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This Fellowship of Isis website has been authorized by the FOI Foundation Center: Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire

FOI Online Liturgy
Sybil, Oracles of the Goddess
By: Olivia Robertson

Printable PDF File


The Earth: Joys of the Earth

PRIESTESS: Holy Earth Goddess Hertha, too late we honour Thee. We poison Thy creation, polluting Thy seas and rivers. We defile Thy land. Forests fall and deserts invade Thy green pasture-land: we destroy Thy creatures of the wild. Yet many of us repent totally of our human contempt for Thee. Help us before it is too late. What may we do, who feel so weak, faced with man's greed and folly to save the Earth?

ORACLE:  Whenever the longing heart turns to the Mother, there I take up My abode. I am the Hearth Fire, the Heart of Life, and the secure earth that is your home. And this My hearth is one, and yet manifold throughout the galaxies. Honour your home, the earth, not for its greatness, but for its littleness. For in this matrix is your protection. Be as My children the animals, the birds and the plants. For they die not but live forever in My everlasting home. Their existences of birth and struggle and death are to them but dreams. Pity yourselves. Only humans believe they die. And through this delusion they suffer. Turn to My deeps and you will find my jewels. These many-coloured gems are concealed in your own bodies! My rubies, sapphires and emeralds glow in your red Tree of Life: My veins of Gold and Silver flow in your blood: My Poles of Balance are fixed within your bones. Turn to your roots. Despise not touch nor smell nor taste. These bring you into communion with Me and with all My children.

Know Me as the Earth Mother Who bringeth forth all things that breathe and move and have their being. My Body holds all the elements. So My children are of My substance! I am in them all. And I am immortal.

The Moon: Regaining Our Psychic Gift. 

PRIESTESS: Divine Artemis of the Golden Bow, Whose silver arrows shoot into the brow of artist, poet and lover: under Whose powerful protection live stags and hinds, bears and wolves; bestow on us Thy inspiration. Give us understanding of all living creatures: bring us in harmony with Thy glorious Nature: remember us, though we have neglected Thee.

ORACLE: You have done well. You have heard My demands. At the eleventh hour you turn to My ways. Be confident and walk forth in hope! For thousands of long earth years which to the Deities is but the passing of a moment, you have turned away from Me in the pursuit of your own artifacts. And this was intended, that you should learn the skills of Hephaestus the Smith; and the high thoughts of My twin Brother, Phoebus Apollo. But now, sated with your own mechanical toys, frightened by the Nemesis of your own acts, you turn to Me. In your wanton destruction of your fields and woods, you destroy yourselves. In the death of wild creatures, you injure your own existences. In your proud separation from Nature, you alienate your souls. But you have turned to Me. Know that Nature also has a soul: that the earth is a living being too mighty for you to understand: that every creature, every stick, each atom, has its true being in the psychic realm over which I preside.

All the nature that you perceive is a mirage of My true Nature. You gaze at that which is before your eyes: yet this is a phantasm of that which truly lies behind you. You would follow My ways? Shut your eyes that you may see. The future you will know when you gaze upon the past - and so walk backwards to the future! Use your right hand for the day and the left hand for the night. Turn to the right for the gifts of My brother Phoebus of the Sun: turn to the left three times with your eyes closed if you would travel to My Moon! For My Moon is not the moon you see. And My arrows are not only moon-beams, but rather are the shining radiations of the Spirit. Treat My children of the Wild with care and respect: not as pets, but as your equals. So you will be the friends of bats and toads: of deer and wolves: of foxes and badgers: of owls and snakes: and of My aetherial creatures that exist in the sphere of My Moon, and are seen by your young children, who are not yet blinded and deafened by your ephemeral world. The key to My sphere is through reflection. 

The Sun: We Awaken the Inner Serpent Power. 

PRIESTESS: Awe-inspiring Goddess of liquid Fire, Whose serpent doth coil Herself round the Tree of Life, harken to our prayer! Bring us the seven apples of Power; the Power to know, to love, to take, to live, to rejoice, to grow, to join in the Dance of Creation! Yet protect us, weak as we are, from the consuming fires of Kali, lest we be unprepared for Thy Awakening from the Depths.

