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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

FOI Online Liturgy
Maya, Goddess Rites for Solo Use
Written by: Olivia Robertson

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1. Creation of a Shrine

The Shrine is the heart centre of a room, a flat, a house. Its perpetual flame has always been tended by the lady of the house. If there is no lady, a man keeps the flame alight in the name of the Goddess. The light need not be alight all the time. Its psychic light, once dedicated, will always be there. It is the Vestal flame. If there is no room set apart for the shrine, it may be placed in the devotee's bedroom or sitting-room. The hallowed objects may be kept in a chest.

(On the altar, which may be a table or shelf, let there be placed a picture or image of the Goddess. On either side let there be placed two candles. On the altar let there be placed a vessel of water, a scarab, amber, turquoise or a stone. Let incense sticks or incense be smoking and the candles lighted. If there be a group of participants, these may share in the offering of the elements.)


DEVOTEE: Holiest of the Holy, great Goddess Isis, perpetual comfort of mankind, Thou Whose beautiful grace nourishes the whole world. Whose heart turns towards all those in sorrow and tribulation, as a mother's to her children, we invoke Thy grace. Hallow this shrine with thy protecting wings that bringeth shade to the weary of heart, jubilation to the distressed and rest to sufferers. Bring vision and healing to those who use this shrine, Thou who with Thy breath bringeth the dead to life: Thou friend of Thoth, bring us wisdom. As Thou dist restore Thy Husband the God Osiris, bring us also Thy everlasting love and life.


ISIS: My loves are many, for Me all My sons and daughters are the dismembered fragments of Osiris! My white milk nourishes all creatures, for this milk is the nectar of the Deities. All mothers, whether animal or human, serpent or fish or insect, give entirely with unselfish abandon to their offspring. This is the law of nature, for it is My law. But mothers and wives need to be protected and strengthened by the Gods, for to give, we must also receive. The Goddesses receive life from the Mother Goddess: they need also the mighty Gods to give them their strength and determination. For know that our love can be our weakness: and those who depend upon us may become as parasites, if we keep them too long beneath our protecting wings.

You need the God as well as the Goddess! Do not enclose your shrine, your home, yourself. Rather let your temple be a Heaven on earth, radiating love, joy and wisdom to all beings! Attune your hearth flame to Sirius, Star of Isis. In this two-fold star is realised the heavenly Union of Isis and Osiris: Love and Truth blended in perfect beauty. So shall your shrine be truly blessed.

CHANT: "Isis - Isis - Isis."

(Devotee holds one hand over the vessel of water, then lifts it up before the altar and sprinkles water upon the scarab or stone.)

DEVOTEE:  Accept, Oh Goddess, this water. May serene emotion reflect the divine purpose. So may this shrine be hallowed by thy Mirror.

(Devotee offers incense before the altar until the smoke rises.)

DEVOTEE: Accept, Oh Goddess, this incense. May Will play its true part in the divine plan. So may this shrine be made alive by the inner fire of Thy Throne.

Thanks is given to Isis that this shrine is hallowed by her grace.

(Devotee places some water in a circle on the brow.)

DEVOTEE:  May inspiration now be bestowed.

(Here follows the silence. Devotee may sit before the altar and visualize a still pool of lilies. Above is a sky with the remaining stars of night. On the left is the rising sun. On the right is the setting full moon. In front is the star of Isis, Sirius. Behind is the Pole Star. The Devotee experiences communion with the Goddess. After the silence the visualized scene is allowed to fade. Now the Devotee sends forth healing. Devotee stands.)

DEVOTEE:  Deathless Saviour, many-named, mightiest Isis, saving from war, cities and all their citizens, men their wives and children, as many as are bound fast in prison, in the power of death, as many as are in pain through long, anguished sleepless nights: all who are wanderers in a foreign land: all these are saved if they pray that Thou be present to help. Hear my prayer Oh One whose Name has great power; prove Thyself merciful to me and all for whom I pray; and free us from all distress.

(Devotee names those who need healing. Lifts up hands.)

In the name of Isis may all beings be blessed: angels and humans; animals and birds; reptiles, fish, insects, trees and plants and every element.

(Folds hands. Devotee sprinkles water on the ground.)

Isis we thank Thee that all who pray to Thee quickly attain Thy everlasting life. Joyful after Thy Rite, we return to earthly living, filled with the sense of blessedness that ever proceeds from Thee.

(Devotee blows out candles, and places water on the brow in a reverse circle. The hallowed water may be kept for vision and healing. Even a few moments of the silence with the aid of vision may bring communion with the Goddess and harmony with her friends. Dance.)


SOURCES: The invocation is taken from a text found among old religious artifacts in the Cuming Museum of London History, Walworth Road, Southwark. Remains of an ancient temple to Isis were found in London. Text and information supplied by Ruth Wynn-Owen. The dedication prayer was taken from a Hymn to Osiris engraved during the Egyptian XVIII dynasty (Durdin-Robertson, "Goddess of Chaldea, Syria and Egypt"). The remaining texts were adapted from prayers and hymns of Isidorus, of the Augustan Era, translated and presented by Vera F. Vanderlip.

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