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Fellowship of Isis key
This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Reflections, Letters & Announcements
1999 - Present

On this page you will find a wide variety of FOI letters and announcements, written since 1999, arranged by year of publication. Each year has two sections: "Reflections" and "General Letters". Included are messages from Olivia Robertson, Cressida Pryor, Minette Quick, and other members of the Fellowship of Isis as they relate to events, activities and procedures regarding the overall Fellowship of Isis. Please note that these messages are not edited in any manner and are presented as originally written. You may also find a separate list of all of Olivia Robertson's "Reflections" articles, many with audio, here: Reflections.

From the Year 2014

Public Editorials/Reflections:

Lughsasad 2014
Beltaine 2014
Brigantia 2014

General Letters:

Submit Information to: FOI World Map Form

Letter from the Circle of Brigid: World Map Creation

Message to FOI Members from Pamela Currey: August 8, 2014

Lughnasad Festival at Foundation Center Castle: July 26, 2014

Resignation of Caroline Wise: June 24, 2014

Public statement re: ISIS acronym: June 19, 2014

Beltane Festival at Clonegal Castle (from Minette): May 3, 2014

Update to the Circle of Brigid (from Minette): March 28, 2014

Spring Equinox Festival at Clonegal Castle (from Minette): March 22, 2014

From the Year 2013

Public Editorials/Reflections:

Samhain 2013
Lughsasad 2013
Beltaine 2013
Brigantia 2013

General Letters:

Winter Solstice Festival at Clonegal Castle (from Minette): December 21, 2013

Minette Quick remembers Olivia

From Rt. Rev. Caroline Wise: The Passing of Olivia Robertson

Letter from Minette Quick: Postponement of Castle Festival

World-wide Mystery Play: Nov. 9, 2013

Message from Olivia: Facebook post

Autumn Equinox Festival at Clonegal Castle (from Minette): September 21, 2013

Protection of Honesty: Sept. 23, 2013

Facebook Moderators: Sept. 13, 2013

FOI Founding Principles: Sept. 1, 2013

Lughnasad Festival (from Minette): August 3, 2013

Rejoice! July 14, 2013

Why No Secrecy?: June 30, 2013

Summer Solstice Festival (from Minette): June 22, 2013

Solstice Letter - June 20, 2013: Sacred Places

Message for New Members: June 18, 2013

Castle Festivals: June 16, 2013

FOI Basic Rites: June 1, 2013

Changing Faces of the Temple: May 25, 2013 (7 new photos)

Letter from Minette Quick: Be Like the Dandelion

Olivia's 96th Birthday Celebration: Account & Photos

Letter from Olivia: Grand Dame Commander Appointment

Changing Faces of the Temple: March 30, 2013 (4 new photos)

Letter from Olivia: Book Review

Letter from Olivia: Raymond Butta appointed to Archpriest

Olivia Robertson's memorial to the Rt. Rev. Deena Butta

Message from Olivia & Changing Faces of the Temple: January 31, 2013 (2 new photos)

Changing Faces of the Temple: January 19, 2013 (9 new photos)

2012 Member Photos - January 6, 2013

The Epiphany of Persephone - January 6, 2013

From the Year 2012

Public Editorials/Reflections:

Samhain 2012: Living in a Virtual World
Lughnasad 2012: We are all Gods. So is the Cat.
Beltaine 2012: Where is Bohemia?
Brigantia 2012: The Enchanted Doorway

General Letters:

From Olivia: Pele, Brigid and Yemaya (blog post)

Changing Faces of the Temple: December 1, 2012 (6 new photos)

Addition to Ethics in the Fellowship

Changing Faces of the Temple: November 26, 2012 (7 new photos)

From Minette: Rumor about Olivia

Letter from Olivia: Ethics in the Fellowship (updated Nov. 6th, 2012)

Reminder from Olivia: Founding Centers

Olivia visits a new Grove/Lyceum in Ireland: June 1, 2012

Huntington Castle Website: May 27, 2012 (From Minette Quick)

Changing Faces of the Temple: May 3, 2012 (5 new photos)

Changing Faces of the Temple: April 28, 2012 (5 new photos)

Olivia's 95th Birthday: April 13, 2012 (By Minette Quick)

Changing Faces of the Temple: March 22, 2012 (3 new photos)