ORACLE: You do well to invoke My Power, for without Me, though you have thought, feeling and existence, yet you dwell in the delusion of sloth and death. Fear Me not! I would that all beings should enjoy the fiery breath of My serpent, that brings ecstasy and eternal bliss. Not from ambition, nor from endseeking, nor from desire to probe My secrets shall you come to Me: for wrong motives will inevitably lead to your destruction, until you learn more wisdom, and tread the path of the Virtues.

To draw My Power from the Great Deep, revere the earth your Mother through the senses. Touch the earth with the palms of your hands and kiss the ground. To bring down My Power from the heavens look upwards and wonder at the sun and the moon and the stars. So by your gaze shall you feel their harmonious influence call Me to you. But understand that no prayers, nor virtuous activity, no meditation, no aspiration, no self-inflicted penances, not even adoration will call me forth from the Mystic Cave. For I come through My Will, to the foolish, to the wise, to the prepared, to the unprepared, to the Saint, to the criminal. None may tell the hour of My Coming, nor to whom I will come. Nonetheless the wise prepare themselves, lest their habitation be destroyed by My Fire. Whether through the rushing of a Powerful wind; through thunder and volcano; or through the song of birds and the dance of butterflies, or through Silence; I must come that you may awaken and live.

Mars: We Control the Passions.

 PRIESTESS: Triple Goddess Who are Maid and Queen and Enchantress: red-robed Wife to the Dagda, fiery God of Mars: raven-tressed Prophetess with the river of life and death flowing about Thy feet: come to us with Thy Power.

ORACLE: Seek the prophetic gifts and all else will be added to you. For in My future lies both My present and My past; for the greater contains the lesser: and in my great age of aeons lies My youth and My Queenship. To hold the Sword of the Ruler is good, but it is wisdom that declares how the sword should be used. And it is the compassion of the Virgin that sheathes the sword. The hollow of the scabbard contains the sword, as the womb of the Mother contains the Kingly warrior. So if you would be great, look before you into your future, for there you shall be in your fullness and completion, ruler of many selves. And fore-knowledge even of Doom teaches the inevitable sequence of cause and effect, the results of good and evil actions: so that you will learn to pursue a virtuous and honourable course in life. Knowledge of My secret of sudden death brings understanding of your own immortality. My Right Foot stands firm upon the earth, as I stand over the dividing river of Life and Death; and My Left Foot is rooted in the Land of the Sidhe and the world of spirits: yet I am ever the same.

If you see Me in my innocent youth washing your clothes from all stain and sorrow, do not be afraid, but cross by the stepping stones of My ford to the other world: know that those who accept Me may return again safely to earthly life. Return because you must, as I call you to arduous service in the world, where I am Queen. As such I am both wife and mother, and desire that the earth should be replenished with My children.

But when I appear to you as the Ancient One, your Initiation is nigh. Then you too will feel the inner Fire and shall prophecy. And people will flee from you as they flee from Me, for the children of men fear enchantment more than they fear pain and death. But for you, enchantment will draw forth your greater being which is immortal. Remember: my messenger is the blue-black Raven.

Venus: We Learn how to Love. 

PRIESTESS: Glorious Venus, Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, awaken in our hearts. All long for thee. We cannot live without Thee.

ORACLE: The time has come when true marriage is being manifested on earth. Until now, men have depended emotionally upon their mothers, and have dominated over their wives and children. The patriarch has retained earthly rulership entirely for himself; but has surrendered the domain of the emotions to his mother. So men have dominated the world through military and political power, wielded through use of technology, from sword to gun and bomb. But behind the scenes the mothers have ruled their sons' hearts, and kept them emotionally childish, and have chosen their wives for them. And the veil that concealed their hidden power was superstitious ignorance.

This was understandable in past ages, when humanity was at a childish level. But now a catastrophic stage has been reached. The development of scientific technology has outstripped emotional development. It is as if children in a nursery during a fight had discovered a loaded pistol!

