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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

FOI Online Liturgy
Maya, Goddess Rites for Solo Use
Written by: Olivia Robertson

Printable PDF File

2. Rite of Isis and Ngame

In order to produce harmony of the entire being, spirit, soul and body, it is necessary to have a ritual which combines every aspect which the Devotee wishes to explore. This Rite was especially inspired by the Goddesses of Africa, Isis and Ngame. It includes an oracle, prayers for vitality and vision, and trance journey. Now this rite is used all over the world. On an altar have a picture of Isis, two candles and a cup of water. Incense may be made from burning dried scented plants on charcoal. However, sincere prayers are heard without need of an altar, if it is not possible to have one.


Divine Isis, Goddess of Ten Thousand names, I invoke your Grace. The Gods above adore You, the Gods below do homage to You: You set the orb of heaven spinning above the poles, You give light to the sun, You govern the universe. At Your voice, the spirits of earth rejoice, the elements obey. At Your nod the winds blow, clouds drop wholesome rain upon the earth, seeds quicken, buds swell. Birds that fly through the air, beasts that prowl on the mountain, serpents that lurk in the dust, all these tremble in single awe of You. Come to our temple, oh Goddess: dwell in our shrine: make our hearth Your altar: our hearts Your home.


As a rambling rose grows upon cottage and temple walls, so like a rose does heart join with heart within My all-embracing Love. For the Love of the Mother penetrates through all spheres; the hearts of every creature, each plant, every atom. Where there is heart there is life. There are no beings that can be lost, however far they may have strayed from Eternal Reality, deceived by the phantasmagoria of many existences. When lost in delusion, the soul calls on the Mother, source of its existence: this call is never made in vain. For when Free Will is lost, the soul is not lost, but rather is found, saved not by its virtue but by the grace of the Mother.

Speak with Me in your shrine: listen for My Voice. Open your heart to me. So shall your daily observance be a sign that you accept My grace. Wherever a Devotee places My picture, My statue, two candles, incense and a cup of water, there shall I dwell. There shall Joy, Health and Abundance be the gifts of my eternal Love.


Awe-inspiring Isis the Enchantress, come to us with Thy Fire that bringeth strength, and give us Thy Water of Life. Restore us as Thou didst restore the Sun God Ra: "And Isis came, bringing with Her words of magical Power and Her mouth was full of life: For Her word makes live again those who are dead."

(Let the candles or incense be lighted and hands should be held over the flame or burning charcoal, then dip hands in water. Feel the electric-like Power that comes from Isis start as a glow in the heart, and penetrate to the spine and round the body. The Fire Power is warm, and may sometimes be seen as a golden light: when the Water of Life comes as a silvery shower, it may be seen as white radiation. The White Power reaches the head, the Gold, the heart and back. When the Power is experienced, members may bless any object such as a stone or jewel by holding the object in their hands with these words: "May this amulet be blessed for good, in the Holy Name of Isis." Then the particular prayer may be mentioned, but only for good, not ever to harm anyone. Also healing can be given to others, including animals or plants. This is done by touching those in need gently with both hands, but only when the flow of Divine Power has been given by the Goddess.)


"None is greater in the Universe than the Triple Moon Goddess Ngame." After aeons we again invoke Thee, Holy Goddess of the lost continent of Lemuria and of Africa. The peoples of Africa are awakening and remember their lost heritage! With Thy mirror of Vision awaken the Third Eye that we may see the wonders of Thy sphere of the Spirit World. Let us see that Heaven which is beyond death.

CHANT: "Ngame - Ngame - Ngame."


To reach Me, invoke Me with reverence and good Intention. Anoint your brow with pure water, and drink some. Now gaze upon water in cup or pool, or into crystal or mirror. First you will only see your own face. As you continue to scry, clouds will veil your own reflection, and visions come, first as shadows, then filled with colour. With perseverance you will learn to project yourself into the scene. You will experience that which was, and is, and shall be. Always end with giving thanks, for I give the experiences for your good. Use your knowledge wisely. Work to make the earthly realm a clearer reflection of the greater Spheres of Eternity! For you can lose Heaven in a second: but only regain it through years of constant struggle. Share your newfound Joy with others.


(Then members sit with eyes shut and ask Isis and Ngame to give them a beautiful vision, such as this Ancient Irish Hymn of the world of Spirits, Tir-na-nOg, where we go when we leave this Life.)

"Delightful is the land beyond all dreams,
Fairer than aught thine eyes have ever seen.
There all the year the fruit is on the tree,
And all the year the bloom is on the flower.

There with wild honey drip the forest trees,
The stores of mead and wine shall never fail.
Nor pain nor sickness knows the dweller there,
Death and decay come near him nevermore.
The feast shall cloy not, nor the dance shall tire,

Nor music cease forever through the hall.
The gold and jewels of the Land of Youth.
Outshine all splendours ever dreamed of man."

(Now sit in trance and journey to the land of your own Heart's Desire.)

Here is a simple practice for you to attune to the Goddess.

Sit quietly every day and pray to the Divine Mother of all beings. In your mind tell Her that you wish to live a happy and successful life, in friendly harmony with all. Now be silent and feel the Light of Isis as many colours surrounding you. There comes a tingling sensation and great Joy. As you persevere with faith, the Goddess will bring you Love, Wisdom, Happiness and Abundance. Ask and She will answer your true needs, if you treat others with kindness and understanding.

(For mornings and evenings)

(Be still and relaxed and surround yourself with light.)

“Holy Goddess Isis, Mother of all beings, come to our hearts.
Grant us, Thy children, Love and Joy, Wisdom and Abundance.
We offer Thee our loving care for all who are born of Thee.”

(Used after every Rite and Meditation)

"We thank you, our Holy Mother Isis for your Love, Beauty and Truth which surround us now and forever."

SOURCES: "The Golden Ass", Lucius Apuleius, trans. William Adlington, 1566. "Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race" T.W. Rolleston, 1911 edition.

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