses that you have ordained so they may be properly informed. Thank you.

Olivia Robertson, AU
Co-Founder FOI
18th of October 2001

N.B. added by Olivia a few days later: "There are no exceptions being made to this policy." Our thanks to the Rt. Rev. Kadea Metara for forwarding this information from Olivia while she was in California. This letter was later amended to add updated information about the Central Register per Olivia's request.

Olivia also writes:
"Our Priestesses and Priests of F.O.I. need training AFTER their application as candidates. This business of "previous life work or whatever" is meaningless in context, because this could refer to any other "High Priestesshood" etc. Of what point would be the validity of our courses if just anybody could call themselves FOI Priestesses or Priests!"

Correspondence from 15th March, 2000.

Updated Information: The Fellowship of Isis was recentralized to the Castle Foundation Center by Cressida Pryor in 2014 - read her: Samhain letter

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