Through the ages the Deities have watched and sometimes aided the free development of human consciousness, in relation also to other life forms. We have occasionally projected symbolic Mystery Dramas, using willing actors and actresses on the earthly arena. For to the Deities this world is a shadow of reality, a story woven on the loom of time and space. To help each progressive stage, differing Dramas have been given. Deities are the parents of all beings on earth, and in humanity's childhood, the story of sorrowing Mother and slaughtered Son was enacted. The myths of Cybele and Attis, of Venus and Adonis, of Mary and Jesus, taught through catharsis. Those who felt the tragedy in their hearts saw the wickedness of wars and persecutions. This is the education of the heart, to instill good emotion through empathy.

Now new Mysteries are being presented by the Deities, so take heart! Humanity has, after an unduly protracted childhood, reached adolescence. Art and nature are at last properly respected. Dreams of twin-souls, of ideal marriages of God and Goddess, Knight and Princess, are awakening in many souls not as fairy-tales, but as possibilities. Visionaries are gazing upon the twin-stars of Sirius, of star-ships from thence, and of the ideal marriage of Isis and Osiris.

I come when you invoke Me, rising from the sea of the galaxy! I am the morning and evening star, and I am the Milky Way for from my breasts sprang your universe. I am within all beings so I am shown as a woman surrounded by winged children. Ideal union of Goddess and God, woman and man, animal with animal, throughout-all life, produces creativity.

Such manifestations may be works of art, new ideas - a reborn better humanity. All creative unions are divinely ordained, a reflection of the Divine Marriage of Lakshmi-Venus and her Husband Vishnu-Eros. 

Mercury: We Develop Intuition. 

PRIESTESS: Divine Sophia, Triple Goddess of Wisdom, Who art the Holy Spirit of Truth, descend upon us with Thy white wings of the Dove, and give us Thy Diadem of Stars! We seek Thee, for all must seek for Truth. Thou are concealed from us by the veil that divides Reality from its reflection. Divine Bride; help us to be born again, that we may know our immortality.

ORACLE: It is not easy to penetrate My veil. The second birth is preceded by the second death, the ending of ignorance and delusion. All that you see and hear and feel are but the phantom senses of my counterpart, My Daughter, who is My Soul. Cunning Mercury, however, will teach you to reach My Sphere through his wit and speed! He steals upon Me when I turn My back; but when I face Him, he stands immobile, with downcast gaze. For to reach My Bourne, the curved path is the straightest way to reach Me. It is the heresy that conceals the Truth: and the backwards journey that will bring you forward. The spiritually proud rush towards Me - and are blinded by My Light. The clever ones, who follow the deviating path of Mercury, the Psychopompos, reach Me when My eyes are closed! The ways of night are the safest; the low path more sure than the lofty way upwards to the mountain peak.

Surely Mercury knows Me, for am I not his Mother, Maia? I am the shy Goddess in the dark cave which is the Matrix of the Light. If you would find Me, look over your left shoulder; move against the path of the sun; look at symbols upside down, and walk backwards into the future! I hide my wisdom in the stories I tell children before they sleep. The sciences tell the facts clearly: but, inner Truth is concealed in fable and paradox.

Students of the occult mysteries are the hidden children of the veiled Sophia. Yet remember, as you pursue your circuitous journey through the labyrinth of conceptual thought and mystic symbols, that without Love and without Law, all your knowledge is not only meaningless but dangerous. For the Universe is based on the foundations of the Law, and the Father God enforces the Law. My Son and The Bride, the Pneuma, offer Love and Truth. With the Union of Truth, Love and Law you will find Wisdom. You will have also regained the happiness of the butterfly and the flower.

Jupiter: We Love All that Is. 

PRIESTESS: Adorable Hathor, Kindly Mother of all creatures, Goddess of love and laughter, we are orphaned of Thee! We have turned away from Thy joy which calls us through all Nature to return again to Thy beautiful bounty. Bestow on us happiness and love; health and abundance.