Changing Faces of the Temple: March. 17, 2012 (5 new photos)

Message from Olivia Robertson, re: her not having a personal Facebook account: March 4, 2012

Changing Faces of the Temple:
March 2, 2012 (2 new photos)

Changing Faces of the Temple: Feb. 25, 2012 (7 new photos)

Changing Faces of the Temple: Feb. 11, 2012 (6 new photos)

Message from Olivia Robertson - the birth of Casper: Jan. 29, 2012

Changing Faces of the Temple:
Jan. 24, 2012 (1 new photo - new well cover)

Message from Olivia Robertson: Jan. 15, 2012

Changing Faces of the Temple: Jan. 14, 2012 (5 new photos)

Changing Faces of the Temple: Jan. 9, 2012 (3 new photos)

Changing Faces of the Temple: Jan. 1, 2012 (8 new photos)

From the Year 2011

Public Editorials/Reflections:

Samhain 2011: The Magic Wood
Lughnasad 2011: The Golden Apples of Eternity
Beltaine 2011: Visions
Brigantia 2011: The Above and the Below need Ground Level

General Letters:

Message: New Centers in France

Message: New Iseum

Message from Olivia: Email Circuit

Message from Olivia & deTraci Regula: Isis-Fest, Utah

Athena, Coursework: Inclusion - October 13, 2011

Production of FOI Manuals - October 3, 2011

FOI Registration Privacy - September 4, 2011

Memories of Preparation for Ordination & Other Initiations - July 28, 2011

FOI Registration & Olivia's Successor - July 25, 2011

General Letter to all Centers - July 22, 2011

Musings on Priesthood Training Courses - July 22, 2011

Druidess. Festival of Opet, Isis the Awakener. - July 19, 2011

Changing Faces of the Temple - June 13, 2011 (8 new photos)

Changing Faces of the Temple - June 13, 2011 (8 new photos)

Changing Faces of the Temple - May 29, 2011 (4 new photos)

Publishing the works of Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

Changing Faces of the Temple - May 22, 2011 (1 new photo)

Changing Faces of the Temple - May 15, 2011 (2 new photos)

Changing Faces of the Temple - May 8, 2011 (9 new photos)

Changing Faces of the Temple - April 26, 2011 (9 new photos)

Oestre Greeting (blog post)

Changing Faces of the Temple - April 17, 2011 (5 new photos)

Changing Faces of the Temple - April 10, 2011 (6 new photos)

Changing Faces of the Temple - April 6, 2011 (4 new photos)

The Four Donkeys of the Zodiac

How to Escape Control

Changing Faces of the Temple - March 23, 2011 (6 new photos)

Olivia's message to Japan

Changing Faces of the Temple - March 13, 2011 (4 new photos)

Changing Faces of the Temple - March 1, 2011 (4 new photos)

Changing Faces of the Temple - Feb. 6, 2011 (3 new photos)


High Altar Update

From the Year 2010
Public Editorials/Reflections:

Samhain 2010: The Awakening
Lughnasad 2010: The Balance
Beltaine 2010: The Blame & Shame Game
Brigantia 2010: Leopoldine the Beautiful

General Letters:

Holiday drawing

Muses Symposium Update

The Vestal Flame

Auction Sketch

Message from Olivia Robertson: Internet Posts

Circle of Brigid: Copyright announcement

Castle Brochure: Huntington Castle

Muses Symposium Notice: Temple Gifts

Circle of Brigid Membership

Global Centers Co-ordination

Olivia's 93rd Birthday

Festival Reminder

Reminder to FOI Websites

Manifesto: Updated last paragraph

Olivia's Letter to the Homepage

From the Year 2009

Public Editorials/Reflections:

Samhain 2009: Rebirth. The Coming Awakening
Lughnasad 2009: Alchemy of Lovers
Beltaine 2009: Beware the Gang!
Brigantia 2009: Even the Gods Obey the Fates

General Letters:

The Divine Triad: November 17, 2009

Special Art Section: Olivia's paintings of Lawrence & David Durdin-Robertson

Dulce Domum. The Fair Haven.: April 4, 2009

From the Year 2008
Public Editorials/Reflections:

Samhain 2008: Roll-Over
Lughnasad 2008: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Beltaine 2008: Transparent Walls
Brigantia 2008: Reflections on Destiny

