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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

Olivia Robertson's Reflections Letters

Olivia Robertson at the Temple High Altar

© Logic Reality

In this section are just the Reflections articles that Olivia wrote for the Fellowship of Isis, with the most recent listed first. Those marked "with audio" have mp3 files of Olivia reading the article. These audio recordings have also been included in our Audio Gallery

You can view all of Olivia's letters, reflections and announcements from 1999-2013 here: Olivia's Letters

Reflections by Olivia Robertson:

It's a long way to Tipperary, but our hearts are always there: Samhain 2013

We are wanderers in search of our lost Heaven: Lughsasad 2013

To touch one heart is to touch the world: Beltaine 2013

To evolve through wider consciousness is to have greater power to be good or evil: Brigantia 2013

Living in a Virtual World, To live in Heaven is to live Now: Samhain 2012 (with audio)

We are all Gods. So is the Cat: Lughnasad 2012 (with audio)

Where is Bohemia? Where your heart is, there is home: Beltaine 2012 (with audio)

The Enchanted Doorway: Brigantia 2012 (with audio)

The Magic Wood: Samhain 2011 (with audio)

The Golden Apples of Eternity: Lughnasad 2011 (with audio)

Visions: Beltaine 2011 (with audio)

The Above and the Below need Ground Level: Brigantia 2011 (with audio)

The Awakening: Samhain 2010 (with audio)

The Balance: Lughnasad 2010 (with audio)

The Blame & Shame Game: Beltaine 2010 (with audio)

Leopoldine the Beautiful: Brigantia 2010 (with audio)

Rebirth. The Coming Awakening: Samhain 2009 (with audio)

Alchemy of Lovers: Lughnasad 2009 (with audio)

Beware the Gang!: Beltaine 2009 (with audio)

Even the Gods Obey the Fates: Brigantia 2009 (with audio)

Roll-Over: Samhain 2008 (with audio)

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Lughnasad 2008 (with audio)

Transparent Walls: Beltaine 2008 (with audio)

Reflections on Destiny: Brigantia 2008 (with audio)

The Real World: Samhain 2007 (with audio)

Two Children Rock in a Boat: Lughnasad 2007

As Above, So Below: Beltaine 2007 (with audio)

Friend or Foe: Brigantia 2007 (with audio)

The Democratic Grael: Samhain 2006 (with audio)

Fractal Woman: Lughnasad 2006 (with audio)

The Faery Clan of Melusine: Beltaine 2006 (with audio)

The Lightning Flash of Isis: Brigantia 2006 (with audio)

Live Aid and Miracles: Samhain 2005

The Matter of Arthur: Lughnasad 2005 (with audio)

Reflections on: 'A Vision', Mystery Play by Olivia Robertson (with audio)

A New Humanity is Born: Beltaine 2005 (with audio)

Image & Truth: Brigantia 2005

Brigidís Fire is Brought From Ireland to England: Samhain 2004

Introduction to the Western Gateways of Nuit: Lughnasad 2004

Introduction to the Southern Gateways of Nuit: Beltaine 2004

Introduction to Nuit of the Milky Way: Brigantia 2004

Self & ShadowSamhain 2003

Flying with the Swans: Lughnasad 2003

Search for the Source of Druid Clan: Beltaine 2003

Imbolc: The Ascent from the Underworld: Brigantia 2003

The Fates: Samhain 2002

College of Isis: Lughnasad 2002

Hope for the Future of our FOI: Beltaine 2002

Vocation to the FOI: Brigantia 2002

Last Open Letter: Samhain 2001

Reflecting the harmony of the Great Mother: Lughnasadh 2001

Our 100th Issue and 25th Anniversary - Special Projects are created - Helpers of Isis: Beltaine 2001

Sharing Responsibilities Among All Members: Brigantia 2001

Samhain 2000: The Sun at Midnight

Lughnasad 2000: FOI Liturgy Closure & Protection of Liturgy

Beltaine 2000: The Language of the New Aeon

Brigantia 2000: Spiral of the Adepti/New Structure

Samhain 1999: FOI Millenium Ritual

Lughnasad 1999: Restructuring of the FOI

Beltaine 1999: Formation of the Archpriesthood Union

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