ORACLE: Because you ask Me for these gifts, you shall receive them! For long hard centuries you, my dear human children, have sought knowledge and authority, strength and sanctity, believing that these hardly won gains will make you as the Deities! But though it is well to be powerful, without love and happiness you are as nothing. And this love is not some strange and terrible passion that could tear you assunder, as it does when suppressed or misused: rather it is the kindly benevolence that not only seeks the good for others - but also for oneself! For who would be the victim of another's immolation? True friendship and marriage are to share good things such as abundance, laughter and peace. For in the past you clever and hard-working ones have travelled the earth making converts to your puritanical civilization, but have made millions wretched and uprooted them from their own way of living.

It is not for nothing that I am depicted with the solar disc between the horns of a cow! Do not despise me in this form, for as a cow I have four legs and can stand in my sleep, whereas the walking two-legged human suffers from unbalance! I give my milk generously and have the wisdom to stay where I am, either eating grass or meditating, which is what you call chewing the cud! You run around too much in your minds and with your bodies. Be peaceful. Be happy. And in this way you will, through gentleness, find power; through stillness, achieve progress, and by living fully each moment, gain abundance for all time. Know that Jupiter Himself appears as a bull, as does Osiris as Serapis. Yet neither of these Gods nor I myself manifesting in this animal form derive Our strength and health from killing and eating our fellows. You petition Me for health. Do likewise. Be Happy! For if you are happy now - you are happy forever. To rejoice in the Eternal Now is my secret. My Love abideth, for it is the Love of the All-Mother. 

Saturn: Hard Work Brings Self-earned Reward. 

PRIESTESS: We offer incense to Thee, Ashtoreth, Queen of Heaven. Oh Virgin of the Sea, Blessed Mother and Lady of the Waters, stay the waves of adversity! Goddess of the Moon, bring us to know Thy Mysteries. Beautiful Lady, Goddess of Love, without Thee the cruelties of life, the tedious work, the harshness of changing time, bring us to despair. Who may live joyfully without hope of a spiritual life to be enjoyed beyond the confines of the severe laws of this material world? Aid us to reach Thy Heaven, now and beyond the grave.

ORACLE: You children of earth deplore the severities of Saturn, whose Golden Age sprang from justice rather than compassion: from the sciences rather than the arts: and from the riches of the material world rather than the angelic beauty of visions. You invoke me as you invoke sleep, weary from struggles and suffering - in the hope of receiving dreams more lovely than earthly life.

And I welcome you to my realm! Yet to reach it you need to study and to work: to see my face behind the veil you have to learn to obey the rigorous laws of my Husband Saturn. Know that I am the Goddess Ashtoreth, the hidden Shekinah of Jehovah. Who dares gaze upon Ashtoreth, Who, guarded by Him, may neither be called by Her Inner Name, nor seen by impious men? Know that I am the Hidden Power behind the God of cause and effect: of law and time: I am His concealed joy and reward and His everlasting love. When you have learned to obey the outer laws guarded by the God, naturally you will mature and be brought to understand My Mysteries, that are only to be experienced by those ready to receive them.

Beware! There are those who think that, discovering My psychic Powers they may with impunity break the outer laws that bind others. These should remember the fate of Icarus, who tried to reach My Heaven with artificial wings held together with wax - which melted as he flew too near the sun! And so he fell as have many others. For truly you cannot reach My starry heaven without Love and the Law. Love brings you the entry to my sphere: but Wisdom gives you the ability to stay there! Ambitious seekers may find themselves in heaven: but without love or law they cannot see, hear, think or feel, in a divine sphere beyond their capacity of enjoyment. And so they say there is nothing there and are disillusioned. So they bar the way to their return to heaven, and prevent others from making the attempt. So if you would find Me, use both the imagination and the intellect: love and the law: creativity and loyal endurance. So will you be holy, and be able to accept My psychic gifts with both hands. 

Uranus: We Discover the Law of Cycles.