General Letters:

Olivia's Initiation in the Druid Well: July 21, 2008

The Risen Osiris: May 1, 2008

Affiliation Clarification: April 30, 2008

Visitation from the Goddess Pele: January, 2008

The Muses Symposium: January, 2008

From the Year 2007

Public Editorials/Reflections:

Samhain 2007: The Real World
Lughnasad 2007: Two Children Rock in a Boat
Beltaine 2007: As Above, So Below
Brigantia 2007: Friend or Foe

General Letters:

Liturgy Clarification: July 9, 2007

Gatherings of the Arts: May, 2007

The Lightness of the Sidhe: May, 2007

90th Birthday: April 13, 2007

From the Year 2006

Public Editorials/Reflections:

Samhain 2006: The Democratic Grael
Lughnasad 2006: Fractal Woman
Beltaine 2006: The Faery Clan of Melusine
Brigantia 2006: The Lightning Flash of Isis

General Letters:

Round Table of Tara & Nemeton of Dana: November 21, 2006

From the Year 2005

Public Editorials/Reflections:

Samhain 2005: Live Aid and Miracles
Lughnasad 2005: The Matter of Arthur
Beltaine 2005: A New Humanity is Born
Brigantia 2005: Image & Truth

General Letters:

Hurricane Katrina: August 30, 2005

Make Poverty History Movement: July 2, 2005

Isis Theatre Company: Clonegal Castle

Tsunami disaster message: January 3, 2005

From the Year 2004

Public Editorials/Reflections:

Samhain 2004: Brigidís Fire is Brought From Ireland to England
Lughnasad 2004: Introduction to the Western Gateways of Nuit
Beltaine 2004: Introduction to the Southern Gateways of Nuit
Brigantia 2004: Introduction to Nuit of the Milky Way

General Letters:

Clarifications: Liturgy, advisory groups & structures

Summer Solstice at Clonegal Castle: June 21, 2004

Circle of Brigid Consecrated: May 8, 2004

Clonegal Castle Gatherings: By Invitation Only

Hill of Tara - Ireland: Threatened by Road Development

From the Year 2003

Public Editorials/Reflections:

Samhain 2003: Self & Shadow
Lughnasad 2003: Flying with the Swans
Beltaine 2003: Search for the Source of Druid Clan
Brigantia 2003: Imbolc: The Ascent from the Underworld

General Letters:

A tribute to Princess Diana: Story of the Emissary

From the Year 2002

Public Editorials/Reflections - 2002:

Samhain 2002: The Fates
Lughnasad 2002: College of Isis
Beltaine 2002: Hope for the Future of our FOI
Brigantia 2002: Vocation to the FOI

General Letters:

Spiritual Affiliation of the FOI

Message regarding creation of all degree structures

From the Year 2001

Public Editorials/Reflections:

Samhain 2001: Last Open Letter
Lughnasadh 2001: Reflecting the harmony of the Great Mother
Beltaine 2001: Our 100th Issue and 25th Anniversary - Special Projects are created - Helpers of Isis
Brigantia 2001: Sharing Responsibilities Among All Members

General Letters:

Priesthood Year-and-a-Day - October 18, 2001

Blessing and Message: Message of hope during time of grief - October 3, 2001

Message of Sympathy: Message regarding the US tragedy of September 11, 2001

Prayers: Prayers of the FOI submitted by Olivia Robertson, May 13, 2001

From the Year 2000

Public Editorials/Reflections:

Samhain 2000: The Sun at Midnight
Lughnasad 2000: FOI Liturgy Closure & Protection of Liturgy
Beltaine 2000: The Language of the New Aeon
Brigantia 2000: Spiral of the Adepti/New Structure

General Letters:

NOT & DCD Initiation Structures - Lughnasad 2000

NOT & DCD Structures Background - April - June, 2000

Ordination Training - March 2000

From the Year 1999

Public Editorials/Reflections - 1999:

Samhain 1999: FOI Millenium Ritual
Lughnasad 1999: Restructuring of the FOI
Beltaine 1999: Formation of the Archpriesthood Union

General Letters:

Iseum Initiations: The beginning of the Spiral of the Adepti

Letter of Introduction for the FOI Homepage

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