PRIESTESS: Wise Goddess Sarasvati, Mother of the Vedas, Deity of all arts and sciences, White Goddess, Tongue of Fire, The Golden Eye, inspire us with your secret learning and esoteric wisdom. With You is the peacock with his spreading tail, whose golden eyes are the spheres of being shining in the curving tides of space. You ride upon the swan, who sees her reflection in Your river, and who rises into the sky, white wings outspread in freedom. From Your river of creation come the lotus flowers of suns and planets, and You play the vina with the Rhythm of the Universe.

ORACLE: Well have you listed my attributes and gifts, so that it would appear that you have left me little to add! However, not always in profound if obscure symbology nor in abstruse magical and occult practices are the inner mysteries of being to be found. It is as simple to experience the Cosmic Rhythm through the fast beating of one's heart at the unexpected arrival of a lover than to sit for hours in meditation counting the intake, holding and expulsion of one's breath! Admittedly such techniques produce revelation of other spheres, by inhibiting the intrusion of the senses. But you are invoking a Goddess, not Siva nor any other God! And the way of a Goddess is more likely to be the expansion of consciousness through the awareness of what is under one's nose, rather than by contemplating its tip for many hours! A pregnant woman aware of her unborn baby is as open to divine consciousness as much - or indeed more - than a Yogi in the Lotus position meditating on his navel. I say to you look, listen, hear, smell and touch with full attention during one day. If you clean a room, write a letter or dig in a garden with total attention, without the clouding of worries, hopes or fancies, you will, through awareness of the present, pass through seconds into Eternity. For Eternal Reality is experienced Now - not in the past or future. Through this doorway of "Now", the juxtaposition of your consciousness and time and space, you will gain not only full consciousness of your past and of your future: you will also gain some experience of greater spheres of Divine Being.

You are through your aura centre of your own universe, if only you will allow yourself to enjoy it! However, do not permit any success in attaining wider consciousness make you selfish or spiritually proud. The true mystic becomes increasingly sensitive to the auras of others, whether human, animal or plant, and honours and loves them all as part of our universal family.

Neptune: We Penetrate the Spheres. 

PRIESTESS: None is greater in the Universe than the Triple Moon Goddess Ngame. Lost in fear and despair at the ill effects of man's follies, we watch our fair home this earth being poisoned by our wars and greed. So after aeons we again invoke Thee, the Goddess Ngame, once worshipped in the lost continent of Lemuria. The Akans of Africa and the Lybian Berbers adore Thee. The peoples of Africa are awakening and remember their lost heritage! The Builders of Zimbabwe call to them from the world of Spirit and Dogons and other tribes once more draw strength from their ancient religions. Divine Ngame, with Thy silver rays transmute our deadly existences into beautiful lives of everlasting joy!

ORACLE: With my White Light I make the occult manifest: and with My clarity I draw hidden knowledge from the depths of the Ocean of being into your consciousness. That which materialists term unreal is real: and that which they call real is unreal. Nothing devoid of love or truth or beauty is real. Immortality is the unfailing test of reality.

You gaze into My Crystal which I hold in My hands and see beautiful scenes within it. These pictures are reflections of My lovely spheres. My first sphere is that of nature spirits and faeries, the Sidhe. Here all who love nature find their home. You have lost the key. This silver key is the Innocence of Childhood. My second sphere is beloved of artists and poets and all who are creative. It is Elysium, and is glorified with many coloured rays shining upon beautiful palaces and sublime landscapes. You have lost the key. The lapis key is Understanding. My third realm is that of Great Space which some call Olympus and others Devachan; and here dwell the Goddesses and Gods who reign over stars and planets. You have not yet the key. The golden key is Love with Wisdom.

To reach Me, invoke Me with reverence and good intention, by one of My Divine Names, such as Ngame. Anoint your brow with pure water, and drink some. Now gaze upon water in cup or pool, or into a crystal or mirror. First you will only see your own face. As you continue to scry, clouds will veil your own reflection, and visions come, first as shadows, then filled with colour. With perseverence you will learn to project yourself into the scene. You will experience that which was, and is, and shall be. Always end with giving thanks, for I give the experiences for your good. Use your knowledge wisely. Work to make the earthly realm a clearer reflection of the greater spheres of Eternity! For you can lose Heaven in a second: but only regain it through years of constant struggle.

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